Staff Picks 10/5/16


Midnighter and Apollo #1: Have you heard about this book? I know I've been shy in talking about it. The World's Finest couple is back! People love to say "this is everything," but understand that when I say this book IS EVERYTHING, I'm not being hyperbolic. It's funny. It's witty. It's a love story for grownups who have to be adult about things. It has the fight scenes and stuff like subway pirates. It's got a female character who would've ended up in the fridge in a lesser book. It's why I love comics. It's everything.

Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #1: If ever a character were ripe for a book that's an homage to my favorite trashy gothic love stories, it's Boston Brand. Just in time for the spooky time of the year, we get a really stunningly-bound, double-size issue to set the tone.

Voltron - Legendary Defender #3: This continues the story set in the universe of the new Netflix show, keeping the tone and quality set by the same creative team who made Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. That is to say, it's freaking awesome, and it makes the heart of this child of the 80s just sing. A power ballad. With a keytar. FORM BLAZING SWORD!

Archie meets the Ramones: The title really says it all. This is the classic Riverdale gang, not the reimagined modern group, which actually just makes it perfect. This is yet another thing that makes my inner child jump for joy. Jumping on the bed. While listening to Sheena is a Punk for the thousandth time. On cassette.


Midnighter and Apollo #1: This shouldn't be a shock to anyone. Especially given how much we've told anyone who could spare a moment to sign up for this book. In case you haven't heard, Steve Orlando, who wrote the much loved Midnighter run that just wrapped up, is back and writing this amazing comic about not just Midnighter, but also his partner in all things, Apollo. This 6-part miniseries is going to be a ball, and we hope one that leads to more Midnighter awesomeness.

Romulus #1: Born into life as an assassin, Ashlar has trained and fought to serve the Ancient Order of Romulus. Along side her mother, she has killed to further the Masters agenda, until the Order decides that their assassin's are a loose thread. Ashlar is headed for the top of the Order to avenge her mother and stop whatever the Masters plan to do.
I had the opportunity to read this first issue already, and it is a well drawn, beautifully fleshed out world. I look forward to seeing where the world takes Ashlar.

Batman #8/Nightwing #6: Night of the Monster Men continues, with only one more issue left after this. What has happened to Gotham Girl and Nightwing? How has this happened? What is Hugo Strange's end game? We'll just have to find out. I am having a blast with this event.

The Wicked + The Divine TP 4: The fourth volume of this amazing series is here! How is Laura/Persephone alive? What is Ananke planning? What will the stunning end of the arc climax in? Seriously, this last arc was amazing to read in singles. I was just blown away.

More awesome stuff: All New Wolverine #13, Green Lanterns #8, Cage #1, Shipwreck #1, Joyride TP 1.


All New Wolverine #13: Enemy of the State II starts here! This book is absolutely fantastic and if you aren't reading now is the perfect time to check it out.

Archie Meets Ramones One Shot: Archie and the Ramones in one comic?!? I don't know if the world is prepared for this much AWESOME! I for one con't wait to get my hands on this one!

Autumnlands: Tooth and Claw #13: Last issue we got our first clue as to what is going wrong with magic in the world. Unfortunately the cataclysmic events at the end of #12 may have garnered the attention of GODS!!!!

Midnighter and Apollo #1: I have seen some preview pages of this issue and I am ecstatic that this book is finally here!!!

Spider-Man 2099 #16: Miguel is finally back in 2099, but not the one that he left. All out war is being waged against individuals with powers and the only hope for the future is for Spider-Man to find a way back to the past. I hope the way back is a Delorean.

Voltron Legendary Defender #3: A part of the Netfix series universe, this book scratches my 80's nostalgia itch in a BIG WAY! If you binged the show and were left wanting more this book can help tide you over until we get more episodes!

Other tasty treats: Amazing Spider-Man #18 & 19, Aquaman #8, Batman #8, Bounty #4, Clean Room #12, Future Quest #5, Green Arrow #8, Green Lanterns #8, Justice League #6, Nightwing #6, Spidey #11 and Star Wars Poe Dameron #6


Staff Picks 9/20/16


Red Thorn #11: Everything is getting seriously out of control, and I don't want it to end! This book is seriously a return to everything a Vertigo book should be, and it deserves to be on the shelf with the likes of Hellblazer and Sandman.

Joyride #5: Still a massive joy! I continue to be blown away by the color work and lovingly crafted story. This is also a fantastic transitional book, for readers who are ready to graduate from the kids/all ages books, but not quite ready for books with a Mature rating. Meanwhile, it's a good break from the heavy stuff for those whose reading list is dominated by more mature work.

Nightwing #5: This remains my favorite of the rebirthed DC titles, and it's even better this week as it's part of the mini-crossover Night of the Monster Men event! Steve Orlando is at the helm, pitting Nightwing, Batwoman, and Batman against kaiju!


Joyride #5: The space adventures continue. On the run and having the time of their lives, our group is now reaching out further beyond Earth, and beyond the original 4-issue arc of the miniseries-turned-ongoing.

Backstagers #1, 2nd Printing!: If you missed out on this absolute delight, you get a second chance. Seriously, fans of Gotham Academy, Lumberjanes, and Princelesswill love this great all ages book.

Constantine TP vol 2: You miss out on the ending we were all tossing our comics (carefully) on the floor over? Read the second half of the best Constantine comic for fans New and Old.

Batman #7/Nightwing #5: These kick off Steve Orlando's Night of the Monster Men mini-crossover. You wanna read about Batwoman fighting a Kaiju? Look no further! Plus, we love love Steve Orlando around here.

Also on the shelf this week: Adventures of Supergirl TP (based on the awesome TV series), Green Lanterns #7, Mighty Thor #11, Power Man and Iron Fist #8 AND the 1st trade!, Red Thorn #11, and The Wicked and Divine: 1831 Special.


Amazing Spider-Man #18: The Spider-Man event of the is ramping up. We've got the Jackal and a bunch of clones who are dependent on him to live. As if that wasn't enough it looks like Doc Ock might finally reveal that his mind is in The Living Brain! Good stuff!

Aquaman #7: Arthur has fought the U.S. government and Superman to get back to Atlantis and bring the people framing his nation to justice. What does the criminal organization,N.E.M.O., have in store for Atlantis next?  Will Aquaman be able to save his people and clear his name? This is the sleeper hit of the Rebirth line up!

Black Hammer #3: This book explores what becomes of super heroes when they can no longer be heroes. Can they be happy with a normal life? I somehow doubt it. Lemire deftly treads the same ground of the Watchmen while giving us a new look into the minds of those who would save us all.

Green Lanterns #7: I love how this book has been developing the relationship between rookie lanterns and new partners , Simon and Jessica. This issue deals with a big stumbling block between them, the gun that Simon carries. I look forward to this conversation and am intensely curious as to how it will play out!

Mighty Thor #11: Jane and Thor in the same place at the same time, but not the same body. WHAT THE WHAT?!? I can't wait to how Aaron explains this!

All the pretty comics: Batman #7, Civil War II #5, Dept H #6, Green Arrow #7, Joyride #5, Justice League #5, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #7, Nightwing #5, Red Thorn #11, Rom #3, Star Wars: Poe Dameron #6, Venom Space Knight #12 and Xena: Warrior Princess #6


The Wicked + The Divine 1831 One-Shot: Critically-acclaimed THE WICKED + THE DIVINE goes back to the nineteenth century, to see what became of the Romantic poets one infamous night on Lake Geneva... Showcasing STEPHANIE HANS (Journey Into Mystery, Angela), this special is NOT included in the forthcoming THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, VOL. 4.

Staff Picks 7/27/16


Mae #3: The sisters get deeper into weirdness as Mae gets used to the idea of not being in her home realm anymore. It just keeps getting better!

Red Thorn vol. 1 - Glasgow Kiss: This book has been one of my favorite new series, right from the beginning.

Nightwing #1: I was really happy with the Rebirth issue, and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from here. I did feel like I needed to go back and read some issues of other New 52 series I wasn't reading in order to really know what was happening, but hopefully, all will become clear.


What Is It?: Boom's first children's book illustrated by Dustin Nguyen. A young girl discovers a small creature in the forest. Both go on an adventure to learn what the other is.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink Ranger #2: Kimberly has to use her ranger powers to save her family as well as everyone else in France.

Mae #3: Mae and her sister venture further down the rabbit hole in order to save their father.


Mae #3: This book has been so fun! Now, the sisters must find their father and rescue him from the other world.

Wonder Woman #3: HAVE I LET YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!??? Well, it's pretty great.

Mockingbird #5: Seriously Bobbi, explain what's happening to you.

