Staff Picks for 4/6/16


Midnighter #11: THE RETURN OF APOLLO. M left that photo for him, then tangled with ruffians and is about to get blown up. Please do not screw this up, fellas! I'm not the type to always want a happy ending, but I so badly want one for these two, and for it to not actually be an ending.

Poe Dameron #1: Ever since I was little, I've loved the X-wings. For one as wonderful as Poe to be given such a spotlight just makes my grinchy heart grow three sizes this day.

Black Panther #1: Ta-Nehisi Coates writing this book is so exciting! I've seen him on the talk shows and read some of his non-fiction, so I'm really stoked to see what he does with this series!

The Wicked + The Divine #18: What in the world is going on? Only Ananke seems to be clued in, and she ain't telling us yet!


Giant Days Vol. 2: This is a great story following three friends who meet in their first year of college. This is their story about self discovery and what adulthood really is. Probably one of my favorite young adult reads for sure.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2: I am loving everything about this story right now. It's my childhood drawn out! Tommy recently broke out of his conditioning from Rita Repulsa. She's doing everything she can to get him back under her control. Now Scorpina is about to attack and the rangers are going to have to fight to save their friend.

Vampirella Vol. 3 #2: So she's been outed as a vampire, but by who? Also who the crap is this lady wanting to represent her? Good idea, but huh? I'm digging the new look and I'm really curious about where Kate Leth is going to be taking this story.


Wonder Woman Earth One Vol. 1: Grant Morrison writing Wonder Woman? Yes please! For those of you not know where to start with my favorite amazon, this is where you start. We have her origin story, her wanting to find out more about the outside world, and who the heck Steve Trevor is and why he is so great. Since the Finch's took over Wonder Woman I have been missing something in my life and now all this good WW stuff is coming out and now my life is complete again.

Other things I'm kinda pumped for: Archie #7, Black Panther #1, Scarlet Witch #5, Star Wars Poe Dameron #1, and my FCBD T-shirt. IT'S ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wicked & Divine #18 YAY!! After waiting what felt like forever the Wic/Div team is back and just in time for ECCC! Persephone is performing live but how?! After issue #11, we surely couldn’t imagine our goddess to come back from that, right? Well, as always this team likes to mess with your head as well as your heart. I’m so very, very excited to see what they do in this arc!

Miss Fury Vol 2 #1 For those of you who enjoyed Swords of Sorrow, Miss Fury has another stand alone title! It takes place in New York during WWII and with none of our uniformed soldiers at home, it is up to her to fight against the forces of darkness. Her morality will be tested as she attempts to discover whether her own power is that of good or evil. I’m eager to see how Miss Fury does!

The Eighth Seal #5 of 5 This is going to conclude this mini series and it has definitely been an interesting ride. Our First Lady certainly has undergone some serious torment in the last four issues leaving her mind in shambles. The fate of the United States is in her hands, but the creature of which holds her mind has other ideas. Looking forward to seeing how it ends!

Vampirella Vol 3 #2 Kate Leth has officially torn the door off the hinges with this fresh start of Vampirella (this is a good starting point for new readers who are not familiar with Vampirella). So far she has received a new outfit, been attacked, and has a new agent for getting her through the spotlight in dear old Hollywood. Things will never be easy for our Mistress of the Night, but things will work out in the end!

Honorable mentions: Batgirl #50, Black Panther #1, Black Widow #2, Discipline #2, Giant Days TP Vol 2, Harley Quinn & Suicide Squad April Fools Special #1, Scarlet Witch #5, Spider-Women Alpha #1, Wicked & DIvine HC Vol 01 Year One, Wonder Woman Earth One HC Vol 1


Poe Dameron #1:  I've been ridiculously excited about this book since the MOMENT it was announced. In episode 7, Poe was my surprise favorite and flew away with my heart. Plus, the adorable BB-8 comic in the back is a nice touch for this issue.

Black Panther #1: T'Challa is my most anticipated character from the upcoming Civil War Movie. This book is a must read this week.

Midnighter #11: Heather dragged me along and this is honestly one of the best books this week. Plus, the return of Apollo!

Honorable mentions: Rough Riders #1, Spider-Man #3 (omg Kamala), The Wicked + The Divine #18, Old Man Logan #4, Assassin's Creed#7, Black Widow #2 (what was that last issue? What's going on? I'M REALLY EXCITED TO KNOW!), Spider-Women Alpha, and the list goes on and on.... TL;DR To quote Ryan: "Too many comics, busy reading come back later!"


Spider-Man #3 - Two words. Kamala. Khan. Nuff said!

Spider-Women Alpha #1 - This is the event that I have been waiting for. Jessica Drew in her role as mentor to Gwen Stacy and Cindy Moon decides to take her charges to brunch on Earth 65. Things go terribly wrong ( because of course they do) and the inter dimensional mayhem begins! J Scott Campbell is doing a 4 issue connected variant for this event!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2 - If you are a fan of the 90's or the Power Rangers this is the book for you! The art is slick, the writing is on point and the tone is absolutely perfect! Cue up that theme song and dive into this book!