Staff Picks 3/9/16

Happy New Comic Book Day! Here's what we're excited about this week:


Descender #11: This book just keeps getting better. Every issue makes me care more about the characters - robotic and organic alike, and I can't wait to find out what's up with these cyborgs!

Dirk Gently: A Spoon Too Short #2: I think this series is doing right by Douglas Adams. If you're into classic Doctor Who and/or Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, give this one a shot. 

Mighty Thor #5: Verily, Bro-din needs to be puncheth in the pie-hole.

Too many to narrow it down this week! Honorable mentions: Constantine: the Hellblazer #10, New Romancer #4, Voltron: From the Ashes #6


Descender #11: TIM-21 is about his world turned upside down. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it. Lemire does this to me every time, and it might be worse with Nguyen bringing it to life.

Insexts #4: So the London butcher is a thing that needs to be handled, Lady has her crazy in-laws to deal with, and now there's this thing I can't spoil for you?! If anyone can handle this it's Lady and Mariah though.

Legend of Wonder Woman #3: Oh Gods! Can Diana save this weird man stranger (possibly Steve Trevor) before the other Amazons find him?! It makes the glacier that is my heart melt that I finally have Wonder Woman back in my pull list!


Amazing Spider-Man #9 - Mister Negative's plot has been foiled and Cloak and Dagger are back to normal. What has Scorpio been up to, I wonder?

Howard the Duck #5: I love you Chip Zdarsky!!! Will you marry me? Oh, and this book is pretty good too.

Spider-Gwen #6: Now that Matt Murdock the (NOT) Kingpin of crime no longer shields Gwen from Frank Castle how will our beloved heroine avoid incarceration or ventilation. Shhh! Let's find out.

Honorable mentions: Surviving Megalopolis #3, Ms. Marvel #5, Mighty Thor #5


Weirdworld #4: Becca's adventure (nightmare? whimsical take on the stages of grief?) has been fun and the writing had me quickly invested in her confusion and grief at being abruptly stranded in Weirdworld. And of course Goleta and her bright pink war rig don't hurt. [As long as she never actually kills Gandalf.]

Constantine #10: The end of the last issue has me on the edge of my seat and of course, John has found his way into deeper realms of trouble. And I really want Oliver to be all right, despite Papa Midnight's assurances. Oh, and it would be good if somehow this whole Neron mess gets sorted out, but New York will be okay... I hope.

Mighty Thor #5: I'm really excited for Jane to punch Odin the All-Father in the face. I love Jane as Thor a lot. Did I mention I'm excited about Jane hitting Odin in the face? Well, I'm excited.

There's a lot of good things this week so here's some Honorable Mentions: Spider-Gwen, Ms. Marvel, and All-New Wolverine