Dragon Age Magekiller TP: Greg Rucka gets on my picks twice this week. This mini series is great for any fans of the Dragon Age series, specifically Inquisition.

Weirdworld vol. 1: This book about one girl trapped in a strange world during a time of great personal grief. The art on this book is gorgeous and I dare you not to love Goleta the Wizard Killer.

Black Panther #4: The first arc of this amazing book come to a close. I don't even have a guess what to expect.

Honorable Mentions: Civil War II: Choosing Sides #3, Detective Comics #937, Mighty Thor #9, Ms Marvel #9, Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #9, Nightwing #1, Old Man Logan #9, Red Thorn #9, Spider-Gwen #10, and The Force Awakens Adaptation #2.
It's a big week, y'all.


Mae #3 - Mae and Abbie need to make their way deeper into the fantasy world in order to find their kidnapped father. While this world does have enemies that want to bring them down, there are allies to be found as well!

Over The Garden Wall #4-  A man is trying to cut down all the trees for an enormous tree house, which Greg tries to stop. Also, Anna has to deal with the disappearance of her friend and her mother's’ ghost.

Also excited for: Dragon Age Magekiller TP, Adventure Time Comics #1


Autumnlands: Tooth and Claw #12: This book is AMAZING, and it keeps getting better! I love the animal people and how this book marries sci-fi and fantasy! The main character is lovable and you quickly become invested in him and his quest. A real fun read.

Batgirl #1: Barbara is going to Japan to hone her fighting skills and ends up in the middle of a deadly mystery (because of course she does). My luck with Rebirth titles has been pretty good so far, so I'm pretty excited for this book.

Future Quest #3: This is a big old slice of my childhood.Every issue is like watching Saturday morning cartoons. I loved all of the Hanna-Barbara cartoons growing up and this book is the perfect crossover for them!

Mae #3: This one is a shop favorite and with good reason! The art is out of this world and the story always leaves you wanting more. If you are looking for a compelling read, look no further than Mae!

Rom #1: The space knight from the 80's is back and I couldn't be more thrilled! The Free Comic Book Day teaser was fantastic and I have been impatient for this title to come out ever since. The wait is finally over!

Spider-Gwen #10: This is a great take on Spider-Man No More. Alone and powerless, Gwen struggles with what it is to be Gwen without being Spider-Woman. I'm afraid to look at pre release blurbs, but from the cover there might be an appearance by Earth 65 Kraven, and that would really tickle my fancy!

All the pretty comics:  Amazing Spider-Man #1.6, Civil War II #4, Elfquest: The Final Quest #15, Flash #3, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #1, Howard the Duck #9, Mighty Thor #9, Mockingbird #5, Ms. Marvel #9, Nightwing #1, Old Man Logan #9, Power Rangers Pink #2, Red Thorn #9, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #10, Venom Space Knight #10 and Wonder Woman #3

Staff Picks 7/6/16


Silver Surfer #5: After getting Shalla-Bal out of the fridge to leave Norrin with lots of stuff to figure out and recover from, Slott and the Allreds managed to get me even more invested in a book I already adored. The cover with all of the creator cameos is golden, too.

Roche Limit - Monadic #4: The end of the three-volume sci-fi mind-bender is here. Obviously, either the world will end, or everything will be fine. It could honestly go either way!

Poe Dameron #4: The greatest pilot in the galaxy is once again in trouble. What's the over/under on the number of quippy one-liners and winning smiles it takes to get him out of this one?

Kim & Kim #1: Aside from the important fact that this book features awesome queer and transgender characters in roles that give them agency without forcing them into neat little boxes, it's a fantastic adventure story about some badass bounty hunters getting in trouble.


Bounty #1: Two sisters are the most wanted criminals in the galaxy. When they get a chance to erase their past and start a new life they take it. Now they hide among the people who want to capture them. They become.... Bounty hunters..

Kim and Kim #1: These best friends are trying to make it big in the bounty hunting industry. When they catch wind of a big bounty they go after it. Did they bite off more than they can chew? Probably.

Moon Knight #4: Marc Spector just sacrificed one friend to escape the asylum. Now they're street level in what could be NYC sinking into Neo-Egypt, but could also just be NYC. How many more friends will he lose?

Paper Girls #7: Erin and the other girls time traveled from 1988 to the present and found Erin from now. Now they have to figure out how to get home and stop what happened in their time from happening again in the now. It's going to get weird guys.

Switch #4: IT'S BACK! Mary is in a lot of trouble because of that Witchblade....


Cirque American Girl Over Paris #1: If you like Kate Leth then you’ll want to dive into this miniseries. We follow Jules Maroni, a wire walker who has a lot to prove. She gets invited to an exclusive exhibition in Paris to be put back on top. Of course, Paris is full of distractions which include: her first serious boyfriend and a haunting figure within the city itself.

Kim and Kim #1: OH MY GOD!! A trans and queer book that is right front and center. Kim and Kim are best friends trying to make a name for themselves in a western/cowboy law enforced world. I’m so excited for this you guys you have no idea!

Switch #4: Mary is trying to get the hang of this Witchblade thing and it seems that some people are upset. Now those people would certainly like to have some heated words. Stjepan Sejic is freaking amazing and you should be reading this book!

Other things I’m stoked for: Bounty #1, Brutal Nature #3, Paper Girls #7, All of the covers of Switch :D


Poe Dameron #4: POE DIRECTLY TO JAIL! New arc starts hear as Poe and the squad infiltrate a Republic prison.

Kim & Kim #1: Space Bounty hunters in a flying VW Van. What more do you want from a comic? But wait there's more? A trans title character who is just the best and a mystery involving tentacles? You're sold on this now, right?

Cirque American Girl Over Paris #1: Gwenda Bonda, Kate Leth, and Ming Doyle collaborate on this addition to the world of Cirque Americain. Jules looks to put herself back on top after a tumble, but relationship woes and a dark mystery lay between her and her recovery.

Honorable Mentions: Adventures of Supergirl #5, Sam Wilson Captain America #11, Green Lanterns #2, Han Solo #2, and FINALLY Stargate Atlantis #2



Amazing Spider-Man #15: The cover alone sells this book. Mary Jane Iron Spider! Does it get any better?

Aquaman #2: Black Manta is on the war path. Can Arthur save Spindrift station? More importantly, can he save himself? Abnett is killing it on this book.

Bounty #1: I'm hoping this is one plays out like Rat Queens in space.

Future Quest #2: A Hannah Barbara cross over! This book is like playing with toys when you are young, which is to say fantastically awesome!! My inner child approves.

All the pretty comics: Batman #2, Fuse #19, Green Arrow #2, Green Lanterns #2, Justice League Rebirth #1, Kim and Kim #1, Moon Knight #4, Silver Surfer #5, Spider-Man 2099 #12, Spider-Woman #12, Spidey #8, Star wars Han Solo #2, Star Wars Poe Dameron #4 and Stargate Atlantis Back to Pegasus #2



Faith TP Vol 1 Hollywood & Vine: Faith is like many young people, she wants to be a super hero that makes a difference in the world. Unlike the rest of us she actually has the powers to do it! Her mild mannered reporting/glorified blogging provides a cover for her to handles neighborhood crime.  When the main problem turns out to be huge, can she handle it?  This trade compiles Faith’s 4 issue limited run and now it’s become an ongoing!

Kim and Kim #1: A comic with queer and trans women? And they are bounty hunters in a space western?! Yes gimme!

Poe Dameron #4: Time for our brilliant and handsome pilot friend to make then next stop on his mission for the resistance. That means it’s off to jail for Poe! Let’s just hope he can stay on the right side of those proverbial bars.

Staff Picks 6/29/16


Mae #2: There just aren't enough great things to say about this book. It's portal fiction at its finest. It's Harry Potter and Steven Universe and Chronicles of Narnia and A Wrinkle In Time while also being absolutely none of those things in a universe all its own. Gene Ha is a wonder of the comics world.

Grayson Annual #3: I'm cautiously optimistic for Nightwing's Rebirthification (not a little bit because sneak peeks have included Midnighter), and I want this to bridge the gap. I'm not as crazy about the change in creative team, but then, King and Seeley are a tough act to follow, and Seeley's back once the Rebirth issue hits.

Injection #1 - Oversized Artist's Edition: I really just can't get enough of this book. It's everything I love in a comic, all in one place. Seeing Shalvey's art even bigger and showcasing that razor-sharp detail is a real treat. Bonus: he sent autographed bookplates to go with every copy!

Other things I'm reading this week: Saga vol. 6, Jade Street Protection Services #1, Ultimates vol. 1, Jughead vol. 1


4 Kids Walk Into a Bank #2: Paige and the gang learn that her dad actually knows the group of ex-cons that are trying to get him to help with a heist. What's her dad hiding from her? If Wes Anderson wrote a comic this would be it. Roll a d20..

