A Timely Opportunity for my Fellow Procrastinators

by Wyn Buckley (You call tell because there's a pun in the title.)

So very many Marvel titles came out post-Secret Wars, I had a few that I had to say "I'll try it in trade" and I know more than few people were in a similar boat. I ended up passing up on titles like Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch, which I've only heard praise for, but jumped too late to get in single issues.

Lucky for me and others, Marvel is bringing back Timely Comics to reprint the first three issues of many of their hot new books. These Timely Comics #1 issues will contain the first three issues of titles like All-New All-Different Avengers or Totally Awesome Hulk, letting us all try out the books for less that the cost of a trade.

Way less.

These reprints will be available for $3 each, in line with the already popular $1 #1 reprints that several comic publishers have put out. I personally have already put in orders for books I missed out on, specifically the aforementioned Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch comics as well as Web Warriors. I would also highly recommend trying out Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur and The Ultimates, which I've been reading in single issues.

These $3 issues, although labeled as #1s, contain the first three issues for the series.

The full list for the first wave of these comics are listed below by Release Date [Final-Order-Cut-off]:

June 1st 2016

  • Timely Comics: All-New Inhumans #1
  • Timely Comics: All-New All-Different Avengers #1
  • Timely Comics: Carnage #1

June 8th 2016 [FOC 5/16/16]

  • Timely Comics: Daredevil #1
  • Timely Comics: Doctor Strange #1
  • Timely Comics: Drax #1

June 15th 2016 [FOC 5/23/16]

  • Timely Comics: Invincible Iron Man #1
  • Timely Comics: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1
  • Timely Comics: New Avengers #1

June 22nd 2016 [FOC 5/30/16]

  • Timely Comics: Scarlet Witch #1
  • Timely Comics: Squadron Supremem #1
  • Timely Comics: The Totally Awesome Hulk #1

June 29th 2016 [FOC 6/6/16]

  • Timely Comics: Ultimates #1
  • Timely Comics: Uncanny Inhumans #1
  • Timely Comics: Venom Spaces Knight #1
  • Timely Comics: Web Warriors #1