Staff Picks for 5/11/16


Constantine: The Hellblazer #12: John should've listened to Oliver. He didn't. John shouldn't have screwed with Blythe. He did. Damn, it, John. Get your house in order.

Grayson vol. 3 - Nemesis: Of course Spyral turned out to be evil. Of course Grayson is now on the run and being framed. Because of course.

Satellite Falling #1: I'm honestly not sure how I feel about this one yet, but I'm going to give it a couple of issues. It falls into the genre our regular Kat calls simply "space lesbians," and that's cool. It's just a matter of how interesting the space and sci-fi parts end up being, and whether or not it falls back on tired tropes concerning the main character.

Honorable mentions: Black Panther #2, All-New Wolverine vol. 1


Jupiter's Circle Vol 2 #6: This is definitely my soap opera of comics. We're wrapping up the second story arc for Jupiter's Legacy with this issue, and I am excited to get back to the main story with the next arc.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #3: Tommy needs to get out of his head. He is right where Rita wants him to be and he's not going to be ready when the team needs him.

Spider-Gwen Vol. 01 Greater Power: The Lizard? Wait Peter? WHAT?! Guest appearance of Jessica Drew and Earth-65 Captain America.

Other things I'm pumped about: Codename Baboushka Vol. 1, Dejah Thoris #4, and Island #7


Kennel Block Blues #4 of 4: This has been an interesting journey so far and with Jackson in a full on uprising it’s up to Oliver, Pickles and the rest of the convicts inside to prepare. Perhaps they can make it out this time.

All-New Wolverine TP Vol 01 Four Sisters: Laura or X-23 has taken on the mantel of Wolverine after he has fallen. Laura finds that mystery and misery follow the cowl like a dark cloud, especially when she discovers the secret of the Sisters. We will see Doctor Strange, Wasp along with some new faces. This is a good jumping I point for those who were unable to catch the single issues.

Spider-Gwen TP Vol 01 Greater Power: Aww yeah! Gwen is back post Secret Wars and it is packed with action. Her father struggles with her double life, the Lizard is back (say whaaat?!) and Gwen is on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most wanted list (yikes). Also who doesn’t love Jessica Drew or Spider-Woman from Earth-616?

Things I’m also stoked about: Dejah Thoris #4, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #3, Vampirella Vol 3 #3 Rare Zullo Virgin Edition (It’s so pretty!!)


Black Panther #2: The first Issue was a thrilling story of strife, hope, and politics. I can't wait to see how T'Challa holds his country together and saves his sister.

Constantine #12: John is back in the Rotten Big Apple and on a mission to save Oliver's girls. See John? This is why you don't f#ck over demons. Also, will we find out why he was such a mess when he showed up in LA?

All New Wolverine TP vol 1 - Four Sisters: I've been in love with this series since issue 1. X-23, Laura, has taken on the mantle of Wolverine and her first mission? Track down assassins who are clones of her. But perhaps there's a motive behind these girls' actions, besides just wanting to stab people?

Spider-Gwen TP Vol 1: The first volume of the Ongoing series. Gwen continues to fight crime as Spiderwoman, but how long can this last? And what IS Matt Murdock up to and where can I butly that T-shirt.

Honorable Mentions: Adventures of Supergirl #1 (Based in the same continuity as the tv show), Assassin's Creed #8, Silk #8, and Stargate Atlantis: Back to Pegasus #1 (finally a conclusion to the tv series!)


Silk #8: Part 6 of the Spider-Women event. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Venom Space Knight #7: Will the symbiote be able to shake off the events of the last issue or are we about to see the old Venom back in the driver's seat? Flash is gonna have his hands full either way.

Web Warriors #7: I can't wait to see how the reveal from last issue plays out. I hope the team can get it together and find Lady Spider's dimension in a hurry because Spider-Man Noir seems to be on the verge of a foolish decision.

Dejah Thoris #4: Once a princess of Helium, through deception and treachery, Dejah may be well on the road to becoming a Warlord of Mars.

All good things: Batman #52, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #3, Southern Bastards #14, andStargate Atlantis Back to Pegasus #1.