DC Rebirth: A Tale of Cautious Optimism

By Kaitlyn Talbot

To get the full effect of this you need to imagine me standing on a soap box (or behind the counter) giving an empowering speech about us banding together to destroy the corporation that is changing our heroes, some for the better, others for the worse.

So... DC is relaunching again, and it’s going to be a great opportunity for new readers to jump on, or for people to pick storylines back up. This is all exciting, new, interesting, and scary. So let’s take advantage of this chance and read all the things. Then, when it starts to get bad, drop the motherfutzing title and read something else, from another publisher! Don’t wait it out in hopes that it’ll start to get better. We all know that is never going to happen! The only way they will ever learn what they’re doing is wrong is by showing them with your dollar and preaching this gospel like wildfire.

I’ve been reading comics for about seven years now. I jumped on hero comics as soon as the New 52 hit. I was subscribed to so many titles that I started sorting my reading stack with what I loved to my least favorite. I would procrastinate so hard on reading those issues that they would stack up until I binge read them. After seven issues of not caring for the story and countless dollars I spent on them, I finally gave up hope of it getting better and dropped the title.

What joy! The relief I felt was phenomenal! I was no longer burdened with those titles; I was free to enjoy reading issues I paid for again. I needed to share this news with everyone. Most of you who were subscription holders back in the day would have heard my rant about the Green Lantern or Talon series and convinced many of you to drop it because you were unhappy and it wasn’t getting any better. Didn’t you feel better?  

So instead of buying the next four or seven issues in hopes that it’ll get better, don’t. Drop it. Cut the dead weight. Show DC that we won’t stand for crap stories anymore. Show them by not giving them your money! They’re taking away Midnighter (if you don’t know who that is Heather and Wyn will gladly talk to you about him) a comic that has brought many anti-capes into the cape world. They’re changing Grayson back into Nightwing. Hopefully they’ll keep the feminist style that it had. Lois Lane has Superman’s powers and it’s killing her? Sounds like Thor.

They’re giving Greg Rucka back to Wonder Woman, which is going to be amazing. I’m excited to have her in my pull list again as an ongoing series, along with an Asian Superman which I’m definitely going to read. They’re doing things with characters they’ve created and then thrown away, like Green Lantern Simon Baz. Best of all, they’re giving Gerard Way a mature line called Young Animals so he can do things with the rest of the characters they’ve created and never done anything with!

DC has a great opportunity right now to do so many awesome things. I really don’t want them to mess this up. It’s definitely their final shot with me. I hope you all take my words into consideration and stop wasting your money hoping it’ll get better.  If you keep spending your money on it, they won’t make the change that needs to happen. Ask us what you should be reading instead. We would be more than happy to help you find the hero you deserve!