Staff Picks 6/14/16


Joyride #3: This book is delightful. The plot is fun and engaging as we travel space with some kids who'd never even seen the stars before. The art is clean and sharp, with color work that really transforms an already-enjoyable read into something special. I'm so happy this has been picked up as an ongoing series, instead of the planned 4-issue run. There's so much intriguing world-building, I can't wait to see more of it.

Klaus #6: Series conclusion! Now a white-haired Santa-looking Klaus goes out in a fight with Krampus!

Descender #12: Terminator Tim-22 on the cover makes me very nervous! Every issue of this book takes me to the edge of my seat, and more often than not, shoves me right off.

Honorable Mentions: Tank Girl: Two Girls, One Tank #2; Han Solo #1; Sex Criminals vol. 3; How to Talk to Girls at Parties; Hawkeye vol. 6; Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat vol. 1


Descender #12: *Slams fist on counter* I demand answers Lemire! Why Is Tim-22 the absolute worst!? What happened to Tim-21!? WHY DO YOU BREAK MY HEART IN THE BEST OF WAYS?!

Hawkeye Vol. 6: Hawkeyes: Flash forward into the future we see an older team Hawkeye that is no longer team Hawkeye. They now have to work together to correct a mistake from their younger days. Flash back to the past, Clint goes to Barney to get help on fixing things with Kate, who is truly the better Hawkeye.

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat Vol. 1: Hooked on Feline: Patsyis having a hard time fighting crime and earning money. While constantly job hunting, fighting crime, organizing a company to help superpowered people find work, dealing with her mother's line of romance comics involving Patsy and her friends, blahblahblah. How does she do it? She's Patsy and she really wants to be your friend!

Sex Criminals Vol. 3: Three The Hard Way: It's gonna get weird.


Black Panther #2 2nd Printing: I'm usually not one to get the 2nd print of something I already have, but this cover is outstanding. Suiting to an outstanding comic. If you aren't, for some reason, reading Black Panther, don't waste another moment and check it out. I'm going to be hugging this cover for a little bit..

Timely Comics: Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur #1: Another comic I firmly believe everyone should be reading. Lunella, kid gizmo wiz, and her pal, the time traveling Devil Dinosaur. This Timely comics reprint has the first three issues for $3 and if you love it even half as much as I do, you should buy the trade when it comes out.

Independence Day #5: Really, I need to speak with whomever decided bringing a hostile alien onto a submarine was a good thing.  Still loving this comic. It's a lot of 90s nostalgia and (not to be too huge of a dork here) the last two issues came with free little posters!

Han Solo #1: Have I mentioned I wanted to be Han Solo when I was a kid? Either him or Daniel Jackson... But yeah, excited for this comic!

Rad things Worth Mentioning: Spider-Gwen #9, Star Wars #20, and Civil War II #2


Amazing Spider-Man #14: Spidey and Iron Man are working out their issues ( sort of ), Regent is on the verge of being outed ( watch your back Betty ) and Miles is in the hole. If you read Renew Your Vows you can see where this is headed....

Dejah Thoris #5: I love everything about this book. Dejah has found some answers,just not the ones she was looking for. John Carter is on the run and Helium is in the hands of a power mad priest of Issus. It might be time to go home Dejah (while there is still a home to go back to)

Green Arrow #1: The Rebirth issue was really fantastic. I love Dinah and Ollie working together again! Also having the Green Arrow be a "Social Justice Warrior" fighting against the Man and the fat cats makes me unbelievably happy!

Joyride #3: This book blows me away with its slick art and break neck pacing. This story is a perfect example of why I fell in love with sci-fi all those years ago. This book has it all; action, adventure, a motley crew ( including a sentient ship! How cool is that?) and a fascist earth government looking to put an end to all the fun.

Spider-Gwen #9: Can Gwen still be Spider-Woman after the events of Spider-Women? If she can't what ever will our heroine do? I dunno, but I sure as heck can't wait to find out!

More books that I love: Batman #1, Civil War II #2, Clean Room #9, Descender #12, Green Lanterns #1, Low #14, Sex Criminals TP Vol. 3, Spidey #7, Star Wars #20, Han Solo #1 and Tank Girl: 2 Girls 1 Tank