Staff Picks for 3/30/16


Batman & Robin Eternal #26: With a book that's packed so much into every issue, especially for a weekly, it's a pretty explosive ending. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it wraps up!

Jughead #5: Not much could motivate Juggie more than a threat to Pop's! What are they gonna do?

Saga #35: Can we start by talking about that cover? Holy crap, Staples just keeps hitting them out of the park. I love Klara, and seeing her take center stage is awesome.

Honorable Mention: East of West vol. 5


East of West Vol. 5: All These Secrets: I have been waiting for this moment for so long. Ezra, or the Prophet Orion, has found Babylon and Balloon and they're now making him into the monster that's going to bring about the end of the world. I really hope Death gets there before the other horsemen. If you haven't read East of West I seriously suggest it. The art is phenomenal and Hickman writes an incredible story. It's a future western story about the apocalypse. Death has killed all three horseman and they come back as six year olds to destroy the world. Also there's a secret society. Who doesn't love a secret society?

Jughead #5: The Riverdale gang finally believes Jughead when he says the principal is onto something! How are they going to bring them down?

Paper Girls Vol. 1: For those of you who missed out on the single issues here you go! From the great mind of Brian K. Vaughn (writer of Saga and Y The Last Man) and the extraordinary Cliff Chiang (artist of the good Wonder Woman run) comes the story of Paper Girls! It's the morning after Halloween in 1988, four local paper girls start their normal route when they run into experiences, things, people not of this world.


Mercy Sparx Who the F (One Shot): Anyone who is new to Mercy Sparx might want to check this out. This one shot is written by Mercy herself as she explains some of her favorite angel-fighting gagets and who everyone is. And then when you’re done you should pick up the other three trades so we can chat!

Lantern City HC Vol 1: This is a steampunk story of a man named Sanders, trying to keep his wife and son safe from those who make life difficult, while living in the lowest and darkest portions of Lantern City. Those who live in these portions of the city not only live in almost constant darkness, but can be equated to living in a fish bowl. The upper class enjoy the finer things like living in elevation above the lower class and connected towers, but perhaps Sanders can infiltrate the ranks of the guards and make a difference for his family. Mairghread Scott is contributing to this book as well, and she’s awesome. So you should definitely check it out!

Paper Girls TP Vol 1: If you aren’t reading Paper Girls, this is a great opportunity to do so. This takes place on Halloween, 1988 where four girls do what they do best by delivering daily papers. But odd events take place that will certainly change these girls’ lives forever. They will be forced to make difficult decisions when unworldly events happen that will assure that the last days of their childhood ends along with all they know to be their reality.


Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #5: The new story arc starts here; Devil Dinosaur has been taken away from Lunella and she's heartbroken to have lost her new best friend! Her story also continues as she searches for a way to nullify her genetic potential to acquire Inhuman abilities. Oh, and I wonder what the Killer-Folk are up to... (other than Gorillaz impersonations.) This book really has been a delight to read and I highly recommend picking it up.

Captain America Sam Wilson #7:  This mega sized 80 page issue ties into the Avengers Stand Off event, coming off the end a stunning first arc. I look forward to seeing what happens in this star spangle packed issue with Sam and Bucky and Steve all appearing. The only way this issue could get more Captain America would be for Isiah Bradley and/or Sharon Carter to show up. (A demigirl can dream, right?) If you haven't been reading this book , the first trade comes out April 20th.

Really light week for me, so no honorable mentions, but slight correction from my picks last week: the Independence Day comic is not an adaptation (my bad) but an immediate sequel, much like Shattered Empire is to Return of the Jedi, and I am very much looking forward to where it goes.


Amazing Spider-Man #1.4: Do you like freaky zombies and voodoo? This is the book for you!

Aquaman #50: New creative team. Exciting new possibilities for the cast. I can't wait to sit down with this one!

East of West vol 5: Alternate history version of a pre-apocalyptic world? Yes please! I'm eager to get caught up.