Final Order Cut-Off April 10th

The following items are on our Order Cut-Off this Monday. If you would like to order, or drop, one of these items, please let us know by 9pm on Monday, April 10th.

This list is organized by Publisher and is not exhaustive.
Items with a retail price will require a 50% deposit at the time of ordering.

Common Abbreviations: HC= Hardcover, TP= Trade Paperback, Vol= Volume.

Boom Comics

-Goldie Vance TP Vol 2

Dark Horse Comics

-Dept H HC vol 2
-Ether TP Vol 1
-Mass Effect Andromeda Tempest Model Ship

DC Comics

-Bane Conquest #1
-Deadman Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love TP
-Doom Patrol TP Vol 1
-Justice League vs Suicide Squad HC
-Superman: Action Comics Rebirth HC
-Trinity HC Vol 1

IDW Comics

-Ghostbusters 101 #2

Image Comics

-Eternal Empire #1
-Extremity #3 (also 2nd Printing of #2, 3rd Printing of #1)
-Old Guard: 3rd Printing of #1, 2nd Printing of #2

Lion Forge Comics

-Ab Irato #1
-Catalyst Prime: Noble #1

Marvel Comics

-Hawkeye TP Vol 1
-Secret Empire #1
-Poe Dameron #14 (Features a tribute to Carrie Fisher)
-Young Avengers: The Children's Crusade TP (New Printing)

Titan Comics

-Tekken #1