Staff Picks 5/24/17


Wonder Woman #23:  I'm super sad that Greg Rucka will be leaving this title after #25, but the ride in the meantime is the best in comics! Diana face THE TRUTH of Aries and we reach the end of this arc.

Mass Effect Discovery #1: Tiran Kandros goes undercover to discover the truth of the Andromeda Initiative and their true goals.

The Old Guard #4: I'm so sad this arc is almost over and that I'll have to wait until NEXT YEAR for more. This comic covers the rift of new and old beautifully! I can't wait to get it in trade as well!


Batgirl #11:  "Son of Penguin", finale. Batgirl races to free Burnside from Ethan's plot... but has Burnside already changed too much to be saved? Even if she manages to save the day, will Barbara ever be able to truly go home again? 

Mass Effect: Discovery #1: If you can't get enough Mass Effect Andromeda then you can't miss this book! This book gives us some insight into Kandros (everyone's favorite space dad) and why he is a pivotal figure in the Andromeda franchise.

Black Hammer #9: In this issue we get Talky Walky's back story. We also get to explore his relationship with Col. Weird in the past as well as after the events of the last issue. Lenore has created a world of characters that the reader can identify and empathize with.


SAMARITAN VERITAS #1 - A woman with a vendetta decides she's going to take down the largest military contractor in the world. How does one accomplish such a feat? Giving away useful information that can hurt them. And how do you get that info? Hacking (probably).

MASS EFFECT DISCOVERY #1 - A Turian focused story arc in the new galaxy of Andromeda. For all the efforts sentient life made to leave their old lives behind, corruption runs rampant in the Andromeda Initiative.

OLD GUARD #4 - A lot of shooting, some explosions, and a heartfelt declaration of love. As it turns out, the coined term 'Immortals' might not fit the mold as well as you think. If you're a fan of mixing past history into modern day storylines, this issue won't disappoint.


Star Lord Annual #1: I'm super excited for the Star Lord Annual, as it seems to be in the style of the classic Western films of the 1950s and 1960s. With Peter crashing in a small town and fighting off their mean, old varmit, it sounds just like a Lone Ranger episode, but in space!

Night Owl Society #2: When I first picked up this book I was fairly skeptical, but the miniseries reminds me of 4 Kids Walk into A Bank, which is a fantastic book. With the same grittiness of 4 Kids Walk into A Bank and awesome character dynamics, this is a book that I'm excited to see its resolution in issue three.