Staff Picks 8/31/16


Mae #4: Full disclosure - I'm in this issue! It's just about the coolest thing, ever, if you're me. Aside from that, though, the book is legitimately a ton of fun. If you like portal fiction and snark-filled action, and an adventure story that doesn't have to be all dark and depressing all the time, pick up Mae.

Silver Surfer #200: Along with all the other reasons this book makes me happy, a big one right now is that it's pretty immune to events. I love that the creative team clearly loves the Surfer and company, and that I can enjoy it without worrying about whatever else is going on in the Marvel universe.

Saga #37: It's back! It left on a pretty big WHAT!? (because it's Saga. Of course it did.) I can't wait to find out what happens next.


Mae #4: Enter the mad scientists! Abby and Mae's journey continues. [Also, watch for a cameo by a certain someone you may know...]

Spider-Man #7: Miles, just be okay, okay?

All New Wolverine Annual #1: Feat. Spider-Gwen! Laura, Gabby, and Gwen ... okay, and Jonathan, team up. I can remain in denial of how ANW #10 ended for another 40 pages. :D

Black Panther TP 1: I can't wait for this, just for the back matter! T'Challa has a lot going on between his nation rising up, political strife, and trying to save his sister.

Back Matter: Civil War II Choosing Sides #5, Ms. Marvel #10, Spider-Gwen #11, and Han Solo #3.


Spider-Gwen #11: So Gwen beat up her dad in the last issue. Yeah, that happened. So, on the run from everyone, with her powers on the fritz, Gwen must figure out how to keep her dad safe. With Kraven on the hunt, I'm not sure that there is a happy ending for dear Gwen.

Future Quest #4: This book just keeps getting cooler. If you were ever a fan of Saturday morning cartoons, this is the book for you! Extra bonus happy if you remember the old Hanna/Barbera cartoons!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #6: This book scratches another nostalgia itch for me. This is like the whole 90's summed up in all its illustrated glory! The Bulk and Skull strip at the end is particularly priceless!


Mae #4: I can't wait to see where this adventure takes Mae and Abbie next! I feel like we're still getting to the story and am excited to see what the ongoing plot reveals. The art of Mae also has me hooked on the title.

Saga #37: I'm buckling up for this new arc: the War for Phang! I have come to truly love this little family. I have loved being able to watch Hazel grow through the series along with her often ill tempered, goofball parents.


Mae #4 - The quest to find their father continues as Mae and Abbie venture deeper into the fantasy world where Abbie has lived for the past ten years.

Black Panther Nation under our feet TP - T’challa does his best to unite his citizens despite suicide bombers, a super human terrorist group, and having a familiar villian come out of hiding to have some fun of their own. Wakanda needs to change and adapt, but will T’Challa survive it?

Really excited for - Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger figure!!!