Final Order Cut-Off; Items of Note 6/19/17

by Wyn B.

These items are up on our final order cut-off this week. If you'd like to adjust you order of any of these items, let us know by 4pm today, June 19th.

This list is not exhaustive. For any specific item questions or orders, please get in touch. Email, phone, Twitter, Facebook, carrier pigeon, cake, whatever works best for you! Just get in touch by today.

Common Abbreviations: TP = Trade Paperback, GN = Graphic Novel, Vol = Volume,

Black Mask

Calexit #1 (2 Covers Available)

Boom Comics

The War for The Planet of The Apes #1: This comic is a prequel to the upcoming movie.

Dark Horse Comics

Dragon Age Knight Errants #3
American Gods #5

DC Comics

Action Comics #983 (Start of a new Story Arc)
Dark Days: The Forge #1, 2nd Printing
Justice League of America #10 (Start of a new Story Arc)
Justice League of America Vol 1: The Extremists TP
The Lost Boys TP
Red Hood and the Outlaws #12 (Start of a new Story Arc)
Suicide Squad #21 (Start of a new Story Arc)
Super Powers Vol 1 TP (All Ages Trinity book)
Wonder Woman #26 (New Story Arc, New Writer: Shea Fontana)

Image Comics

Eternal Empire #3
Kill or Be Killed Vol 2 TP

Marvel Comics

Amazing Spider-Man #30
Captain America Sam Wilson TP Vol 5
Rocket Raccoon: Ground TP
Silk Vol 3 TP
Darth Vader #3
Doctor Aphra #9
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #22