Staff Picks 7/20/16


Joyride #4: This book has been called a love letter to sci-fi, but I just want to write love letters to it. It fills me with, as its title might imply, a sense of unadulterated joy.

Hellblazer Rebirth #1: This new run has some big shoes to fill, and I hope it's up to the task. As much as the final issue of the previous series ended by kicking my heart out through my teeth, I loved it, and I hope the tone it set carries through.

Betty & Veronica #1: The new Archie-verse hasn't disappointed me yet, and this one is liable to hold a special place in my heart.

Black Hammer #1: I've been looking forward to this one for a while - Jeff Lemire playing fast and loose with superhero traits and tropes, and because it's a Jeff Lemire book, it'll probably break our hearts at some point.

Honorable Mentions: Avatarex: Destroyer of Darkness #1, Oblivion #1, Star Wars #21, Heart Throb #4


Betty & Veronica #1: These girls are going to be the best of frenemies. Nemesisters 4 life!

Black Hammer #1: There's a world that's missing it's heroes. There's another world that has gained heroes that don't belong there. Many years later we see a farm that these heroes live on witness their failed attempts to go home.

Plutona TP: This is a tragic coming of age story following a group of kids who find a fallen superhero in the woods. Things start to fall apart as they struggle to keep this secret.

Snotgirl #1: Tragic is the life of a beloved fashion blogger that suffers from terrible allergies!


Clean Room #10: So Gail even said, “this was the most messed-up issue she’s ever written and had nightmares about it for a week.” Needless to say I am completely excited and am eager to see what she has up her sleeve!

Batgirl and Birds of Prey Rebirth #1: Oh man! Someone has found out Barbara’s biggest secret (that she was Oracle and was the best hacker on the planet) and is using her name to sell secrets (Yikes). With the help of Black Canary and Huntress (Oh my god yes!!) they will try to bring down whoever is using the Oracle mantle.

Plutona TP: This book was really good. Lemire and Lenox did an amazing job on this book. Five kids find the body of the worlds greatest superhero in the woods. This secret discovery will threaten to tear their lives and friendships apart.

Other things I’m stoked about: Betty & Veronica #1 Lotay Variant (I love her work so much!), Black Hammer #1, and Hunt #1


All New Wolverine #10: The last issue was awesome! Laura rescued Old Man Logan from inside Fin Fang Foom, and next we're going to get to hear about the X-23 from Logan's home universe. How will she react? What will she do? Can we go back to the cute issue with Squirrel Girl, I think I've caught a case of feels.

Hellblazer Rebirth: PLEASE BE GOOD PLEASE BE GOOD PLEASE BE GOOD [and make Oliver not dead....]

Joyride #4: The end of the first arc, and the space police are hot on our heroes' tails. But with last issue's revelation, will our little gang be able to stick together? [Probably, since Boom! has picked the series up as an ongoing.]

Merry Men #2: Yes, finally, more gay Robin Hood! Robin's past with King Richard is revealed and the Merry Men must decide if they will stay in Sherwood, safe, or rescue the prisoners of Guy Gisborne? [And can we see more of Sabib, I like him.]

POP! She-Hulk: Not a comic but OMG SHULKIE!!!!

Honorable Mentions: A Force #7, Green Lanterns #3, Spider-Man #6, and Ultimates #9


Dept H #4: I love the way this book merges a closed room mystery and a coming to terms with family story. The art is also top notch and lends a certain weight to this book.

Green Arrow #3: Starting over is hard, but Ollie has done it before. How will our hero look when there is only Green Arrow?

Clean Room #10: This book scares the H out of me! I love it. Gail Simone is a master of ratcheting up the tension and things are about to explode!

Aquaman #3: Abnett just showed us why Aquaman is not a joke. Now I wonder what he has in store for the king of Atlantis.

Betty and Veronica #1: All of the new Archie titles have been AMAZING and now one of my childhood favorites is getting the treatment!


Dept. H #4 - Mia goes on one last rescue attempt for her brother, but man oh man the ocean is a dangerous place that is not gonna make it is.

Merry Men #2 - We get to learn the history about the Merry Men’s exile to Sherwood, where they are now able to live in relative safety. They need to decide whether to leave their safe place, or make a rescue attempt to retrieve hostages from Guy of Gisbourne.

Faith #1- The first issue in her ongoing series, Faith not only has to deal with the backlash of having an arch-nemesis, but someone is getting close to figuring out her secret identity! Dude, she’s barely figuring this out still.

Xena #4 - With a good chunk of the Harpies being taken to Rome as war prizes, Xena and Gabrielle are off to get them back. The rest of the Harpies and Ares are getting ready to fight, Rome doesn’t want to lose, and Gabrielle needs to make a terrible choice that may lose her Xena.

Also excited for: She Wolf #2, Island #9, A&A #5