Official Statement 5/24/18

Our shop, Magic Mirror Comics, is currently the target of a coordinated harassment campaign by anti-diversity “activists." Employing intimidation and misinformation, they are attempting to push women and minorities out of the comics industry.

We’ve been experiencing unusual activity on our digital storefronts (Google and Facebook). There are a large number of recent comments and reviews where individuals who are not part of our community claim unsubstantiated experiences in our store.

We believe these activities are part of a coordinated campaign reacting to an action we took on behalf of the store’s community. Namely, we were alerted by another shop owner that a customer of our store had identified the store’s location and expressed animosity towards its management in a public online forum frequented by people who hold “anti-diversity” opinions about the comic book world and who have been known to act in destructive ways. We decided to disallow this individual from shopping in the store as a measure to protect the safety of our staff and other customers, which is the only reason we would ask a customer to leave our store.

Magic Mirror Comics is committed to serving Mill Creek by offering the community a place to enjoy the wealth of comics and games we are happy to provide. We will special order any item or title that is available from our distribution channels, provided that the customer is willing to leave a deposit, and deal with staff and other customers in a respectful manner. We welcome anyone to our store regardless of race, ethnicity, orientation, identity, ability level, age, or belief, asking only that they remain respectful of staff and other customers.

We greatly appreciate the support of our customers and well-wishers, and we continue to be a place where you can always be your true self and find heroes who resonate with you.


Your Friends at Magic Mirror Comics