Jade Street Protection Services #1: MAGICAL SCHOOL GIRL GANG!!! If you mixed The Breakfast Club with Sailor Moon you would get this series. Something isn't right at Matsdotter Academy. Students have started to go missing. Kai, Saba, Noemi, Divya, and Emma all scored detention after doing something wrong during their training. When their teacher is a no show they decide to ditch and go into town. Only to find their teacher... With a suspicious character...

Plutona #5: SERIES FINALE! The kids are lost in the woods. Mike and Teddy have been doing weird things to Plutona in order to get powers. Teddy has been stabbed! Ugh this series makes me feel so many things. Emi Lenox's art is perfect for this story.

Jughead Vol. 1: Jughead Jones is a student at Riverdale High and a lover of all things food related. When a new principal starts at Riverdale, everything changes, even lunch. Jughead can't take it anymore and starts plotting how to take down the principal. To do that he'll need help from his bestie Archie and the rest of the gang.  Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson have knocked it out of the park with this series.



Angela Queen of Hel TP Journey to Funderworld: Marguerite Bennett KILLED it with this amazing run of Angela. Stolen from Asgard, exiled from Heven and her partner stolen from her, Angela travels down to the pits of Hel to rescue her beloved, Sera. She must take the mantle of Queen of Hel and re-write the laws that have been laid down for centuries. She will be tried and tested. This is an amazing read and is up there with some of my favorite arcs of Angela, ever!

Coloring DC Wonder Woman TP: Ahhh! Wonder Woman is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in the DCU and now you can color her! Let your imagination run wild. Besides who doesn’t like a relaxing coloring session with our favorite Amazon?

Legend of Wonder Woman #7: Diana has come face to face with the Duke of Deception and has now told Etta all about who she really is. She will continue to help out in the nurses ward but is now becoming the champion that Earth so desperately needs. This story is amazing and I want it to keep going. Renae De Liz you are rocking this story; please, please, please keep it going!

Plutona #5 of 5: Series Finale!! Oh man, a lot has happened and if I know Lemire (admittedly, I don’t know as much as Kaitlyn buuut that is beside the point), he’s going to leave us wanting more. Mike and Teddy have been messing with the body of Plutona in order to get her powers and now Teddy has been stabbed. Emi Lenox and Lemire work amazing well together and I really hope that it turns out to be a happy ending.

Other things in my pulls this week: 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #2, Mae #2, Mockingbird #4, Jade Street Protection Services #1 and Saga TP 6


4 Kids Walk into a Bank #2: I'm so excited for this next issue! Up next in the saga of Paige trying to keep her dad out of jail by robbing a bank herself [with some help from her friends... and Berger, I guess.], now that they know about her dad's past, what will they do next?

Jade Street Protection Services #1: Think Magic Girls go to Hogwarts. Girls with magic powers train to save the day. But dark forces threaten a group of Breakfast Club-esque friends. This is a great, fun all ages book.

Black Panther #3: I love the storylines that have been set in motion. And Stelfreeze's art is astonishing! Can he draw Black Panther forever?

Mae #2: The world Gene Ha has created is wonderful and Mae and her sister remind me a lot of my sister and me.

Timely Comics Ultimates #1: This book has the best story telling of all the series I'm reading. Captain Marvel, Spectrum, Black Panther, Blue Marvel, and Miss America seek out the edges of reality to stop problems BEFORE they effect Earth. Try out this 3-in-1 reprint of the begininng.

Homorable mentions: Angela Queen of Hel: Welcome to the Funderworld, Mockingbird #4, Saga vol. 6, Spider-Gwen Annual #1, and HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY EVERYBODY!


Amazing Spider-Man and Silk Spider(fly) Effect #4: I love this book and I'm not ready for it to be over. This has been a great story for defining Pete and Cindy's relationship and there was a freaking time travelling robot dinosaur suit. ROBOT DINOSAUR SUIT that TRAVELS TIME!!!!!

Dead Letters TP vol. 3: I'm so excited to see how this one ends. Thank you BOOM for printing this trade!

Mae #2: All I want to know is what is up with the little scarab dude from issue #1? This book is a very good representation of why I love comics. The art and story marry perfectly and become something more than the sum of it's parts. Pick it up and give it a read if you don't believe me.

Mockingbird #4: I like paper dolls.

Spider-Gwen Annual #1: What responsibility does Gwen have in the wake of the Spider-Women event? Can Gwen go back to a "normal" life and is that what she really wants? And will we see the Bodega Bandit again? I dunno, but I'm sure this book is worth your time.

B-Sides: 4 Kids walk into a bank #2, Coloring DC Wonder Woman TP, Grayson Annual #3, Jughead TP vol. 1, Surviving Megalopolis #5, Saga TP vol. 6, Silk #9, Spider-Man #5, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #9 and Venom Space Knight #9


Staff Picks - 6/7/16


Constantine: The Hellblazer #13: John claims he has the solution to all the problems, but that it'll probably end in a bloodbath. What else is new? Can't wait to find out how he pulls this one off, even as I'm bracing myself for more heartache. Can't really blame Oliver though. How was he supposed to know that the weird rooster-snake was actually giving decent relationship advice?

Injection #10: End of the story arc! Are they saving the world, or will one of them finally destroy it?

Poe Dameron #3: I promise, I'll eventually get over the fact that Karé Kun is the shortest member of the squad. Maybe. Probably not. Still, it's not like that ruins my enjoyment of the book! It feels like it belongs in the universe, and has the voice and personality that a Poe book should have.

Honorable mentions: Pink Panther #1, Wonder Woman Rebirth, Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy #1, Wicked + Divine #20, Goldie Vance #3


The Wicked & The Divine #20: Minerva has been recaptured, Dionysus is aware of what is going on, and Anake still is causing problems. Why is Laura alive? Please, please, PLEASE tell me that my girl, Luci is not gone too! Come on Kieron, stop killing my heart!

Wonder Woman Rebirth #1: YESSS!! This is one of the titles I’m really excited about in terms of Rebirth. Greg Rucka is on Wonder Woman and it should prove to be an awesome and amazing journey. Diana has suffered from a grave loss and must get her bearings once more to be Earth’s protector and champion. This is going to be phenomenal and you shouldn’t miss it!

Princeless Raven Pirate Princess TP Vol 2: Yay! This is one of the only feel good books in my entire pull list (I read a good portion of dark and scary stuff, just ask our staff). Follow Raven and her crew as they take off across the sea to the “Island of Free Women” where all the scoundrels of the seas gather. With these many personalities on one ship it will be interesting to see how the journey goes!

Other things in my pull list this week: Brutal Nature #2, Dark and Bloody #5, Goldie Vance #3, and Xena Warrior Princess #3


Aquaman Rebirth #1: I can't wait to see what happens in this Rebirth title! fun in this title. I've enjoyed the other Rebirth titles so far and Abnett's run on Auquaman has been great so far. So yeah.

Howard the Duck #8: Talking ducks, Skrull secretaries and a tragic inability to finish a paying job. All part of the wacky fun of this title. If you like to smile this book is for you!

Star Wars Poe Dameron #3: How did the best pilot in the Resistance end up on Jakku? Well, it wasn't an easy path, but it is a really fun read. I'm eager to see how Poe gets himself out of his current predicament...
Venom Space Knight #8: Evil Venom is back with a vengeance! I don't see how Flash will be able to keep this situation from spiraling further out of control.

Wonder Woman Rebirth #1: GREG RUCKA! This is the first Rebirth title I knew that I wanted. It is finally here!!!

More Gems: Injection #10, Wicked & Divine #20 and Xena Warrior Princess #3


Captain Marvel Earth's Mightiest Hero Vol. 1: The fantastic Kelly-Sue DeConnick's first story arc of Carol Danvers packaged together! Captain America has just offered the name Captain Marvel to Carol after the passing of the original Mar-vell. She's determined to prove that she's the best person for that name. Meanwhile Prowlers! Who are they? Monica Rambeau! Why is she upset? Threats from the ocean! What's down there? Something is depowering Carol! Does she really deserve to be Earth's Mightiest Hero?

Flash Rebirth #1: I'm a sucker for a good Flash story. DC Rebirth has gotten me excited for a bunch of new story lines. This is a great opportunity for new readers to jump on and get into comics!

Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy #1: Something weird is going on with the creepy building in the woods (she said surprising no one), drawing the Lumberjanes attention to go investigate. The kids from Gotham Academy are also curious about this creepy place and decide to go investigate as well. Maybe they'll find each other and solve this mystery together?!

