Staff Picks 2/1/17


Midnighter and Apollo #5: Midnighter always knew that one day he would have to face the Devil himself to answer for all the people he's killed here on Earth...and that day is today! It's a bare-knuckle brawl between Midnighter and Neron for the soul of Apollo!

Nightwing #14: "BLUDHAVEN" finale! The psychopath who's been carrying out the killings in Blüdhaven has placed the blame on Nightwing! Now Dick Grayson must apprehend this maniac to stop the murders and to convince Blüdhaven he's not a villain. 


Midnighter and Apollo #5: This issue of M&A is seven(teen) minutes in heaven. Midnighter has more up his sleeve and Neeron can shut the fuck up! Straight to the punching! 

Hawkeye #3: Kate is trying to track down a missing college student, and a secret society is trying just as hard to track her down.

Unstoppable Wasp #2: The first issue of this was delightful! And now Wasp is teaming up with Moon Girl! 

Detective Comics - Rise of the Batmen TP: This book is nominally a Batman book, but really it's a Batwoman team book (with Batman, yes Batman is in the book). If anyone had told me a year ago I'd be loving a Batfam book this much, I'd've laughed. Highly recommend it to anyone looking forward to the upcoming Batwoman story!


Aquaman #16: This is the beginning of a new story arc and a perfect jumping on point! After the events of the last arc and the surrender of Atlantis to the U.S. government, I simply can not wait to see what is next! This is one of my very favorite titles! 

Goldie Vance #9: This is another title that is starting a new story arc. Join Goldie in another adventure in the vein of Scooby Doo or Nancy Drew. The art is very pretty, too! Pick this one up and have yourself a grand 'ol read!

Hawkeye #3: I love this book! Kate Bishop is a really great Hawkeye. (some might say the "REAL" Hawkeye) I love the art and especially the layouts of this book. The story is pretty great too...

Josie and the Pussycats #4: This book is the prettiest book of madcap that I read at this time! Plus, it is Josie and the freakin Pussycats!

Nightwing #14: Having Nightwing back in Bludhaven is roving to be a hack of a good time! Only Dick Grayson would get caught up in trying to prove a bunch of ex-supervillains are being framed while trying to dicover who he is outside of the mask.

Spider-Man 2099 #20: What do a Greek myth, a Greek assassin and a whole bunch of monsters have in common? This book! 

All the Pretty Comics: Batman #16, Batman Detective Comics TP Vol 1, Faith #8, Green Arrow #16, Green Lanterns #16, Justice League #14, Kill or be Killed #5, Midnighter and Apollo #5, Moon Knight #11, Old Man Logan #17, Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern #1, Star Wars #28 and Stargate Atlantis: Gateways #2


Star Wars #28: Master Yoda finds himself overpowered and captured! Imprisoned within the caves, the master must become a student once more.  Plus...Ben and Luke feel the ripples of the Jedi Master's tale!


Walking Dead #163: In the aftermath of The Whisperer War: ALL IS LOST.