Staff Picks for 4/20/16


Red Thorn #6: This issue wraps up the first story arc, and looks to answer a bunch of questions, namely: what the hell, Thorn?

Joyride #1: I've been looking forward to this one. Teenage girl overcomes oppressive government and goes to space? Yes, please. Something about it harks back to Titan A.E. in a way I really dig. It's a 4-issue miniseries, and creator-owned at that - exactly the kind of book I'm most excited to support.

Doctor Fate #11: ...versus Julius Caesar!?

Honorable mentions: Dragon Age Magekiller #5, Mighty Thor #6, Jonesy #3, All-New Hawkeye #6, Spirit Leaves #2, Dirk Gently A Spoon Too Short #3, Welcome Back #7


Dept H #1: From the beautiful creator of Mind MGMT, Matt Kindt brings us an underwater murder mystery! Mia is hired to figure out if a deep-sea research station and finds more than she bargained for.

Jem & The Holograms Vol. 2: The Holograms are a hit! The Misfits are super freaking mad about it and now they have a new manager! What's gonna happen next?

Mirror #3: With Sena out of the picture (for now) and our other heroes wavering. We see the Minotaur starting to question everything and find an out. This story gives me so many feelings. The underlying tones are perfect as well as the art. You put Emma Rios on a book and I'm going to buy it.

Switch #3: FINALLY! Mary finally learns more about the Witchblade!

Other things I'm pumped for: All New Hawkeye #6, Huck #6, Jonesy #3, Red Sonja Vol. 3 #4, Red Thorn #6.


Clean Room #7: While we wait for the new story arc to pick up, why don’t we learn more about Astrid and her tormented past? This is a standalone issue and will have the guest artist Eric Canete (Iron Man and Love Run Kill) to portray what has been haunting Astrid her entire life.

Poison Ivy Cycle of Life and Death #4: With increasing deaths inside of the Botanical Garden labs, Poison Ivy teams up with once Siren, Catwoman. But will they solve who is behind these murders before another victim is taken? Ohh and blossoming babies aren’t freaky at all, right?

Princeless: Raven Pirate Princess #7: This is one of the only feel good books in my pulls list, but it’s really cute in its own way. In the last issue Raven and her crew was in quite the pickle. Hopefully the other crew members left on the ship can step up and save their team or they may all be “walking the plank.”

Switch #3: YES!! I love anything that Stjepan Seijic comes out with and now Mary will learn more about Witchblade. Super stoked!

Honorable mentions this week: Red Sonja #4, All-New Hawkeye #6, Cry Havoc #4, Dept. H,  Dragon Age Magekiller #5, Mighty Thor #6


Mighty Thor #6: Everything is awful! Somebody please help! Loki has shown his true colors (again. Are we really even shocked at this point?) and killed Freya. Odin Allfather is in mourning, letting his brother (gods, he's a jerk) act as regent for the throne. And Jane is still fighting cancer, f#ck cancer. Oh, and what is the Odinson up to lately?

Power Man and Iron Fist #3: Okay, this looks bad.

All-New Hawkeye #6: Team Hawkeye have rescued the kids! Again! Like this is the third or fourth time now. And Kate's father is a jerk! And Barney is helping! Barney's great at causing drama.

All-New All-Different Avengers TP vol 1: Because who doesn't want to see Miles Morales and Kamala Khan on the same team as Sam Wilson and Jane FosThor?

Magekiller #5: This series has been fantastic and Greg Rucka phenomenal as usual. I'm excited to see where our lead characters take us in the final issue. Man, I love Dragon Age so much. I really hope Iron Bull shows up.

Other exciting titles this week: Captain America #8 and Cry Havoc #4


Clean Room #7: This is Gail Simone at her very best. Every issue is a study in tension and terror in equal measure. If horror is your thing, this book should be in your stack this week.

Surviving Megalopolis #4: The rescue mission isn't going well. Mina is hanging with bondage Batman, two of the rescue unit have decided to see what is at the bottom of the pit of doom and everyone else has to find a way to their objective without dying. What could possibly go wrong?

Howard the Duck #6: Part 2 of the Squirrel Girl crossover! Do you really need another reason to pick this book up? ( the answer is, NOPE!)

Silk #7: Part 3 of the Spider-Women event! This is the only Marvel event that I intend to read this year! Bonus features include a super awesome Campbell variant!

B-sides: All New Hawkeye #6, Cry Havoc #4 (Shalvey & Bellaire variant!!!), and Red Sonja #4 ( Bennett is a worthy successor to Simone!)