Wonder Woman Rebirth #1: This is it. This is the moment I've been waiting for since Rebirth was announced. GREG RUCKA ON WONDER WOMAN AGAIN! Diana has just gone through a tragic loss and now has to restart her mission as Earth's champion. My friends, this isn't coming out just once a month, BUT TWICE A MONTH! This is going to be a fantastic adventure and I'm happy we're taking it together.


Wonder Woman Rebirth #1: I'm super excited! Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott back together for this book! I'm so stoked to read a Wonder Woman book. When has that happened?

Merry Men #1: This looks like a fun re-imagining of the Robin Hood legend. Basically, Robin is a former lover of Prince John and all the Merry Men are queer. I'm super excited to read this.

Constantine #13: I'm so sad to see this series go. I can only hope the new run will be half as good as this run.

Poe Dameron #3: My Picks wouldn't be complete without Poe on here. I've love this book a ton so far.

Honorable Mentions: Adventures of Supergirl #3,  Lumberjanes & Gotham Academy #1, The Wicked +  The Divine #20, and Timely Comics Doctor Strange #1


Staff Picks 5/25/16


Joyride #2: Rebellious youth in space! It's as awesome as it should be.

Grayson #20: Midnighter is on the cover! That's good enough for me! Okay, maybe not, but it's a good sign. Nearing the end of the run, and I'm hoping they finish strong!

Jonesy #4: You know those books that just make you happy? They're not work to read. They don't have sharp edges. They just fill you with joy? This is one of those.



Another Castle #3: Princess Artemisia is stuck inside Badlug's treasury falling to what could be her death if she doesn't reach the jumping stone. Zurrd is locked inside the princess's chamber doing a bad impression of her and is about to get caught. As long as Gorga and Fogmoth are okay then #3 is going to be awesome!

Black Science Vol. 4: The Pillar has made it's final jump which has left our last Dimensionaut stranded in space. CUE SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC!

DC Universe Rebirth #1: I'm just curious how they're going to pull this one off. Here goes everything!

HeartThrob #2: Callie just had a heart transplant when she meets Mercer, a dangerous bank robber with nothing to lose. They fall in love. It's not weird. Turns out he's the heart's previous owner. Okay it's weird. Now he's teaching her how to rob a bank. First they need a crew.


Mockingbird #3: If you enjoy the quirky humor in all of the Hawkeye books, I truly believe that you’ll love this book. Bobbi dresses up to save a teenage girl. She explained the Corgis but now she’s being asked to dog-sit so this will so this will be fun.

Monstress #6: YES! This is the final book for this arc. There will be death and betrayal, but perhaps Maika’s growing relationship with the monster inside can save them?

Princeless: Raven Pirate Princess #8: This is the one feel good book in my entire collection. With the Pirate Princess, first mate and some of her team now locked up by Raven’s brothers it will be up to Sunshine and Ximena to organize who is not captured and save the day.


Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #7: What is Lunella going to become? What's going to happen next with this dynamic duo? Aaaahhhh!!!

Joyride #2: Heather recommended this to me bc my love of Titan A.E. and I definitely love it. These wayward kids have escaped Earth and finally seen actual stars! But... also, aliens!? Looking forward to the rest of this miniseries.

Mockingbird #3: Bobbi... what's happening??

Weirdworld #6: This is my favorite weird little book right now. All the characters are super interesting and compelling.

Honorable Mentions: Adventures of Supergirl #2, Captain America Steve Rogers #1, Mighty Thor #7, Ms Marvel #7, and Star Wars #19. Oh, and Rebirth launches this week.


Secret Six #14: I am not ready to say goodbye to this book. I'm going to miss this misfit family and their adventures. The suburbs never seemed so appealing.

Heartthrob #2: This unusual love story hooked me with issue 1, now I'm just excited to see what happens next. I really hope that it doesn't go all Dog Day Afternoon...

Jonesy #4: I SHIP THIS BOOK!!! I SHIP IT SO HARD!!! <3 <3 <3

Mockingbird #3: She did explain the dog last issue. Hopefully this issue will clear up what the bloody heck is going on. Really, I have no idea, but I can't deny that I love this book!

DC Universe Rebirth #1: Here we go. I am cautiously excited to what DC has up their sleeve for this latest reboot. (please please please don't be lame)

Other Special Snowflakes: Amazing Spider-Man #1.5, Black Science TP vol 4, Cry Havoc #5, Justice League #50, Mighty Thor #7, Ms Marvel #7 (I'm really nervous about this one), Star Wars #19, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #8 and Welcome Back #8

Staff Picks for 5/18/16


Mae #1: I've been looking forward to this book for so long! This is what happens when a truly gifted, multiple Eisner-award-winning artist is also a phenomenal storyteller. When the fantasy world existing alongside our own starts bleeding over, it's up to two sisters with two completely different brands of heroism to cope with it. This book belongs on lists with the likes of A Wrinkle in Time, Harry Potter, and the Tiffany Aching books from Terry Pratchett's Discworld.

Silver Surfer #4: This book just never disappoints me. It continues to have tons of heart, adventure, and cameos that work out to be really fun.

Red Thorn #7: I was skeptical of seeing a guest artist on this book, in which the art is so important and integrated in the storytelling, but my fears were unfounded. It's good.


Dept H #2: This is the series I'm most excited about every month. A woman goes to investigate the death of her father on an underwater research station. Every person in that station is a suspect, including her brother.

Goldie Vance #2: One case solved, another one to go. What could this one be? Join Goldie and her friends as they search for a missing guest

Mae #1: For years Abbie has been going into another world and having amazing adventures. Her sister Mae has had no knowledge of this and thinks her sister is full of it, but everything changed when creatures from the other world attacked..

ODY-C Vol. 2: Ene and He are trapped on a chaotic murder filled world. He can only tell so many stories. Hopefully Ene gets there in time to save him. Definitely need to read volume one again.

Zodiac Starforce: Magical girls protecting the planet? YES PLEASE! Teenage girls Protecting their planet in between algebra and english.

Here's some other things I'll be reading reading this week: Civil War ll #0, Jughead #6, Legend of Wonder Woman #6, Mirror #4, Red Sonja Vol. 3 #5, Red Thorn #7, Spider-Man #4, Superman American Alien #7, Xena Warrior Princess #2


Sabrina #5: FINALLY!! This book went on an indefinite hiatus, but now it’s back! We follow Sabrina the teenage, dark witch as she goes in front of the Witches Council for bringing mortal and boyfriend, Harvey to a very secret dark ritual (Sabrina didn’t know he was going to crash the party, we swear!) which ends in his timely demise. Asking for aid in finding Harvey’s soul, Sabrina will enlist two witches from a coven nearby but Madame Satan is not going to let their plans go accordingly.

Brutal Nature #1: If you liked the book Shaper I feel like this would be right down your alley. A young man named Ich is able to transform into countless beasts and monsters while trying to protect his people against the Spaniards. It seems interesting for a four shot mini-series, so I’ll be giving it a shot.

Mae #1: So if you aren’t getting this book, you should because Gene Ha is amazing. We are all really excited for his new book! Abby has discovered a portal into a fantasy world and has gone on grand adventures that eventually leads to her being revered as an action hero. Her younger sister, Mae, doesn’t believe her due to her stories being too farfetched, but she becomes a believer when the creatures of Abby’s tales begin to attack their beloved world.

Clean Room #8: The new arc is starting!! News shakes the indestructible Astrid. Chloe meets with Detective Avil. And more creepy manifestations will inevitably be within these pages. I love this book so much!

More things that I’m stoked about (and there are a ton because this is an amazing week!): Dept. H #2, Beauty #7, Goldie Vance #2, Legend of Wonder Woman #6 (Love this series so much!), Mighty Thor Premium HC: Thunder In Her Veins, Poison Ivy Cycle of Life and Death #5, Princeless: Make Yourself #2, Red Sonja Vol 3 #5 (Marguerite! Keep doing what you’re doing!), Shadow Glass #3, Silk TP Vol 01: Sinister, and Xena Warrior Princess #2


Dept H #2: A good old fashioned locked room mystery. Only at the bottom of the ocean. The art compliments the story perfectly. This book is one of my new favorites!

Mae #1: THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER!!!! This is one of the two all ages books that I am really excited to get my hands on!

Red Sonja #5: Bennett has filled Gail Simone's shoes quite admirably. If you love the She-Devil with a sword and you aren't reading this book I have a question for you. Why the heck not?

Red Thorn #7: Can anybody hope to survive when Gods go to war? The art in this book is top flight and the story is phenomenal! Treat yourself to a BLOODY good time and pick this one up folks!
Spider-Woman #7: The penultimate issue of the Spider-Women event. Jesse Drew vs Jessica Drew!  I'm not ready for this one to be over.

