Midnighter and Apollo #1 Launch Party!


Black & Gold Sale!

Starting October 5th, come in wearing black & gold and get 5%* off your total purchase.

Share Our Playlist! Or Make Your Own!

While you're picking out your outfit, listen to our awesome Midnighter and Apollo Playlist hosted on Spotify. We've created The World's Finest playlist. Share it and tag us, or share your own and tag us, and get a secret password to save another 5%* off your purchase.

All DC, Vertigo, and Wildstorm trades and hardcovers will be buy one, get a 2nd 50%* off.

T-Shirt Workshop

On Friday October 7th, during our Ladies' Night, bring a shirt and $5 for the rest of the materials to join in on our T-shirt Workshop. We're making our own Midnighter and/or Apollo shirts!

We suggest bringing a black/dark colored shirt for Midnighter and/or a White shirt for Apollo, but feel free to bring whatever color you want. Midnighter in pink sounds hysterical.

*Note that unless specified, all discounts do stack. Including subscriber discounts. Maximum Discount on Clearance Items is 90% Off. This sale will run until close of business Sunday, October 9th (6pm).