Staff Picks for 4/27/16


4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #1: Matt Rosenberg and Black Mask Comics are names to keep watching out for. With awesome, fun books like this, which have their hearts squarely in the right place, it's no surprise at all they're generating buzz. This one is a book where the teenager is surrounded by adult morons, but no, really. They are morons, and criminals.

Injection #9: If I wasn't already in love with this book, the covers would steal my heart. Shalvey and Bellaire just keep finding ways to blow my mind with art. Plus, it's Warren Ellis, so the story is both terrifying and full of sarcasm.

Grayson #19: It's a new creative team, but oddly enough, I'm not too worried. The book is drawing to a close, and I'm really looking forward to how it launches Dick back into Nightwing.

Honorable mentions: Roche Limit Monadic #2, Sex Criminals #15, Saga #36, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #6


Black Magick Vol. 1 Awakening Part One: Greg Rucka has knocked it out of the park with this one. Detective Rowan Black is also a witch. For many years she's kept those lives separate. She's now become the target of something bigger than her and it's getting harder to keep her lives apart.
Insexts #5: Lady and Mariah have discovered who the real enemy is and now have to take the Hag down.

Sex Criminals #15: Relationships... Amiright?


Angela: Queen of Hel #7: Return of the Faustian Queen! After we believed that she was gone in 1602 Witch Hunter Angela she is back to cause some mischief and mayhem upon New York. I adore this book so much and Marguerite is doing an amazing job!

Insexts #5: Oh man!! I’m so stoked that this is out this week too. Ancient orders, battling monsters and a daring rescue are all wrapped into a lovely issue as we follow Mariah and Lady once more. If you aren’t reading this then you should be!

Black Magick TP 1: Awakening Part One: YAY! Greg Rucka is doing an awesome job and I’m really thrilled with how this is going. The art in it is absolutely gripping and delightful as you follow Detective Rowan who is a witch as she tries to keep the two sides of her life apart. If you liked Coffin Hill, you will love this!

Honorable Mentions: Batgirl #51, Batman Europa HC, Facts in Case of Departure of Miss Finch HC, Harley Quinn #27, Injection #9, and Saga #36


4 Kids Walk into a Bank #1: The preview for this had me hooked. Young girl lives with her single father and has super nerdy friends. Her Dad's old gang shows up, wanting him to help them with a bank job, except they're frigging morons. So our hero decides she and her friends are gonna save the day... by robbing the bank themselves. Between this and some of the just announced titles from Black Mask, I gonna be reading a lot from this publisher in the coming months.

Angela Queen of Hel #7: I'm so sad to see this series end. It's been revealed that parts of the 1602 Angela book's events have bleed over into the post-Secret Wars timeline, and now Angela and Sera must face the Faustian Queen, Angela.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #6: Lunella has freed Devil Dinosaur and the hunt for the weird Kree basket ball is back on. But it seems like Lunella's worst fear is looming on the horizon.

Black Magick vol 1 TP: Greg Rucka kills it with this book. I caught it late, but blew through the first 5 issues like nothing, and instantly went back to re-read it. Rowan Black is a detective who also is part of a local coven. When magic starts interfering with her case, one that started with an attempt to kill her, she begins her search for the source. Gorgeous art by Nicola Scott, if you needed another reason to pick this up in trade. Watch for these two amazing creators on the upcoming Wonder Woman book.

Honorable Mentions: All-New Wolverine #7, Ms. Marvel #6, Old Man Logan #5 [start of the new arc], Star Wars #18, Ultimates #6, Saga #36, Injection #9, and Independence Day #2. It's a big week.


Amazing Spider-Man #11: Now that Peter knows who Scorpio is, all that is left is to beat him. With a newly formed Zodiac that may be easier said than done.

Spider-Woman #6: Part 4 of the Spider-Women event. Jess is off to have a pointed conversation with her Earth 65 counterpart. Gwen and Cindy have to escape the clutches of S.I.L.K. and a strangely literal Doc Oc! Also this issue features the last of 4 connecting Campbell variants.

Old Man Logan #5: Convinced by Captain America that this is not his world, Logan is off to find his place in this new reality. So, he ends up in Canada ( because of course he does) and things get interesting ( because of course they do).

Ms Marvel #6: So it turns out that the Kamala golems might not have been the best idea after all. Who knew?

Honorable mentions: Batman #51, Injection #9, Low #13, Secret Six#13, Sex Criminals #15, Sinestro #22, Spidey #5, Star Wars #18, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #7 and Venom Space Knight #6