Staff Picks 2/22/17

Happy Birthday to our favorite assistant manager Wyn! Her energy and enthusiasm has been a great boon to our community. Wishing her a wonderful special day!


Night of the Monster Men HC: Written by Staff Favorite Steve Orlando, the despicable Hugo Strange unleashes hideous kaiju on Gotham! The events that follow lead directly into the new Batwoman book.

Black Panther #11: So many things are happening in this book. If you have read it, please pick the trades. The rebellion and the monarchy enter the final conflict.

Heathen #1: Lesbian Viking. That's all. (And potentially a re-incarnated goddess?)

Old Guard #1: Greg Rucka's new creator owned title. Immortal warriors working as mercenaries fight to keep their immortality a secret in the digital age. Meanwhile, a woman is about to find that she too is immortal.

Wonder Woman TP 1: "The Lies" Diana finds that she has been deceived. She doesn't know by whom; but first she has to go rescue Steve "I can't keep my shirt on" Trevor. Another Greg Rucka book. Happy Birthday to me! (No, really. It's my birthday.)

More awesome because it's my birthday: Curse Words #2, Descender #19, The Few #2, Ghost Rider #4, Hulk #3, Joyride #10, Justice League of America #1, Lake of Fire TP, Loose Ends #2, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #16, Quantum Teens Are Go #1, Slam #4, Spider-Gwen #17, Supergirl: Being Super #2, and Wonder Woman #17.


Highlander - American Dream #1: The American Dream follows Scottish swordsman Connor MacLeod as he navigates through the American Civil War and 1950s Manhattan toward The Gathering in 1986. Reunite with familiar faces, such as Connor's secretary Rachel, and meet new immortals, such as Osta Vazilek, but remember... There can be only one!

Power of the Dark Crystal #1: It's no secret that I'm a Jim Henson fan. This 12-issue series acts as a sequel to the film. Jae Lee did the main cover, and Sana Takeda made the alternate cover. Both are gorgeous!

Joyride #10: I'm admittedly behind on this series, but it's so pretty, I can't not be excited about a new issue! I love space books!

Old Guard #1: Greg Rucka's new creator owned book out of Image. Immortals who work as mercenaries work to hide their longevity in a modern world with all forms of digital security tracking people's movements. It's a powerful first issue and I highly recommend checking it out.


Amazing Spider-Man #24: This should just about wrap Clone Conspiracy. I am hoping for something in this issue to maybe give this event a little depth. I hope that we get more of Gwen and Ben and a few others. Mostly I am glad that we will be on to something new soon.

Batgirl #8: The Son of Penguin continues. What is Ethan Cobblepot up to? Is he looking to make Burnside a better place or is he looking to carve out a criminal empire for himself? I hope that we get the answer to at least one of those questions in this issue.

Flash #17: Rogues Reloaded continues. After luring the Flash to Corto Maltese the Rogues have committed crimes all over Central City. Have they finally figured out a way to beat the Flash? How will Barry take down the Rogues if they have split up and he has no idea where to run

Joyride #10: If you read the last issue you know why this issue is a must have! If you haven't read #9, stop what you are doing and read it now! This is the book I'm going to read first this week!

Skeptics #4: This book has everything from Cold War government conspiracies to grifters and psychics! It is a fun read that will leave you begging for more! A must read for any fan of the 80's!

Spider Gwen #17: The Gwen/Miles crossover continues! As far as Spider-Man events that are happening right now (Clone Conspiracy) go this one is far and away the best! The younger generation of the spider family are really making an interdiminsional name for themselves! Pick this one up for sure!

More books that I like: Autumnlands TP Vol. 2, Backstagers #7, Batgirl: An Adult Coloring Book, Clean Room #16, Descender #16, Future Quest #10, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #15, Loose Ends #2, Prowler #5, Serenity: No Power in the Verse #5, Spider-Woman #16, Supergirl: Being Super #2, Teen Titans #5 and Wonder Woman #17


Jim Henson's Power of the Dark Crystal #1: Its hard not to be excited about a classic. The Dark Crystal was one of the first fantasy films my mother had shown me as a child, and I'm pumped to see how they continue to build the world and carry on the story. In an age of revivals and rebirths, I'm hoping this one does well. Plus, I'm a sucker for some Sana Takeda.


Star Trek Green Lantern Vol2 #3: I am currently reading vol 1 and I am finding it to be very interesting. I like the twist on something I already love.

Rocket Raccoon #3: Rocket is my favorite character in Guardians of the Galaxy. I love his can do attitude and how he does not let anyone come in his way. Rocket always puts a smile on my face.