All Good Things: Clean Room #8, Old Man Logan #6, Sinestro #23, Spider-man #4, Spidey #6, andXena: Warrior Princess #2


So many awesome things this week!

Trades, and these are all awesome, so I highly suggest jumping on these books:

ODY-C TP 2: The art, by the ever amazing Christian Ward, alone makes this gender-broke, sci-fi, retelling of the tale of Odysseus worth checking out, but Matt Faction's writing makes this a must read book. Plus, there's a coloring book coming in July! Who doesn't love a beautiful coloring book?

Silk TP 1: This is the second trade, the first being the pre-Secret Wars TP 0. Cindy Moon must infiltrate the Black Cat gang, but how? I've only recently fallen into Silk's web during the Spider-women event, and I'm pretty stoked to catch up with this trade. this leads right up to the Spider-Women event, which comes to trade in June.

Mighty Thor HC 1: Jane Foster still wields the hammer. Also, she still is dying of cancer. Unrest rises across the realms, and oh Odin, you seriously are the worst sometimes. You too, Loki. Gods... oh, yeah, I kinda forgot about Roxxon for a minute here.

Kanan TP 2: This book had a good arc for fans of Star Wars Rebels, and is finished.


Yep, I'm doing two lists with small blurbs bc too many things are coming out! [Good thing I've been out for years.]

Mae #1: Gene Ha's latest book! If you haven't heard us talking about this book, you should defo ask us about it. It's a fun most-ages book, it might be a little dark for the youngest readers, centers on two sisters who have newly reunited. Plus, there's magic wreaking havoc, as it is wont to do. On top of all that, Gene Ha is just a fantastic person and have you tried his brownies?

Civil War II #0: I'm mostly looking forward to all the Phil fricking Noto variant covers. Soooo stoked! The FCBD preview and what's happening in The Ultimates has me excited, more so that I thought I'd be after Secret Wars fatigue.

All-New Wolverine #8: After that adorable single issue team-up with Squirrel Girl, I'm going into the Civil War II tie-in issues ready to see where our "sisters" are headed next. The first trade for this dropped last week, and if you haven't been reading this, you should.

Old Man Logan #6: This series has been just heart wrenching with equally stunning art. Almost on par with ACO on MIdnighter. Logan's exiled himself while he figures out where he fits in this world where Mutants are endangers and the past differs from his own. But, even now, he's still facing a threat to his future.

Spider-man #4: Miles, he's trying so hard to keep all these things: grades, family, superhero/Avenger-dom, in balance. He's... not doing so hot right now.

Honorable Mentions [by which I just couldn't put ten single issues on my staff picks]: Power Man and Iron Fist #4 [that looks bad], Red Thorn #7 [Thorn! What the F#ck?], Spider Woman #7 [Jesse Drew, step away from the baby], and Independence Day #3 [this book has been so painfully 90s in the best/worst ways].




Staff Picks for 5/11/16


Constantine: The Hellblazer #12: John should've listened to Oliver. He didn't. John shouldn't have screwed with Blythe. He did. Damn, it, John. Get your house in order.

Grayson vol. 3 - Nemesis: Of course Spyral turned out to be evil. Of course Grayson is now on the run and being framed. Because of course.

Satellite Falling #1: I'm honestly not sure how I feel about this one yet, but I'm going to give it a couple of issues. It falls into the genre our regular Kat calls simply "space lesbians," and that's cool. It's just a matter of how interesting the space and sci-fi parts end up being, and whether or not it falls back on tired tropes concerning the main character.

Honorable mentions: Black Panther #2, All-New Wolverine vol. 1


Jupiter's Circle Vol 2 #6: This is definitely my soap opera of comics. We're wrapping up the second story arc for Jupiter's Legacy with this issue, and I am excited to get back to the main story with the next arc.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #3: Tommy needs to get out of his head. He is right where Rita wants him to be and he's not going to be ready when the team needs him.

Spider-Gwen Vol. 01 Greater Power: The Lizard? Wait Peter? WHAT?! Guest appearance of Jessica Drew and Earth-65 Captain America.

Other things I'm pumped about: Codename Baboushka Vol. 1, Dejah Thoris #4, and Island #7


Kennel Block Blues #4 of 4: This has been an interesting journey so far and with Jackson in a full on uprising it’s up to Oliver, Pickles and the rest of the convicts inside to prepare. Perhaps they can make it out this time.

All-New Wolverine TP Vol 01 Four Sisters: Laura or X-23 has taken on the mantel of Wolverine after he has fallen. Laura finds that mystery and misery follow the cowl like a dark cloud, especially when she discovers the secret of the Sisters. We will see Doctor Strange, Wasp along with some new faces. This is a good jumping I point for those who were unable to catch the single issues.

Spider-Gwen TP Vol 01 Greater Power: Aww yeah! Gwen is back post Secret Wars and it is packed with action. Her father struggles with her double life, the Lizard is back (say whaaat?!) and Gwen is on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most wanted list (yikes). Also who doesn’t love Jessica Drew or Spider-Woman from Earth-616?

Things I’m also stoked about: Dejah Thoris #4, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #3, Vampirella Vol 3 #3 Rare Zullo Virgin Edition (It’s so pretty!!)


Black Panther #2: The first Issue was a thrilling story of strife, hope, and politics. I can't wait to see how T'Challa holds his country together and saves his sister.

Constantine #12: John is back in the Rotten Big Apple and on a mission to save Oliver's girls. See John? This is why you don't f#ck over demons. Also, will we find out why he was such a mess when he showed up in LA?

All New Wolverine TP vol 1 - Four Sisters: I've been in love with this series since issue 1. X-23, Laura, has taken on the mantle of Wolverine and her first mission? Track down assassins who are clones of her. But perhaps there's a motive behind these girls' actions, besides just wanting to stab people?

Spider-Gwen TP Vol 1: The first volume of the Ongoing series. Gwen continues to fight crime as Spiderwoman, but how long can this last? And what IS Matt Murdock up to and where can I butly that T-shirt.

Honorable Mentions: Adventures of Supergirl #1 (Based in the same continuity as the tv show), Assassin's Creed #8, Silk #8, and Stargate Atlantis: Back to Pegasus #1 (finally a conclusion to the tv series!)


Silk #8: Part 6 of the Spider-Women event. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Venom Space Knight #7: Will the symbiote be able to shake off the events of the last issue or are we about to see the old Venom back in the driver's seat? Flash is gonna have his hands full either way.

Web Warriors #7: I can't wait to see how the reveal from last issue plays out. I hope the team can get it together and find Lady Spider's dimension in a hurry because Spider-Man Noir seems to be on the verge of a foolish decision.

Dejah Thoris #4: Once a princess of Helium, through deception and treachery, Dejah may be well on the road to becoming a Warlord of Mars.

All good things: Batman #52, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #3, Southern Bastards #14, andStargate Atlantis Back to Pegasus #1.


Staff Picks for 5/4/16


Midnighter #12: I'm not ready for it to be over. I hate that it's ending, but if it had to end, I'm glad it went out like this. It was everything I'd hoped for and more. This creative team has brought such a wonderful energy and wit to this character who was desperately in need of revitalization, to say nothing of the supporting characters and how every issue is a masterclass in paneling. This issue brings the current run to a close, but I'm keeping a torch going for more, once the Rebirth dust has settled. If Steve Orlando is keeping hope alive, I can do no less. Read this book, folks. Read it, and buy it, and buy copies for everyone you know. Tell DC comics it's worth it to bring it back.

Moon Knight #2: So, our job is to figure out if Spector is crazy or if he's really Moon Knight. I love the use of the mask and all this crazy galaxy pattern. It's Jeff Lemire, so the answer is not going to be simple, straightforward, or quick in coming. Because that's what he does, though, it's going to be a hell of a ride.

Poe Dameron #2: I love getting to see not just more of Poe, but of the rest of his squadron, so we can get to know those characters better. And yeah, I'm still not over Karé Kun being drawn as the shortest one of the bunch when she's supposed to be 6' tall. I might get over that eventually. Probably not. I still dig the book, though.

The Wicked + The Divine #19: I know I'm ready to find out what in the world is going on with Persephone!

Honorable Mentions: Klaus #5, Rat Queens #16, A-Force #5


A-Force #5: Without spoilers: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Make-overs! Singularity is the best!

Descender Vol. 2: Without spoilers: So many heart punches. Who the crap is Tim-22?! Can we trust him?! What is Lemire doing to us?! Does anyone else feel like this is Toy Story meets A.I.?

Moon Knight #2: This is Lemire's best superhero book without a doubt! We all know I love that man but his hero work is meh. This is perfect for him. I'm really excited to see where he takes this.

