Staff Picks 6/29/16


Mae #2: There just aren't enough great things to say about this book. It's portal fiction at its finest. It's Harry Potter and Steven Universe and Chronicles of Narnia and A Wrinkle In Time while also being absolutely none of those things in a universe all its own. Gene Ha is a wonder of the comics world.

Grayson Annual #3: I'm cautiously optimistic for Nightwing's Rebirthification (not a little bit because sneak peeks have included Midnighter), and I want this to bridge the gap. I'm not as crazy about the change in creative team, but then, King and Seeley are a tough act to follow, and Seeley's back once the Rebirth issue hits.

Injection #1 - Oversized Artist's Edition: I really just can't get enough of this book. It's everything I love in a comic, all in one place. Seeing Shalvey's art even bigger and showcasing that razor-sharp detail is a real treat. Bonus: he sent autographed bookplates to go with every copy!

Other things I'm reading this week: Saga vol. 6, Jade Street Protection Services #1, Ultimates vol. 1, Jughead vol. 1


4 Kids Walk Into a Bank #2: Paige and the gang learn that her dad actually knows the group of ex-cons that are trying to get him to help with a heist. What's her dad hiding from her? If Wes Anderson wrote a comic this would be it. Roll a d20..

Jade Street Protection Services #1: MAGICAL SCHOOL GIRL GANG!!! If you mixed The Breakfast Club with Sailor Moon you would get this series. Something isn't right at Matsdotter Academy. Students have started to go missing. Kai, Saba, Noemi, Divya, and Emma all scored detention after doing something wrong during their training. When their teacher is a no show they decide to ditch and go into town. Only to find their teacher... With a suspicious character...

Plutona #5: SERIES FINALE! The kids are lost in the woods. Mike and Teddy have been doing weird things to Plutona in order to get powers. Teddy has been stabbed! Ugh this series makes me feel so many things. Emi Lenox's art is perfect for this story.

Jughead Vol. 1: Jughead Jones is a student at Riverdale High and a lover of all things food related. When a new principal starts at Riverdale, everything changes, even lunch. Jughead can't take it anymore and starts plotting how to take down the principal. To do that he'll need help from his bestie Archie and the rest of the gang.  Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson have knocked it out of the park with this series.



Angela Queen of Hel TP Journey to Funderworld: Marguerite Bennett KILLED it with this amazing run of Angela. Stolen from Asgard, exiled from Heven and her partner stolen from her, Angela travels down to the pits of Hel to rescue her beloved, Sera. She must take the mantle of Queen of Hel and re-write the laws that have been laid down for centuries. She will be tried and tested. This is an amazing read and is up there with some of my favorite arcs of Angela, ever!

Coloring DC Wonder Woman TP: Ahhh! Wonder Woman is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in the DCU and now you can color her! Let your imagination run wild. Besides who doesn’t like a relaxing coloring session with our favorite Amazon?

Legend of Wonder Woman #7: Diana has come face to face with the Duke of Deception and has now told Etta all about who she really is. She will continue to help out in the nurses ward but is now becoming the champion that Earth so desperately needs. This story is amazing and I want it to keep going. Renae De Liz you are rocking this story; please, please, please keep it going!

Plutona #5 of 5: Series Finale!! Oh man, a lot has happened and if I know Lemire (admittedly, I don’t know as much as Kaitlyn buuut that is beside the point), he’s going to leave us wanting more. Mike and Teddy have been messing with the body of Plutona in order to get her powers and now Teddy has been stabbed. Emi Lenox and Lemire work amazing well together and I really hope that it turns out to be a happy ending.

Other things in my pulls this week: 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #2, Mae #2, Mockingbird #4, Jade Street Protection Services #1 and Saga TP 6


4 Kids Walk into a Bank #2: I'm so excited for this next issue! Up next in the saga of Paige trying to keep her dad out of jail by robbing a bank herself [with some help from her friends... and Berger, I guess.], now that they know about her dad's past, what will they do next?

Jade Street Protection Services #1: Think Magic Girls go to Hogwarts. Girls with magic powers train to save the day. But dark forces threaten a group of Breakfast Club-esque friends. This is a great, fun all ages book.

Black Panther #3: I love the storylines that have been set in motion. And Stelfreeze's art is astonishing! Can he draw Black Panther forever?

Mae #2: The world Gene Ha has created is wonderful and Mae and her sister remind me a lot of my sister and me.

Timely Comics Ultimates #1: This book has the best story telling of all the series I'm reading. Captain Marvel, Spectrum, Black Panther, Blue Marvel, and Miss America seek out the edges of reality to stop problems BEFORE they effect Earth. Try out this 3-in-1 reprint of the begininng.

Homorable mentions: Angela Queen of Hel: Welcome to the Funderworld, Mockingbird #4, Saga vol. 6, Spider-Gwen Annual #1, and HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY EVERYBODY!


Amazing Spider-Man and Silk Spider(fly) Effect #4: I love this book and I'm not ready for it to be over. This has been a great story for defining Pete and Cindy's relationship and there was a freaking time travelling robot dinosaur suit. ROBOT DINOSAUR SUIT that TRAVELS TIME!!!!!

Dead Letters TP vol. 3: I'm so excited to see how this one ends. Thank you BOOM for printing this trade!

Mae #2: All I want to know is what is up with the little scarab dude from issue #1? This book is a very good representation of why I love comics. The art and story marry perfectly and become something more than the sum of it's parts. Pick it up and give it a read if you don't believe me.

Mockingbird #4: I like paper dolls.

Spider-Gwen Annual #1: What responsibility does Gwen have in the wake of the Spider-Women event? Can Gwen go back to a "normal" life and is that what she really wants? And will we see the Bodega Bandit again? I dunno, but I'm sure this book is worth your time.

B-Sides: 4 Kids walk into a bank #2, Coloring DC Wonder Woman TP, Grayson Annual #3, Jughead TP vol. 1, Surviving Megalopolis #5, Saga TP vol. 6, Silk #9, Spider-Man #5, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #9 and Venom Space Knight #9