Staff Picks 5/17/17

What are you excited to read this new comic book day?


American Gods #3: Shadow now works for Mr. Wednesday, but what all does that entail?

Nick Fury #2: The first issue (with such amazing art by ACO) was like a really great opening sequence to a Bond film. I can't wait to read more!

Supergirl TP 1: I love this book! Steve Orlando does a fantastic job writing a story that presents Kara's comic origins for new fans and quickly moves into a new story for all fans to enjoy!

Wild Storm #4: This series has been so fantastic. Warren Ellis back playing in the Wildstorm sandbox has been a joy!


Kim Reaper #2: Oni Press' new book is an amazing addition to its line of LGBTQ+ content. In this next issue, Kim and Becka have to deal with an uncooperative customer, trying to guide his cat into the afterlife. Filled with relatable girl crush scenarios, adorable art, and Lumberjanes like humor, this is definitely one of the books I'll be sticking with.

Generation X #1: Of all the new X-Men titles, this is the one I am most interested in. Generation X appears to return its focus on the students in the X-Men titles, with Jubilee leading her own team. Seeing Jubilee in a leadership role will be especially interesting, as we've often seen her as just another member on one of the various X-Men teams. Also, I am up for any X-Men book with Quentin Quire.