Staff Picks for 5/18/16


Mae #1: I've been looking forward to this book for so long! This is what happens when a truly gifted, multiple Eisner-award-winning artist is also a phenomenal storyteller. When the fantasy world existing alongside our own starts bleeding over, it's up to two sisters with two completely different brands of heroism to cope with it. This book belongs on lists with the likes of A Wrinkle in Time, Harry Potter, and the Tiffany Aching books from Terry Pratchett's Discworld.

Silver Surfer #4: This book just never disappoints me. It continues to have tons of heart, adventure, and cameos that work out to be really fun.

Red Thorn #7: I was skeptical of seeing a guest artist on this book, in which the art is so important and integrated in the storytelling, but my fears were unfounded. It's good.


Dept H #2: This is the series I'm most excited about every month. A woman goes to investigate the death of her father on an underwater research station. Every person in that station is a suspect, including her brother.

Goldie Vance #2: One case solved, another one to go. What could this one be? Join Goldie and her friends as they search for a missing guest

Mae #1: For years Abbie has been going into another world and having amazing adventures. Her sister Mae has had no knowledge of this and thinks her sister is full of it, but everything changed when creatures from the other world attacked..

ODY-C Vol. 2: Ene and He are trapped on a chaotic murder filled world. He can only tell so many stories. Hopefully Ene gets there in time to save him. Definitely need to read volume one again.

Zodiac Starforce: Magical girls protecting the planet? YES PLEASE! Teenage girls Protecting their planet in between algebra and english.

Here's some other things I'll be reading reading this week: Civil War ll #0, Jughead #6, Legend of Wonder Woman #6, Mirror #4, Red Sonja Vol. 3 #5, Red Thorn #7, Spider-Man #4, Superman American Alien #7, Xena Warrior Princess #2


Sabrina #5: FINALLY!! This book went on an indefinite hiatus, but now it’s back! We follow Sabrina the teenage, dark witch as she goes in front of the Witches Council for bringing mortal and boyfriend, Harvey to a very secret dark ritual (Sabrina didn’t know he was going to crash the party, we swear!) which ends in his timely demise. Asking for aid in finding Harvey’s soul, Sabrina will enlist two witches from a coven nearby but Madame Satan is not going to let their plans go accordingly.

Brutal Nature #1: If you liked the book Shaper I feel like this would be right down your alley. A young man named Ich is able to transform into countless beasts and monsters while trying to protect his people against the Spaniards. It seems interesting for a four shot mini-series, so I’ll be giving it a shot.

Mae #1: So if you aren’t getting this book, you should because Gene Ha is amazing. We are all really excited for his new book! Abby has discovered a portal into a fantasy world and has gone on grand adventures that eventually leads to her being revered as an action hero. Her younger sister, Mae, doesn’t believe her due to her stories being too farfetched, but she becomes a believer when the creatures of Abby’s tales begin to attack their beloved world.

Clean Room #8: The new arc is starting!! News shakes the indestructible Astrid. Chloe meets with Detective Avil. And more creepy manifestations will inevitably be within these pages. I love this book so much!

More things that I’m stoked about (and there are a ton because this is an amazing week!): Dept. H #2, Beauty #7, Goldie Vance #2, Legend of Wonder Woman #6 (Love this series so much!), Mighty Thor Premium HC: Thunder In Her Veins, Poison Ivy Cycle of Life and Death #5, Princeless: Make Yourself #2, Red Sonja Vol 3 #5 (Marguerite! Keep doing what you’re doing!), Shadow Glass #3, Silk TP Vol 01: Sinister, and Xena Warrior Princess #2


Dept H #2: A good old fashioned locked room mystery. Only at the bottom of the ocean. The art compliments the story perfectly. This book is one of my new favorites!

Mae #1: THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER!!!! This is one of the two all ages books that I am really excited to get my hands on!

Red Sonja #5: Bennett has filled Gail Simone's shoes quite admirably. If you love the She-Devil with a sword and you aren't reading this book I have a question for you. Why the heck not?

Red Thorn #7: Can anybody hope to survive when Gods go to war? The art in this book is top flight and the story is phenomenal! Treat yourself to a BLOODY good time and pick this one up folks!
Spider-Woman #7: The penultimate issue of the Spider-Women event. Jesse Drew vs Jessica Drew!  I'm not ready for this one to be over.

All Good Things: Clean Room #8, Old Man Logan #6, Sinestro #23, Spider-man #4, Spidey #6, andXena: Warrior Princess #2


So many awesome things this week!

Trades, and these are all awesome, so I highly suggest jumping on these books:

ODY-C TP 2: The art, by the ever amazing Christian Ward, alone makes this gender-broke, sci-fi, retelling of the tale of Odysseus worth checking out, but Matt Faction's writing makes this a must read book. Plus, there's a coloring book coming in July! Who doesn't love a beautiful coloring book?

Silk TP 1: This is the second trade, the first being the pre-Secret Wars TP 0. Cindy Moon must infiltrate the Black Cat gang, but how? I've only recently fallen into Silk's web during the Spider-women event, and I'm pretty stoked to catch up with this trade. this leads right up to the Spider-Women event, which comes to trade in June.

Mighty Thor HC 1: Jane Foster still wields the hammer. Also, she still is dying of cancer. Unrest rises across the realms, and oh Odin, you seriously are the worst sometimes. You too, Loki. Gods... oh, yeah, I kinda forgot about Roxxon for a minute here.

Kanan TP 2: This book had a good arc for fans of Star Wars Rebels, and is finished.


Yep, I'm doing two lists with small blurbs bc too many things are coming out! [Good thing I've been out for years.]

Mae #1: Gene Ha's latest book! If you haven't heard us talking about this book, you should defo ask us about it. It's a fun most-ages book, it might be a little dark for the youngest readers, centers on two sisters who have newly reunited. Plus, there's magic wreaking havoc, as it is wont to do. On top of all that, Gene Ha is just a fantastic person and have you tried his brownies?

Civil War II #0: I'm mostly looking forward to all the Phil fricking Noto variant covers. Soooo stoked! The FCBD preview and what's happening in The Ultimates has me excited, more so that I thought I'd be after Secret Wars fatigue.

All-New Wolverine #8: After that adorable single issue team-up with Squirrel Girl, I'm going into the Civil War II tie-in issues ready to see where our "sisters" are headed next. The first trade for this dropped last week, and if you haven't been reading this, you should.

Old Man Logan #6: This series has been just heart wrenching with equally stunning art. Almost on par with ACO on MIdnighter. Logan's exiled himself while he figures out where he fits in this world where Mutants are endangers and the past differs from his own. But, even now, he's still facing a threat to his future.

Spider-man #4: Miles, he's trying so hard to keep all these things: grades, family, superhero/Avenger-dom, in balance. He's... not doing so hot right now.

Honorable Mentions [by which I just couldn't put ten single issues on my staff picks]: Power Man and Iron Fist #4 [that looks bad], Red Thorn #7 [Thorn! What the F#ck?], Spider Woman #7 [Jesse Drew, step away from the baby], and Independence Day #3 [this book has been so painfully 90s in the best/worst ways].