Staff Picks 5/25/16


Joyride #2: Rebellious youth in space! It's as awesome as it should be.

Grayson #20: Midnighter is on the cover! That's good enough for me! Okay, maybe not, but it's a good sign. Nearing the end of the run, and I'm hoping they finish strong!

Jonesy #4: You know those books that just make you happy? They're not work to read. They don't have sharp edges. They just fill you with joy? This is one of those.



Another Castle #3: Princess Artemisia is stuck inside Badlug's treasury falling to what could be her death if she doesn't reach the jumping stone. Zurrd is locked inside the princess's chamber doing a bad impression of her and is about to get caught. As long as Gorga and Fogmoth are okay then #3 is going to be awesome!

Black Science Vol. 4: The Pillar has made it's final jump which has left our last Dimensionaut stranded in space. CUE SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC!

DC Universe Rebirth #1: I'm just curious how they're going to pull this one off. Here goes everything!

HeartThrob #2: Callie just had a heart transplant when she meets Mercer, a dangerous bank robber with nothing to lose. They fall in love. It's not weird. Turns out he's the heart's previous owner. Okay it's weird. Now he's teaching her how to rob a bank. First they need a crew.


Mockingbird #3: If you enjoy the quirky humor in all of the Hawkeye books, I truly believe that you’ll love this book. Bobbi dresses up to save a teenage girl. She explained the Corgis but now she’s being asked to dog-sit so this will so this will be fun.

Monstress #6: YES! This is the final book for this arc. There will be death and betrayal, but perhaps Maika’s growing relationship with the monster inside can save them?

Princeless: Raven Pirate Princess #8: This is the one feel good book in my entire collection. With the Pirate Princess, first mate and some of her team now locked up by Raven’s brothers it will be up to Sunshine and Ximena to organize who is not captured and save the day.


Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #7: What is Lunella going to become? What's going to happen next with this dynamic duo? Aaaahhhh!!!

Joyride #2: Heather recommended this to me bc my love of Titan A.E. and I definitely love it. These wayward kids have escaped Earth and finally seen actual stars! But... also, aliens!? Looking forward to the rest of this miniseries.

Mockingbird #3: Bobbi... what's happening??

Weirdworld #6: This is my favorite weird little book right now. All the characters are super interesting and compelling.

Honorable Mentions: Adventures of Supergirl #2, Captain America Steve Rogers #1, Mighty Thor #7, Ms Marvel #7, and Star Wars #19. Oh, and Rebirth launches this week.


Secret Six #14: I am not ready to say goodbye to this book. I'm going to miss this misfit family and their adventures. The suburbs never seemed so appealing.

Heartthrob #2: This unusual love story hooked me with issue 1, now I'm just excited to see what happens next. I really hope that it doesn't go all Dog Day Afternoon...

Jonesy #4: I SHIP THIS BOOK!!! I SHIP IT SO HARD!!! <3 <3 <3

Mockingbird #3: She did explain the dog last issue. Hopefully this issue will clear up what the bloody heck is going on. Really, I have no idea, but I can't deny that I love this book!

DC Universe Rebirth #1: Here we go. I am cautiously excited to what DC has up their sleeve for this latest reboot. (please please please don't be lame)

Other Special Snowflakes: Amazing Spider-Man #1.5, Black Science TP vol 4, Cry Havoc #5, Justice League #50, Mighty Thor #7, Ms Marvel #7 (I'm really nervous about this one), Star Wars #19, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #8 and Welcome Back #8