FOC 2/19/18; Items of Note

Below is a list of items that are on this week's Final Order Cut-Off.

If you see an item for which you'd like to adjust your order (add or drop), let us know by 2pm, Monday, February 19th!

We Love Pre-Orders!

This list is organized by publisher and is not exhaustive. For specific questions, such as concerning variant covers or pricing, please get in touch with us.

Common Abbreviations: TP=Trade Paperback, HC= Hard Cover, (O)GN= (Original) Graphic Novel, Vol= Volume.

Archie Comics

Vampironica #1

Dank Horse Comics

Neil Gaiman's American Gods: My Ainsel #1

DC Comics

Action Comics #999
Birds of Prey #20 (Variant by Adam Hughes)
Eternity Girl #1 (Young Animal Line)
Mister Miracle #7
New Super-Man and the Justice League of China #21
Sideways #2
Suicide Squad #37
Suicide Squad TP Vol 5
Supergirl #19
Swamp Thing Winter Special #1 2nd Print
Wonder Woman #42

Dynamite Entertainment

Xena #2

IDW Publishing

Ghostbusters: Crossing Over #1
Rom Vs The Transformers TP
Star Trek Discovery #3

Image Comics

Birthright TP Vol 6
Redland TP Vol 1
Sex Criminals #23 (XXX Variant by Mauguerite Sauvage)

Lionforge Comics

Puerto Rico Strong 

Marvel Comics

America TP Vol 2
Jean Grey TP Vol 2
New Mutants: Dead Souls #1
Darth Vader: Dark Lord TP Vol 2
Star Wars Thrawn #2

Titan Comics

Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter TP
Sea of Thieves #1 (Ties into the new video game)