Wicked + Divine #19: Without spoilers: 1-2-3-4 PEEERRRRSSSEPPHHHHHOOONEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!


The Wicked & The Divine #19: Oh my gods…of the Underworld! That was one hell of a way to open the fourth arc, that’s for sure. Persephone lives, The Morrigan is free, Minerva you’re awesome, and Baphomet is still shirtless so it should be good. With the gods in the underworld now we see the Pantheon starting to split and fracture, and all-out war will soon take to those of the gods that are left. (Cover B art…Drool!)

Legend of Wonder Woman #5 of 9: I really, really wish that this was an ongoing series. They are doing such an amazing job on Diana’s back story that it makes me want more. Last issue Diana met Etta, a girl who covered for her and pretended to have her be her cousin. Now Diana and Etta have some errands to run that are not of the safest variety. Hopefully she can stop the encroaching darkness that makes its way to Themyscira by helping out Man’s world first. (And the Cover art is amazing!)

Rat Queens #16: Is back! Hannah has disappeared but it doesn’t mean our other warriors don’t have a job to do with drinking and killing stuff. Upon returning to Palisade new heroes have now flooded the bar and are drinking all of their ale. Our girls are not going to take that in stride and will inevitably lead to more fights. (Yay, Kurtis Wiebe!)

Legend #1: Gonna throw this one into the mix too. This is a new series that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where our domesticated furry friends now are left in charge. We follow Legend who vows to destroy the evil that is pestering them and has done away with their previous leader. It sounds interesting and I’ll totally give it a shot!

Honorable Mentions: A-Force #5 and Vampirella #3


Descender vol 2: April's book club book was vol 1, and I loved it! Tim-21 just wanted to find his friend, but he and his robot dog have awoken in a world where Robots are hated. With the arrival of the Hardvvire robot resistance and Tim-22 ending the first trade, I'm excited to see what happens next!

Midnighter #12: WHY DOES THIS SERIES HAVE TO BE ENDING??? I need another FIVE TRADES at least!

The final battle against Henry Bendix. Midnighter is ready to beat the sh!t out of all these jerks, with some spurned help from Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad. This is gonna be a great issue and I may need consoling afterward.

Punisher #1: I most excited for this because the astonishing Becky Cloonan is writing it.  I've never been huge on Frank Castle in the past, my gained some appreciation for him after his appearance in the Daredevil Netflix series. I'm looking to this book to tide me over until his solo series comes due.

Poe Dameron #2: You may have heard that I'm a huge fan of Poe, the best pilot in the galaxy, and #1 was fantastic and I need to know what happens next.

The Wicked + The Divine #19: Okay, but what was that #18. I feel in the same boat as Bal, completely lost as to where we're headed. Why is Laura, I mean, Persephone still alive? How is she alive? What exactly is her and Baphomet's plan? Why did they do the nasty?

I'm probably not gonna see too many of those questions answered, and also get another serving of questions, but vol 4 of WicDiv is gonna be a roller coaster.


A-Force #5: I love everything about this book. Concept, art, and writing are all fantastic. I think that EVERYONE should be reading A-Force!

Amazing Spider-Man and Silk Spider(fly) Effect: This on is in the last half, but I have really enjoyed it. It has all the fun elements that made me fall in love with Spidey in the first place and it is the first story that Peter and Cindy interact as equals. All in all it is a really fun read

Howard the Duck #7: Did you know that all cats look the same? Do you need a private detective? Do you like to laugh? This is the book for you.

Moon Knight #2: I think that Lemire was the perfect choice for this title. I can't wait to see where he takes us in this issue.

Spider-Gwen #8: Part 5 of the Spider-Women event. This event has softened me hatred of comic book events. Also Spider-Gwen is the greatest thing EVER written. In the history of EVER!!!

Other things that I like: Amazing Spider-Man #12, Descender Vol. 2, Midnighter #12, Rat Queens #16, Spider-Man 2099 #10, Star Wars Poe Dameron #2 and Wicked & Divine #19

Staff Picks for 4/27/16


4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #1: Matt Rosenberg and Black Mask Comics are names to keep watching out for. With awesome, fun books like this, which have their hearts squarely in the right place, it's no surprise at all they're generating buzz. This one is a book where the teenager is surrounded by adult morons, but no, really. They are morons, and criminals.

Injection #9: If I wasn't already in love with this book, the covers would steal my heart. Shalvey and Bellaire just keep finding ways to blow my mind with art. Plus, it's Warren Ellis, so the story is both terrifying and full of sarcasm.

Grayson #19: It's a new creative team, but oddly enough, I'm not too worried. The book is drawing to a close, and I'm really looking forward to how it launches Dick back into Nightwing.

Honorable mentions: Roche Limit Monadic #2, Sex Criminals #15, Saga #36, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #6


Black Magick Vol. 1 Awakening Part One: Greg Rucka has knocked it out of the park with this one. Detective Rowan Black is also a witch. For many years she's kept those lives separate. She's now become the target of something bigger than her and it's getting harder to keep her lives apart.
Insexts #5: Lady and Mariah have discovered who the real enemy is and now have to take the Hag down.

Sex Criminals #15: Relationships... Amiright?


Angela: Queen of Hel #7: Return of the Faustian Queen! After we believed that she was gone in 1602 Witch Hunter Angela she is back to cause some mischief and mayhem upon New York. I adore this book so much and Marguerite is doing an amazing job!

Insexts #5: Oh man!! I’m so stoked that this is out this week too. Ancient orders, battling monsters and a daring rescue are all wrapped into a lovely issue as we follow Mariah and Lady once more. If you aren’t reading this then you should be!

Black Magick TP 1: Awakening Part One: YAY! Greg Rucka is doing an awesome job and I’m really thrilled with how this is going. The art in it is absolutely gripping and delightful as you follow Detective Rowan who is a witch as she tries to keep the two sides of her life apart. If you liked Coffin Hill, you will love this!

Honorable Mentions: Batgirl #51, Batman Europa HC, Facts in Case of Departure of Miss Finch HC, Harley Quinn #27, Injection #9, and Saga #36


4 Kids Walk into a Bank #1: The preview for this had me hooked. Young girl lives with her single father and has super nerdy friends. Her Dad's old gang shows up, wanting him to help them with a bank job, except they're frigging morons. So our hero decides she and her friends are gonna save the day... by robbing the bank themselves. Between this and some of the just announced titles from Black Mask, I gonna be reading a lot from this publisher in the coming months.

Angela Queen of Hel #7: I'm so sad to see this series end. It's been revealed that parts of the 1602 Angela book's events have bleed over into the post-Secret Wars timeline, and now Angela and Sera must face the Faustian Queen, Angela.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #6: Lunella has freed Devil Dinosaur and the hunt for the weird Kree basket ball is back on. But it seems like Lunella's worst fear is looming on the horizon.

Black Magick vol 1 TP: Greg Rucka kills it with this book. I caught it late, but blew through the first 5 issues like nothing, and instantly went back to re-read it. Rowan Black is a detective who also is part of a local coven. When magic starts interfering with her case, one that started with an attempt to kill her, she begins her search for the source. Gorgeous art by Nicola Scott, if you needed another reason to pick this up in trade. Watch for these two amazing creators on the upcoming Wonder Woman book.

Honorable Mentions: All-New Wolverine #7, Ms. Marvel #6, Old Man Logan #5 [start of the new arc], Star Wars #18, Ultimates #6, Saga #36, Injection #9, and Independence Day #2. It's a big week.


Amazing Spider-Man #11: Now that Peter knows who Scorpio is, all that is left is to beat him. With a newly formed Zodiac that may be easier said than done.

Spider-Woman #6: Part 4 of the Spider-Women event. Jess is off to have a pointed conversation with her Earth 65 counterpart. Gwen and Cindy have to escape the clutches of S.I.L.K. and a strangely literal Doc Oc! Also this issue features the last of 4 connecting Campbell variants.

Old Man Logan #5: Convinced by Captain America that this is not his world, Logan is off to find his place in this new reality. So, he ends up in Canada ( because of course he does) and things get interesting ( because of course they do).

Ms Marvel #6: So it turns out that the Kamala golems might not have been the best idea after all. Who knew?

Honorable mentions: Batman #51, Injection #9, Low #13, Secret Six#13, Sex Criminals #15, Sinestro #22, Spidey #5, Star Wars #18, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #7 and Venom Space Knight #6

Staff Picks for 4/20/16


Red Thorn #6: This issue wraps up the first story arc, and looks to answer a bunch of questions, namely: what the hell, Thorn?

Joyride #1: I've been looking forward to this one. Teenage girl overcomes oppressive government and goes to space? Yes, please. Something about it harks back to Titan A.E. in a way I really dig. It's a 4-issue miniseries, and creator-owned at that - exactly the kind of book I'm most excited to support.

