Final Order Cut-Off - March 27th 2017

by Wyn Buckley

The following items are on this week's order cut-off. Today will be the final day to order or drop the following. (This is not an exhaustive list. Comics are sorted alphabetically by publisher.)

All orders due by 5pm today!

Black Mask Comics

Black #5

No Angel #3 (written by local creator Eric Palicki!)

4 Kids Walk Into a Bank #4


DC Comics

Flash #21 - Part 2 of "The Button"
Main Cover / Variant by Howard Porter / International Cover

Batwoman #2

Flash TP vol 2

Super Sons #3

Supergirl TP vol 1

Supergirl Being Super #3

Wildstorm #3

Image Comics

AD After Death Book 3

Saga HC vol 2

Injection #12

Royal City #2

Redneck #1

God Country #4, with additional printing of #1 (4th), #2 (3rd), and #3 (2nd).

Surgeon X TP vol 1

April Fools Variants:

For the month of April, Image titles will be releasing special April Fool variants. Variants on this week's FOC are Black Science #29, Curse Words #4,  and I Hate Fairyland #12.


Marvel Comics

Nick Fury #1: This one is gonna be great guys. Nick is one of my favorite characters and I'm so excited to see him on his own solo book. Plus, ACO (Midnighter, covers for Midnighter and Apollo, Constantine) is doing the artwork!

Powers #8

Secret Empire #0: Marvel's next summer event starts here.

Other Independent Comics

World Reader #1 (Aftershock Comics): A psychic visits a dead world to find out how it died. The art for this one is as haunting as the premise.

Harbinger Renegade TP vol 1 (Valiant Comics): Starring Faith, Arche & Armstrong, and other favorite Valiant heroes, this paperback collects the first arc of the new series!