Unlocking Vault Comics

By Wyn Buckley

Independent comics are a big deal.

Not just for me, nor just in this shop, but in the world of comics. Indies are where it’s at. “It” being fresh, inventive stories that challenge the status quo of the Big Two comics. Marvel and DC are making strides to be better in terms of diversity and attempts not to fall into tired tropes of comic heroes, but some fantastic books still get disrupted during the seemingly-quarterly event cycles. Not that indie comics don't have their own host of delays, but I personally don't mind waiting for invigorating and creative storytelling.

And because I love indies, I want to draw your attention to a new publisher putting out their first comics this coming year.

Vault Comics was founded in 2016 with a focus in creator-owned fantasy and sci-fi comics. They are coming from the angle that the genre is about “imagining and experiencing the new, the bizarre, [and] the unimagined” making Vault titles perfect for fans of the weird and interesting. Vault wants to bring stories to you that break the established order and give voices to the silenced. “Inside the Vault, it’s safe to be different.”

I’ve had the great pleasure of reading a few of the new #1 issues, and I look forward to seeing more of these worlds.


Out February 15th, Heathen #1 by Natasha Alterici looks gorgeous. For people who miss Angela: Asgard’s Assassin/Witch Hunter/Queen of Hel/[insert subtitle here], check out this book focusing on Aydis, a Viking huntress who has rejected any thoughts of marrying a man, because she’s a lesbian. Yup, Lesbian Viking. I know I’ve just sold this book to a lot of you, but there’s more. After an encounter with a trickster god, Aydis searches for the meaning of a cryptic message and information about the cyclic lives that Immortals live and what connection she may have to an ancient deity, Brynhild. I’d also recommend this one to fans of Merry Men or anyone who wanted more lesbian out of Cry Havoc.


Also, on the horizon, Powerless #1. Set for release March 8th, this comic by David Booher and Nathan Gooden sets the stage for a world losing its superpowers to a deadly virus. This one I recommend to fans of Plutona and the Valiant universe. I really enjoyed this a) as a non-traditional superhero book and b) for some really fantastic powers. My favorite being Elizabeth a.k.a. Switch’s powers. She can swap places with people near her, perfect for bringing them into range for her partner Billy to take down. This book looks awesome and I look forward to reading it as it is released.



Vault also has a few other upcoming titles that I look forward to checking out at the earliest opportunity: Karma Police, Fissure, Failsafe, and Colossi.

I love my indie comics, and I am encouraged further to see a new publisher with such immediately interesting titles. I hope a few of y’all will give them a chance to hook you in as well.


If you're interested in reading these titles, talk to your Local Comic Shop and let them know you want them to order them.