Staff Picks 3/23/16


Grayson #18: We know Nightwing is getting "rebirthed" (whatever that's going to mean), so it looks like everything happening now is coming to a boil and we'll see how it all plays out! This book has been pretty solidly entertaining, so I'm happy to stay on for the ride!

Doctor Who 4th Doctor #1: These Titan Doctor Who comics have been pretty solid. I love the 4th Doctor, and am looking forward to getting more of that Douglas Adams kind of vibe in the comic.

Batman & Robin Eternal #25: If you know me, you know that when there's a book with the word Batman in the title in my top 3, you know it had better be good. My definition of "good" definitely includes any instance of Dick Grayson and Midnighter teaming up and trading banter.

Klaus #4: There's nothing like a good fairy tale reimagining, and this IS something like a good fairy tale reimagining! Santa is hardcore, and this is possibly my favorite thing I've ever read by Grant Morrison.


All New Hawkeye #5: I'm usually weird about Lemire's hero stories but this is the one I can stand behind and be excited about. I'm glad we can finally learn more about Kate's back story. Now if only team Hawkeye will stop fighting with each other.

Mirror #2: Humans are experimenting on animals trying to make them more like man. The first subject is a young mage's dog. Flash forward to the boys adulthood. He's trying to protect these animals at all cost. He sends his rat assistant out to do his secret biding. This now brings us to issue two. It's awesome reading something by Emma Rios. I love when creators can write as beautifully as they can draw. Also Hwei Lim's art is perfect for this.

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #4: I bet Patsy gets another new job, makes another new friend, convinces another inhuman to use their powers for good, and has a ton of fun and is super adorable the whole time! I like how fun and inclusive this series is. Kate Leth is killing it. Guest Starring: Howard The Duck!


Angela Queen of Hel #6 Marguerite Bennett is one of my favorite writers, and I completely adore this book. Now since they have actually confirmed Angela and Sera is a thing, I cannot get enough. What adventures can our two lovely heroines get into? We also get to see the first meeting with Angela and Thor (Jane Foster) so this will end well, right?

All-New Hawkeye #5 Ohh Jeff Lemire…stop toying with my heart! This new arc started with some flashbacks into Kate’s childhood so we can expect a more in depth look into Kate’s past. All of us at the Mirror cannot get enough of Hawkeye, so that’s a great indication you should buy all of the Hawkeye things. Bro, seriously, bro.

The Shadow Glass When a young student finds that her father is in cahoots with the devil and knows things about her hidden past she does what any young student naturally would do and disobeys her dad in order to find the truth. It would seem that her childhood teacher knows a lot more about the occult than what originally appears.

All-New Hawkeye #5 You just need this in your life. This is in my life. Kate Bishop is amazing.

Mass Effect Tali Zorah Bishoujo Statue “Keelah Se’lai.”

Honorable Mentions: Cry Havoc #3, Harley Quinn #26, Klaus #4, Patsy Walker aka Hellcat #4, and Secret Six #12


Angela Queen of Hel #6: I'm excited to see where Angela and Sera's adventures take them next. The first arc was fantastic and this issue should be a good jumping on point for anyone looking to get into this book.

Ultimates #5: I am enjoying this book a lot and the next arc is crossing over with Contest of Champions. Blue Marvel and Captain Marvel are a great leading duo, plus America Chavez is on hand to punch through time-space-reality (or maybe we can send her to go punch Loki in the face).

Independence Day #1: ID4 was a big part of my childhood and I'm personally really excited for the sequel (there may have been some flailing when the trailer dropped). I am gonna be soaking up the nostalgia and hype for this comic adaptation of the original movie.

All-New Hawkeye #5: I am a huge Kate Bishop fan and I'm excited to see more of Kate's pre-Young Avengers backstory. The art is gorgeous on this book and I just want Kate and Clint to be happy with the dog again.

No Honorable Mentions this week. I am interested to read Assassin's Creed: Templars #1 to see what direction that book plans to take.


All-New Hawkeye #5: This book keeps the feels coming. I hope that Clint and Kate can hug it out this issue. Also hope the creepy kid squad doesn't end up doing something terrible.

Cry Havoc #3: I LOVE how this book is told in three different time periods ( past,present and future). The art is pretty slick too. If you are going to war with monsters you had best bring a few of your own! That always works out, right?

Elfquest The Final Quest #14: All the elves have been called to the palace. The humans have started a new and devastating offensive. Where is Cutter when his dream is teetering on a knife's edge?