Staff Picks 9/20/16


Red Thorn #11: Everything is getting seriously out of control, and I don't want it to end! This book is seriously a return to everything a Vertigo book should be, and it deserves to be on the shelf with the likes of Hellblazer and Sandman.

Joyride #5: Still a massive joy! I continue to be blown away by the color work and lovingly crafted story. This is also a fantastic transitional book, for readers who are ready to graduate from the kids/all ages books, but not quite ready for books with a Mature rating. Meanwhile, it's a good break from the heavy stuff for those whose reading list is dominated by more mature work.

Nightwing #5: This remains my favorite of the rebirthed DC titles, and it's even better this week as it's part of the mini-crossover Night of the Monster Men event! Steve Orlando is at the helm, pitting Nightwing, Batwoman, and Batman against kaiju!


Joyride #5: The space adventures continue. On the run and having the time of their lives, our group is now reaching out further beyond Earth, and beyond the original 4-issue arc of the miniseries-turned-ongoing.

Backstagers #1, 2nd Printing!: If you missed out on this absolute delight, you get a second chance. Seriously, fans of Gotham Academy, Lumberjanes, and Princelesswill love this great all ages book.

Constantine TP vol 2: You miss out on the ending we were all tossing our comics (carefully) on the floor over? Read the second half of the best Constantine comic for fans New and Old.

Batman #7/Nightwing #5: These kick off Steve Orlando's Night of the Monster Men mini-crossover. You wanna read about Batwoman fighting a Kaiju? Look no further! Plus, we love love Steve Orlando around here.

Also on the shelf this week: Adventures of Supergirl TP (based on the awesome TV series), Green Lanterns #7, Mighty Thor #11, Power Man and Iron Fist #8 AND the 1st trade!, Red Thorn #11, and The Wicked and Divine: 1831 Special.


Amazing Spider-Man #18: The Spider-Man event of the is ramping up. We've got the Jackal and a bunch of clones who are dependent on him to live. As if that wasn't enough it looks like Doc Ock might finally reveal that his mind is in The Living Brain! Good stuff!

Aquaman #7: Arthur has fought the U.S. government and Superman to get back to Atlantis and bring the people framing his nation to justice. What does the criminal organization,N.E.M.O., have in store for Atlantis next?  Will Aquaman be able to save his people and clear his name? This is the sleeper hit of the Rebirth line up!

Black Hammer #3: This book explores what becomes of super heroes when they can no longer be heroes. Can they be happy with a normal life? I somehow doubt it. Lemire deftly treads the same ground of the Watchmen while giving us a new look into the minds of those who would save us all.

Green Lanterns #7: I love how this book has been developing the relationship between rookie lanterns and new partners , Simon and Jessica. This issue deals with a big stumbling block between them, the gun that Simon carries. I look forward to this conversation and am intensely curious as to how it will play out!

Mighty Thor #11: Jane and Thor in the same place at the same time, but not the same body. WHAT THE WHAT?!? I can't wait to how Aaron explains this!

All the pretty comics: Batman #7, Civil War II #5, Dept H #6, Green Arrow #7, Joyride #5, Justice League #5, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #7, Nightwing #5, Red Thorn #11, Rom #3, Star Wars: Poe Dameron #6, Venom Space Knight #12 and Xena: Warrior Princess #6


The Wicked + The Divine 1831 One-Shot: Critically-acclaimed THE WICKED + THE DIVINE goes back to the nineteenth century, to see what became of the Romantic poets one infamous night on Lake Geneva... Showcasing STEPHANIE HANS (Journey Into Mystery, Angela), this special is NOT included in the forthcoming THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, VOL. 4.