FOC 10/16/17; Items of Note

Below is a list of items that are on this week's Final Order Cut-Off.

If you see an item for which you'd like to adjust your order (add or drop), let us know by 8pm on Sunday, October 15th.

NOTE: We will be closed Monday, October 16th.

We Love Pre-Orders!

This list is organized by publisher and is not exhaustive. For specific questions, such as concerning variant covers or pricing, please get in touch with us.

Common Abbreviations: TP=Trade Paperback, HC= Hard Cover, (O)GN= (Original) Graphic Novel, Vol= Volume.

Aftershock Comics

World Reader TP Vol 1

Dark Horse Comics

Legacy Off Color Novella from Chuck Palahniuk
Only the End of the World Again HC by Neil Gaiman

DC Comics

Doomsday Clock #1 (Gary Frank main & Variant, Lenticular, 11:57 release variant cover open for order)
Flash #34
Green Arrow TP Vol 4
Mister Miracle #4
Supergirl #15
Wildstorm Michael Cray #2
Wonder Woman #34

IDW Comics

Highlander American Dream TP
Skylanders Quarterly

Image Comics

Coyotes #1
Injection vol 3 (Ladies' Night favorite!)
Port of Earth #1
Scales & Scoundrels #3
Shirtless Bear-Fighter TP

Marvel Comics

Black Bolts TP vol 1
Cable TP Vol 1
Despicable Deadpool #289
Falcon #2
Iron Fist #73 2nd Printing
Master of Kung Fu #126 One Shot!
Ms Marvel #24
Runaways #3
Spirits of Vengeance #1 2nd Printing
Spirits of Vengeance #2
Star Wars #34

Legacy Numbering Starting:

Daredevil #595
Moon Knight #188
She-Hulk #159