Staff Picks 9/7/16


Poe Dameron #6: BB-8's droid gang is on the move, now what is Poe's plan to get out this one?

Supergirl #1: Kara is here on Earth, ready to fight the bad guys. (Okay yeah, I'm also excited to read more by Steve Orlando)

Princess Princess Ever After:  Two Princesses realize that they don't need anyone else to save them, especially when the dragon is actually nice.

Alters #1: I'm tentatively excited for this one. The premise sounds cool and more Trans lead characters are great. I am wary that the creative team isn't super diverse group. That doesn't stop this from being hopefully great, just I'm holding my breath a bit.

Secret Wars TP: I had refused to read this event because I typically HATE event books. They drive me nuts. BUT, I read this finally and I loved it. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes East of West. It has a similar feel, but with superheroes and less death.

Back Matter Picks: Angel Catbird, Marvel Tsum Tsum #2 and Nights Dominion #1.


Aquaman #6: This is the last issue of the first arc. Arthur and Mera are on the run from the US government after a little jail break. Will Superman be able to keep them from getting back to the relative safety of Atlantis? This issue should be a really fun read!

Silk #12: Cindy might have found her parents! The only problem is that they are in the Negative Zone. What could possibly go Wrong?

Fuse #21: Klem's son is being arrested and Ralph is off doing his weird double life things. The Fuse is lit and this powder keg is about to explode. This book is Law and Order in space and I love every single issue!

Goldie Vance #5: Goldie Vance is an aspiring detective living and working in The Crossed Palms Resort. Fresh off a victory against Russian spies and arch enemies(who happen to be the daughter of your boss) Goldie starts her run as an ongoing series. I can't wait to see what her next case is!

Green Arrow #6: This issue start a new arc for the Emerald Archer. Emiko goes to Japan to destroy the crime lords who control her mother. I'm sure she'll get a little help from her older brother. Also, I hope there are ninjas!

Kill Or Be Killed #2: Dylan has a small problem.Thanks to a little demonic intervention he has a debt to work off. A debt that can only be paid in blood! Brubaker's newest book blurs the line between horror and psychological thriller.

Other Great Titles: Batman #6, Bounty #3, Justice League #3, Kim and Kim #2, Nightwing #4, Spidey #10, Star Wars: Poe Dameron #6 and Supergirl #1