Staff Picks 7/13/16


Nightwing Rebirth: I really enjoyed Grayson, and am looking forward to Tim Seeley returning as Dick's primary writer. I hope the humor and fun of the last book will carry over, and that seems promising, as Midnighter has not been left behind as a supporting character!

Horizon #1: I like a good after-Earth sci-fi, and I'm hoping that's what this will be!

Voltron: Legendary Defender #1: I really love the new TV series, and this comic is basically an unaired story from the same creative team. It's also the same creative team who made Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, so if you're a fan of those, you might enjoy this one!

Millarworld Annual #1: I may not be the greatest fan of Millar's catalog of work, but I am looking forward to this issue, which is the result of a talent search he conducted for the purpose of showcasing new talent and paying them at Marvel's page rate. On principal alone, I want to support it, and I'm willing to bet there's some good work contained inside.

Other highlights of my pull: Wicked + Divine #21, Goldie Vance #4, Aspen Universe Revelations #1, Descender #13, Civil War II Choosing Sides #2, Monstress TP vol. 1


Nightwing Rebirth: Grayson returns to the black and blue! Super excited for this, and not just cause Midnighter is in the first 5 pages. (But yeah that has a lot to do with it.)

Wonder Woman #2: The second of the alternating stories, "Year One" starts here. With gorgeous art by Nicola Scott, whom I loved on Black Magick. This is the issue I've been waiting on forever!

Civil War II Choosing Sides #2: Can Declan Shalvey draw/write Nick Fury forever? That's my takeaway here. Love love loved the Nick story. Best Nick Fury story since Battle Scars. (Any arguments over qualifying who the "Real" Nick Fury is, can go. Just go.)

The Wicked + The Divine #21: Please let Minerva be okay!!!!!!

Honorable Mentions: Detective Comics #936, Monstress vol 1 TP, Power Man and Iron Fist #6, and Old Man Logan #8.


The Flash #2: I am really excited to have the Flash back in my pull again. The first issue was delightful. How will Barry's friend from the CCPD react to the events of the last issue? Will this compromise Barry's secret identity? Will we get to see Kid Flash ( new Wally not the old one ) in action? I can't wait to find out.

Nightwing: Rebirth #1: Dick is coming home to reclaim his life after faking his own death to become a super spy. Something tells me that Gotham will have a few nasty surprises in store for him. With Tim Seeley writing and Yanick Paquette drawing this book I can't see it not being amazing!

Old Man Logan #8: First issue of a new story arc! If you haven't been reading this book, now is a perfect time to jump on. This is a Logan that is fresh and interesting again. After the events in Canada Logan gets back to the mission of preventing his own timeline from coming to pass. I woder how that is going to work out for him.

Silk #10: Watch your back Cindy! Black Cat heard everything that you said last issue and I think she took it kinda personal like.

Wonder Woman #2: Year One starts here. Wonder Woman joins the likes of Batman and Green Arrow in having her first year as a hero explored. This is done by none other than Greg Rukka and Nicola Scott and should be nothing short of phenomenal!!!

Served with your choice of: Civil War II #3, Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man #2, Descender #13, Goldie Vance #4, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth #1, Low #15, Web Warriors #9, The Wicked + The Divine #21 or Xena: Warrior Princess #4


Descender #13: Damn Lemire for making me feel things for Tim-22!

Goldie Vance #4: Sugar got Goldie fired from the hotel. Goldie and Diane follow the mystery woman to a casino. Will she catch this woman and get her job back? Let's find out.

Wonder Woman #2: Perfection. That's it. Diana has to get help from Cheetah in order to fight the Gods. Will she get it?


Lumberjanes Gotham Academy #2: Jen is missing! Time to regroup to try to find their missing friends. Once again, Lumberjanes doesn't dissappoint.

The Shadow the death of Margo Lane #2: From the days of radio shows the Shadow brings more of it's old school mystery to the page in this five issue run. While The Shadow tries to save an heiress will Margo Lane to be able to help her companions, or even herself?

The Wicked and The Divine #21: Let's get ready to RUUUUUUMMMMBLLLLLLLLLEE!!!!!!

Wonder Woman #2: The start of the parallel story line, this issue follows Diana through her first year as Earth's Gaurdian

Also Amped For: Mirror #5, Monstress TP vol 1, and Xena #4!