We're Moving!

We've been fortunate to secure a shiny new location for our shop, in Mill Creek Town Center! In this new space, we will be able to host more exciting events, bring in more creators for you to meet, and provide more fun services for you to take advantage of. 

We're moving quickly! By the end of April, 2017, we'll have moved our operations fully into our new location.  We'll announce official dates soon!

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We're kicking off our official grand re-opening celebration with Free Comic Book Day, the first weekend in May, and we want it to be the best nerd-party outside of ECCC. We already have creators and giveaways, but we can do so much more!

We're very excited about this location, within walking distance of Central Market and Frost, as well as being on Community Transit's 105 and 115 Bus Lines.

As stated above, we will announce official dates soon. We will be moved over to the new location by the end of April.

  New address:   15118 Main St. Mill Creek, WA 98012

New address:
15118 Main St.
Mill Creek, WA 98012


In preparation for our move, we've got some great sales in the works!

Back Issues are buy 1, get 2 FREE. Bundles $2 each!

NEW! All Statues and Apparel items are 25% Off!!

Watch for new sales every Monday!


With this impending move, we are excited to bring all of our subscribers with us. 

We understand, of course, if distance is a factor. However, we appreciate everyone who does continue with us. We're prepared to show our gratitude by offering all current subscribers an additional 15% off all your subscriptions during the month of May, including customers who don't currently qualify for the tiered discounts.

This offer will be available to all subscribers who opt-in by March 24th. Opt-In by letting an employee know that you intend to stay with us through the move.

If you, for any reason, wish to opt-out and not move with us, let us know as soon as possible. We'll work with you about when you want to end your subscription.

If you have ANY questions, we implore you to contact us. We want to work with everyone as best we can.

Opt-In by March 24th!