Doctor Fate #11: ...versus Julius Caesar!?

Honorable mentions: Dragon Age Magekiller #5, Mighty Thor #6, Jonesy #3, All-New Hawkeye #6, Spirit Leaves #2, Dirk Gently A Spoon Too Short #3, Welcome Back #7


Dept H #1: From the beautiful creator of Mind MGMT, Matt Kindt brings us an underwater murder mystery! Mia is hired to figure out if a deep-sea research station and finds more than she bargained for.

Jem & The Holograms Vol. 2: The Holograms are a hit! The Misfits are super freaking mad about it and now they have a new manager! What's gonna happen next?

Mirror #3: With Sena out of the picture (for now) and our other heroes wavering. We see the Minotaur starting to question everything and find an out. This story gives me so many feelings. The underlying tones are perfect as well as the art. You put Emma Rios on a book and I'm going to buy it.

Switch #3: FINALLY! Mary finally learns more about the Witchblade!

Other things I'm pumped for: All New Hawkeye #6, Huck #6, Jonesy #3, Red Sonja Vol. 3 #4, Red Thorn #6.


Clean Room #7: While we wait for the new story arc to pick up, why don’t we learn more about Astrid and her tormented past? This is a standalone issue and will have the guest artist Eric Canete (Iron Man and Love Run Kill) to portray what has been haunting Astrid her entire life.

Poison Ivy Cycle of Life and Death #4: With increasing deaths inside of the Botanical Garden labs, Poison Ivy teams up with once Siren, Catwoman. But will they solve who is behind these murders before another victim is taken? Ohh and blossoming babies aren’t freaky at all, right?

Princeless: Raven Pirate Princess #7: This is one of the only feel good books in my pulls list, but it’s really cute in its own way. In the last issue Raven and her crew was in quite the pickle. Hopefully the other crew members left on the ship can step up and save their team or they may all be “walking the plank.”

Switch #3: YES!! I love anything that Stjepan Seijic comes out with and now Mary will learn more about Witchblade. Super stoked!

Honorable mentions this week: Red Sonja #4, All-New Hawkeye #6, Cry Havoc #4, Dept. H,  Dragon Age Magekiller #5, Mighty Thor #6


Mighty Thor #6: Everything is awful! Somebody please help! Loki has shown his true colors (again. Are we really even shocked at this point?) and killed Freya. Odin Allfather is in mourning, letting his brother (gods, he's a jerk) act as regent for the throne. And Jane is still fighting cancer, f#ck cancer. Oh, and what is the Odinson up to lately?

Power Man and Iron Fist #3: Okay, this looks bad.

All-New Hawkeye #6: Team Hawkeye have rescued the kids! Again! Like this is the third or fourth time now. And Kate's father is a jerk! And Barney is helping! Barney's great at causing drama.

All-New All-Different Avengers TP vol 1: Because who doesn't want to see Miles Morales and Kamala Khan on the same team as Sam Wilson and Jane FosThor?

Magekiller #5: This series has been fantastic and Greg Rucka phenomenal as usual. I'm excited to see where our lead characters take us in the final issue. Man, I love Dragon Age so much. I really hope Iron Bull shows up.

Other exciting titles this week: Captain America #8 and Cry Havoc #4


Clean Room #7: This is Gail Simone at her very best. Every issue is a study in tension and terror in equal measure. If horror is your thing, this book should be in your stack this week.

Surviving Megalopolis #4: The rescue mission isn't going well. Mina is hanging with bondage Batman, two of the rescue unit have decided to see what is at the bottom of the pit of doom and everyone else has to find a way to their objective without dying. What could possibly go wrong?

Howard the Duck #6: Part 2 of the Squirrel Girl crossover! Do you really need another reason to pick this book up? ( the answer is, NOPE!)

Silk #7: Part 3 of the Spider-Women event! This is the only Marvel event that I intend to read this year! Bonus features include a super awesome Campbell variant!

B-sides: All New Hawkeye #6, Cry Havoc #4 (Shalvey & Bellaire variant!!!), and Red Sonja #4 ( Bennett is a worthy successor to Simone!)

Staff Picks for 4/6/16


Midnighter #11: THE RETURN OF APOLLO. M left that photo for him, then tangled with ruffians and is about to get blown up. Please do not screw this up, fellas! I'm not the type to always want a happy ending, but I so badly want one for these two, and for it to not actually be an ending.

Poe Dameron #1: Ever since I was little, I've loved the X-wings. For one as wonderful as Poe to be given such a spotlight just makes my grinchy heart grow three sizes this day.

Black Panther #1: Ta-Nehisi Coates writing this book is so exciting! I've seen him on the talk shows and read some of his non-fiction, so I'm really stoked to see what he does with this series!

The Wicked + The Divine #18: What in the world is going on? Only Ananke seems to be clued in, and she ain't telling us yet!


Giant Days Vol. 2: This is a great story following three friends who meet in their first year of college. This is their story about self discovery and what adulthood really is. Probably one of my favorite young adult reads for sure.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2: I am loving everything about this story right now. It's my childhood drawn out! Tommy recently broke out of his conditioning from Rita Repulsa. She's doing everything she can to get him back under her control. Now Scorpina is about to attack and the rangers are going to have to fight to save their friend.

Vampirella Vol. 3 #2: So she's been outed as a vampire, but by who? Also who the crap is this lady wanting to represent her? Good idea, but huh? I'm digging the new look and I'm really curious about where Kate Leth is going to be taking this story.


Wonder Woman Earth One Vol. 1: Grant Morrison writing Wonder Woman? Yes please! For those of you not know where to start with my favorite amazon, this is where you start. We have her origin story, her wanting to find out more about the outside world, and who the heck Steve Trevor is and why he is so great. Since the Finch's took over Wonder Woman I have been missing something in my life and now all this good WW stuff is coming out and now my life is complete again.

Other things I'm kinda pumped for: Archie #7, Black Panther #1, Scarlet Witch #5, Star Wars Poe Dameron #1, and my FCBD T-shirt. IT'S ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wicked & Divine #18 YAY!! After waiting what felt like forever the Wic/Div team is back and just in time for ECCC! Persephone is performing live but how?! After issue #11, we surely couldn’t imagine our goddess to come back from that, right? Well, as always this team likes to mess with your head as well as your heart. I’m so very, very excited to see what they do in this arc!

Miss Fury Vol 2 #1 For those of you who enjoyed Swords of Sorrow, Miss Fury has another stand alone title! It takes place in New York during WWII and with none of our uniformed soldiers at home, it is up to her to fight against the forces of darkness. Her morality will be tested as she attempts to discover whether her own power is that of good or evil. I’m eager to see how Miss Fury does!

The Eighth Seal #5 of 5 This is going to conclude this mini series and it has definitely been an interesting ride. Our First Lady certainly has undergone some serious torment in the last four issues leaving her mind in shambles. The fate of the United States is in her hands, but the creature of which holds her mind has other ideas. Looking forward to seeing how it ends!

Vampirella Vol 3 #2 Kate Leth has officially torn the door off the hinges with this fresh start of Vampirella (this is a good starting point for new readers who are not familiar with Vampirella). So far she has received a new outfit, been attacked, and has a new agent for getting her through the spotlight in dear old Hollywood. Things will never be easy for our Mistress of the Night, but things will work out in the end!

Honorable mentions: Batgirl #50, Black Panther #1, Black Widow #2, Discipline #2, Giant Days TP Vol 2, Harley Quinn & Suicide Squad April Fools Special #1, Scarlet Witch #5, Spider-Women Alpha #1, Wicked & DIvine HC Vol 01 Year One, Wonder Woman Earth One HC Vol 1


Poe Dameron #1:  I've been ridiculously excited about this book since the MOMENT it was announced. In episode 7, Poe was my surprise favorite and flew away with my heart. Plus, the adorable BB-8 comic in the back is a nice touch for this issue.

Black Panther #1: T'Challa is my most anticipated character from the upcoming Civil War Movie. This book is a must read this week.

Midnighter #11: Heather dragged me along and this is honestly one of the best books this week. Plus, the return of Apollo!

Honorable mentions: Rough Riders #1, Spider-Man #3 (omg Kamala), The Wicked + The Divine #18, Old Man Logan #4, Assassin's Creed#7, Black Widow #2 (what was that last issue? What's going on? I'M REALLY EXCITED TO KNOW!), Spider-Women Alpha, and the list goes on and on.... TL;DR To quote Ryan: "Too many comics, busy reading come back later!"


Spider-Man #3 - Two words. Kamala. Khan. Nuff said!

