Concerning "The Button"

by Wyn Buckley


Hey y'all some quick info! It's a lot of text, but bear with. TL;DR at the bottom.

Batman 21-22 & Flash 21-22 are gonna be part of "The Button" crossover, about the Comedian's button being found in the Bat Cave during the DC Rebirth Special.

Anyone who would like to be signed up for this crossover, let us know and we'll make sure you are signed up for this four-issue cross over. These can be turned it with your normal Previews orders, which are due by Friday the 24th. These issues feature the regular DC Rebirth options of a main cover or a variant, priced $2.99 each.

DC will also be offering Lenticular variants (that fancy kind of print where the image changes when you tilt it). The Gif Image above is an example of what the Batman 21 cover will look like for the Lenticular variant. These variants will be $3.99 instead of $2.99.

If you would like to order these variants for Batman 21 and/or Flash 21, you need to let us know now. The FOC for these two variants is Monday, February 13th. We will not be ordering copies for the shelf, so these will be pre-order only.
The Lenticular Variant for Batman #22 has an FOC of February 20th. Pre-Order this cover by 2pm that Monday.
The Lenticular Variant for Flash #22 has an FOC of February 27th. Pre-Order this cover by 2pm that Monday.

TL; DR (see I told you):

  • Batman #21-22 & Flash #21-22 are part of a 4-part crossover, "The Button"
  • Regular covers and variants available to order, due February 24th
  • Lenticular Variants, Pre-Orders only:
    • Batman#21 & Flash#21, orders due by this Monday, Feb 13th 2pm.
    • Batman #22, orders due by Monday, Feb 20th 2pm.
    • Flash #22, orders due by Monday, Feb 27th 2pm.