Staff Picks 7/6/16


Silver Surfer #5: After getting Shalla-Bal out of the fridge to leave Norrin with lots of stuff to figure out and recover from, Slott and the Allreds managed to get me even more invested in a book I already adored. The cover with all of the creator cameos is golden, too.

Roche Limit - Monadic #4: The end of the three-volume sci-fi mind-bender is here. Obviously, either the world will end, or everything will be fine. It could honestly go either way!

Poe Dameron #4: The greatest pilot in the galaxy is once again in trouble. What's the over/under on the number of quippy one-liners and winning smiles it takes to get him out of this one?

Kim & Kim #1: Aside from the important fact that this book features awesome queer and transgender characters in roles that give them agency without forcing them into neat little boxes, it's a fantastic adventure story about some badass bounty hunters getting in trouble.


Bounty #1: Two sisters are the most wanted criminals in the galaxy. When they get a chance to erase their past and start a new life they take it. Now they hide among the people who want to capture them. They become.... Bounty hunters..

Kim and Kim #1: These best friends are trying to make it big in the bounty hunting industry. When they catch wind of a big bounty they go after it. Did they bite off more than they can chew? Probably.

Moon Knight #4: Marc Spector just sacrificed one friend to escape the asylum. Now they're street level in what could be NYC sinking into Neo-Egypt, but could also just be NYC. How many more friends will he lose?

Paper Girls #7: Erin and the other girls time traveled from 1988 to the present and found Erin from now. Now they have to figure out how to get home and stop what happened in their time from happening again in the now. It's going to get weird guys.

Switch #4: IT'S BACK! Mary is in a lot of trouble because of that Witchblade....


Cirque American Girl Over Paris #1: If you like Kate Leth then you’ll want to dive into this miniseries. We follow Jules Maroni, a wire walker who has a lot to prove. She gets invited to an exclusive exhibition in Paris to be put back on top. Of course, Paris is full of distractions which include: her first serious boyfriend and a haunting figure within the city itself.

Kim and Kim #1: OH MY GOD!! A trans and queer book that is right front and center. Kim and Kim are best friends trying to make a name for themselves in a western/cowboy law enforced world. I’m so excited for this you guys you have no idea!

Switch #4: Mary is trying to get the hang of this Witchblade thing and it seems that some people are upset. Now those people would certainly like to have some heated words. Stjepan Sejic is freaking amazing and you should be reading this book!

Other things I’m stoked for: Bounty #1, Brutal Nature #3, Paper Girls #7, All of the covers of Switch :D


Poe Dameron #4: POE DIRECTLY TO JAIL! New arc starts hear as Poe and the squad infiltrate a Republic prison.

Kim & Kim #1: Space Bounty hunters in a flying VW Van. What more do you want from a comic? But wait there's more? A trans title character who is just the best and a mystery involving tentacles? You're sold on this now, right?

Cirque American Girl Over Paris #1: Gwenda Bonda, Kate Leth, and Ming Doyle collaborate on this addition to the world of Cirque Americain. Jules looks to put herself back on top after a tumble, but relationship woes and a dark mystery lay between her and her recovery.

Honorable Mentions: Adventures of Supergirl #5, Sam Wilson Captain America #11, Green Lanterns #2, Han Solo #2, and FINALLY Stargate Atlantis #2



Amazing Spider-Man #15: The cover alone sells this book. Mary Jane Iron Spider! Does it get any better?

Aquaman #2: Black Manta is on the war path. Can Arthur save Spindrift station? More importantly, can he save himself? Abnett is killing it on this book.

Bounty #1: I'm hoping this is one plays out like Rat Queens in space.

Future Quest #2: A Hannah Barbara cross over! This book is like playing with toys when you are young, which is to say fantastically awesome!! My inner child approves.

All the pretty comics: Batman #2, Fuse #19, Green Arrow #2, Green Lanterns #2, Justice League Rebirth #1, Kim and Kim #1, Moon Knight #4, Silver Surfer #5, Spider-Man 2099 #12, Spider-Woman #12, Spidey #8, Star wars Han Solo #2, Star Wars Poe Dameron #4 and Stargate Atlantis Back to Pegasus #2



Faith TP Vol 1 Hollywood & Vine: Faith is like many young people, she wants to be a super hero that makes a difference in the world. Unlike the rest of us she actually has the powers to do it! Her mild mannered reporting/glorified blogging provides a cover for her to handles neighborhood crime.  When the main problem turns out to be huge, can she handle it?  This trade compiles Faith’s 4 issue limited run and now it’s become an ongoing!

Kim and Kim #1: A comic with queer and trans women? And they are bounty hunters in a space western?! Yes gimme!

Poe Dameron #4: Time for our brilliant and handsome pilot friend to make then next stop on his mission for the resistance. That means it’s off to jail for Poe! Let’s just hope he can stay on the right side of those proverbial bars.