Spider-Women Alpha #1 - This is the event that I have been waiting for. Jessica Drew in her role as mentor to Gwen Stacy and Cindy Moon decides to take her charges to brunch on Earth 65. Things go terribly wrong ( because of course they do) and the inter dimensional mayhem begins! J Scott Campbell is doing a 4 issue connected variant for this event!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2 - If you are a fan of the 90's or the Power Rangers this is the book for you! The art is slick, the writing is on point and the tone is absolutely perfect! Cue up that theme song and dive into this book!

Staff Picks for 3/30/16


Batman & Robin Eternal #26: With a book that's packed so much into every issue, especially for a weekly, it's a pretty explosive ending. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it wraps up!

Jughead #5: Not much could motivate Juggie more than a threat to Pop's! What are they gonna do?

Saga #35: Can we start by talking about that cover? Holy crap, Staples just keeps hitting them out of the park. I love Klara, and seeing her take center stage is awesome.

Honorable Mention: East of West vol. 5


East of West Vol. 5: All These Secrets: I have been waiting for this moment for so long. Ezra, or the Prophet Orion, has found Babylon and Balloon and they're now making him into the monster that's going to bring about the end of the world. I really hope Death gets there before the other horsemen. If you haven't read East of West I seriously suggest it. The art is phenomenal and Hickman writes an incredible story. It's a future western story about the apocalypse. Death has killed all three horseman and they come back as six year olds to destroy the world. Also there's a secret society. Who doesn't love a secret society?

Jughead #5: The Riverdale gang finally believes Jughead when he says the principal is onto something! How are they going to bring them down?

Paper Girls Vol. 1: For those of you who missed out on the single issues here you go! From the great mind of Brian K. Vaughn (writer of Saga and Y The Last Man) and the extraordinary Cliff Chiang (artist of the good Wonder Woman run) comes the story of Paper Girls! It's the morning after Halloween in 1988, four local paper girls start their normal route when they run into experiences, things, people not of this world.


Mercy Sparx Who the F (One Shot): Anyone who is new to Mercy Sparx might want to check this out. This one shot is written by Mercy herself as she explains some of her favorite angel-fighting gagets and who everyone is. And then when you’re done you should pick up the other three trades so we can chat!

Lantern City HC Vol 1: This is a steampunk story of a man named Sanders, trying to keep his wife and son safe from those who make life difficult, while living in the lowest and darkest portions of Lantern City. Those who live in these portions of the city not only live in almost constant darkness, but can be equated to living in a fish bowl. The upper class enjoy the finer things like living in elevation above the lower class and connected towers, but perhaps Sanders can infiltrate the ranks of the guards and make a difference for his family. Mairghread Scott is contributing to this book as well, and she’s awesome. So you should definitely check it out!

Paper Girls TP Vol 1: If you aren’t reading Paper Girls, this is a great opportunity to do so. This takes place on Halloween, 1988 where four girls do what they do best by delivering daily papers. But odd events take place that will certainly change these girls’ lives forever. They will be forced to make difficult decisions when unworldly events happen that will assure that the last days of their childhood ends along with all they know to be their reality.


Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #5: The new story arc starts here; Devil Dinosaur has been taken away from Lunella and she's heartbroken to have lost her new best friend! Her story also continues as she searches for a way to nullify her genetic potential to acquire Inhuman abilities. Oh, and I wonder what the Killer-Folk are up to... (other than Gorillaz impersonations.) This book really has been a delight to read and I highly recommend picking it up.

Captain America Sam Wilson #7:  This mega sized 80 page issue ties into the Avengers Stand Off event, coming off the end a stunning first arc. I look forward to seeing what happens in this star spangle packed issue with Sam and Bucky and Steve all appearing. The only way this issue could get more Captain America would be for Isiah Bradley and/or Sharon Carter to show up. (A demigirl can dream, right?) If you haven't been reading this book , the first trade comes out April 20th.

Really light week for me, so no honorable mentions, but slight correction from my picks last week: the Independence Day comic is not an adaptation (my bad) but an immediate sequel, much like Shattered Empire is to Return of the Jedi, and I am very much looking forward to where it goes.


Amazing Spider-Man #1.4: Do you like freaky zombies and voodoo? This is the book for you!

Aquaman #50: New creative team. Exciting new possibilities for the cast. I can't wait to sit down with this one!

East of West vol 5: Alternate history version of a pre-apocalyptic world? Yes please! I'm eager to get caught up.


Staff Picks 3/23/16


Grayson #18: We know Nightwing is getting "rebirthed" (whatever that's going to mean), so it looks like everything happening now is coming to a boil and we'll see how it all plays out! This book has been pretty solidly entertaining, so I'm happy to stay on for the ride!

Doctor Who 4th Doctor #1: These Titan Doctor Who comics have been pretty solid. I love the 4th Doctor, and am looking forward to getting more of that Douglas Adams kind of vibe in the comic.

Batman & Robin Eternal #25: If you know me, you know that when there's a book with the word Batman in the title in my top 3, you know it had better be good. My definition of "good" definitely includes any instance of Dick Grayson and Midnighter teaming up and trading banter.

Klaus #4: There's nothing like a good fairy tale reimagining, and this IS something like a good fairy tale reimagining! Santa is hardcore, and this is possibly my favorite thing I've ever read by Grant Morrison.


All New Hawkeye #5: I'm usually weird about Lemire's hero stories but this is the one I can stand behind and be excited about. I'm glad we can finally learn more about Kate's back story. Now if only team Hawkeye will stop fighting with each other.

Mirror #2: Humans are experimenting on animals trying to make them more like man. The first subject is a young mage's dog. Flash forward to the boys adulthood. He's trying to protect these animals at all cost. He sends his rat assistant out to do his secret biding. This now brings us to issue two. It's awesome reading something by Emma Rios. I love when creators can write as beautifully as they can draw. Also Hwei Lim's art is perfect for this.

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #4: I bet Patsy gets another new job, makes another new friend, convinces another inhuman to use their powers for good, and has a ton of fun and is super adorable the whole time! I like how fun and inclusive this series is. Kate Leth is killing it. Guest Starring: Howard The Duck!


Angela Queen of Hel #6 Marguerite Bennett is one of my favorite writers, and I completely adore this book. Now since they have actually confirmed Angela and Sera is a thing, I cannot get enough. What adventures can our two lovely heroines get into? We also get to see the first meeting with Angela and Thor (Jane Foster) so this will end well, right?

All-New Hawkeye #5 Ohh Jeff Lemire…stop toying with my heart! This new arc started with some flashbacks into Kate’s childhood so we can expect a more in depth look into Kate’s past. All of us at the Mirror cannot get enough of Hawkeye, so that’s a great indication you should buy all of the Hawkeye things. Bro, seriously, bro.

The Shadow Glass When a young student finds that her father is in cahoots with the devil and knows things about her hidden past she does what any young student naturally would do and disobeys her dad in order to find the truth. It would seem that her childhood teacher knows a lot more about the occult than what originally appears.

All-New Hawkeye #5 You just need this in your life. This is in my life. Kate Bishop is amazing.

Mass Effect Tali Zorah Bishoujo Statue “Keelah Se’lai.”

Honorable Mentions: Cry Havoc #3, Harley Quinn #26, Klaus #4, Patsy Walker aka Hellcat #4, and Secret Six #12


Angela Queen of Hel #6: I'm excited to see where Angela and Sera's adventures take them next. The first arc was fantastic and this issue should be a good jumping on point for anyone looking to get into this book.

Ultimates #5: I am enjoying this book a lot and the next arc is crossing over with Contest of Champions. Blue Marvel and Captain Marvel are a great leading duo, plus America Chavez is on hand to punch through time-space-reality (or maybe we can send her to go punch Loki in the face).

Independence Day #1: ID4 was a big part of my childhood and I'm personally really excited for the sequel (there may have been some flailing when the trailer dropped). I am gonna be soaking up the nostalgia and hype for this comic adaptation of the original movie.

All-New Hawkeye #5: I am a huge Kate Bishop fan and I'm excited to see more of Kate's pre-Young Avengers backstory. The art is gorgeous on this book and I just want Kate and Clint to be happy with the dog again.

No Honorable Mentions this week. I am interested to read Assassin's Creed: Templars #1 to see what direction that book plans to take.


All-New Hawkeye #5: This book keeps the feels coming. I hope that Clint and Kate can hug it out this issue. Also hope the creepy kid squad doesn't end up doing something terrible.

Cry Havoc #3: I LOVE how this book is told in three different time periods ( past,present and future). The art is pretty slick too. If you are going to war with monsters you had best bring a few of your own! That always works out, right?

Elfquest The Final Quest #14: All the elves have been called to the palace. The humans have started a new and devastating offensive. Where is Cutter when his dream is teetering on a knife's edge?