Staff Picks 8/17/16


Descender #14: What was Bandit up to while Tim was deactivated? Let's find out! FRA! FRA!

Nightwing #3: Man, Babs is not gonna be happy. And what's with this Talon guy? I'm pretty sure he should just be Midnighter instead, but M wouldn't put up with all this Parliament of Owls nonsense.

Supergirl Rebirth: I've never been more excited about a Super- anyone book. Steve Orlando is a master of treating characters with respect to their origins, while breathing new life into them, and I can't wait to see how he's done that with this book.

Other highlights from my pulls this week:  Lucifer vol. 1, Poe Dameron #5, Demonic #1, Devi Rebirth #1, The Backstagers #1


Supergirl Rebirth: I really loved the TV series (and am stoked to see it continue of the CW) and am gonna LOVE reading this book. Oh, and did I mention? Y'know Steve Orlando (wrote a little book called Midnighter we may have mentioned in the past)? He's writing this! So glad to have his writing back in my pull.


Poe Dameron #5: Poe and the squadron maybe are a little stuck in jail... Whoops! They'll probably be fine.

Backstagers #1: So, my other job is at a theatre (the play kind), and this book meets in the corner with that and my love of musicals by exploring a world where the stage shows do involve actual magic! PLUS awesome story teller James Tynion IV is on this book, so I know it's gonna have a solid story.

Choosing Sides #4: SHAAALLLVVEEEY!!!

B-Sides: All-New Wolverine #11, Captain America Sam Wilson #12, Green Lanterns #5, Mighty Thor #10, Mockingbird #6, Power Man and Iron Fist #7, Ultimates #10, and my "Gwen's"-day shirt is finally here! Gwen is the only one I'll share my Wednesday/Wyn's Day pun space with.


Mockingbird #6: We are done with the first arc! Not only were the paper dolls FABULOUS, the story and art were on point too. I'm super interested to see where Bobbi goes from here. More importantly what about the corgi?

Supergirl Rebirth #1: This was one of the Rebirth titles I was most excited for when it was announced. Steve Orlando is writing so I'm hopeful that we will get an interesting Kara with heart.

Descender #14: This issue is going to the story of what Bandit was up to on the mining colony while Tim 21 was asleep. I'm a little nervous about this issue because the secret histories of this arc have been heartbreaking and terrible (the events not the story or art). I don't want Bandit's story to be super sad. Please Mr. Lemire don't murder my soul.

Black Hammer #2: A group of super heroes trapped in a small town. Wait a minute they supposedly died years ago. Then there is the reporter who believes that they alive somewhere. Did I mention that the reporter is the daughter of the one hero who did die all those years ago? Lemire, I tip my hat to you sir.

Backstagers #1: This book sounds like it is right up my alley. Drama geeks, new kids and a backstage door to a magical land and (hopefully) adventure. Books like this are the reason I continue to read comics and love them the way I do.

Jedi Holocron entries of note: All New Wolverine #11, Aquaman #5, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #1, Batman #5, Civil War II Amazing Spider-Man #3, Green Arrow #5, Green Lanterns #5, Heartthrob #5, Mighty Thor #10, Nightwing #3, Spider-Woman #10, Star Wars: Poe Dameron #5, Web Warriors #10, Wicked + Divine #22 and Xena Warrior Princess #5


The Backstagers #1 - New kid in town joins the theater kids and finds out there is the narnia-esque door they all know about!  

Xena #5 - Xena goes back to being Rome's enemy, just like the good old days. With the empire on their heels Gabrielle is determined to make sure Rome fails, by any means necessary.


The Wicked + The Divine #22: This will be the final chapter in the "Rising Action" arc. With the pantheon divided, can Minerva be saved?

Shekhar Kapur's Devi: Rebirth #1: A beautiful comic centering on Tara Mehta, who has been gifted with divine powers. The futuristic, India inspired setting of Sitapur instantly had me hooked!

Also in my box: Xena #5 and The Backstagers #1