Staff Picks for 3/16/16

Here's what we're excited about this week!


Injection #8: Another book that keeps getting better and better. Can Jordie Bellaire please color everything, including the real world?

Red Thorn #5: This is one of the sexiest books I've ever read. I half expect John Constantine to show up at some point.

Roche Limit: Monadic #1: I'm excited for this start to the final third of a sci-fi epic I've really been enjoying. I'll be sad to see it go, but can't wait to see what happens to send it off!

Honorable mentions: Jonesy #2, Rat Queens #15, Low #12, Star-Lord #5, ODY-C #10, Batman & Robin Eternal #24 (I can hardly believe it either, but Grayson and Midnighter teaming up again always gets my vote!)


Archie Vol. 1: Now the trade's out and I can finally feel like part of the Riverdale gang!


Huck #5: For those of you not reading Huck, you should be. For those of you reading Huck, what the junk just happened last issue?! Huck is pretty much Superman, if Clark had never left his home town. He does "good deeds" for people around town. In return, no one tells his secret. Until...

Monstress #4: So much has happened in the last issue! Now they're on the other side of the wall, hunting for someone to tell them about this photograph?


ODY-C #10: This issue marks the end of the second story arc, which means the second trade is coming out!!

Candace's rare virgin cover of Vampirella #1: It's not mine, and I'm not going to buy it, but I'm so excited to see and covet this beautiful piece of art.


Clean Room #6: This book is scary and I love it. Chloe deals with her own demons and will be visited by a creepy person only referred to as The Surgeon. I’m interested to see how given recent events Astrid will be affected by what transpired within the Clean Room itself. This is the end of this story arc so big events will certainly take place!

Monstress #4: I completely adore art style in this book. Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda bring a beautiful world to life as you follow Maiko try to uncover more of who made her and recover the memories she has lost. What was the name that her mother whispered to her in her dreamlike state and with the Cumaea hunting our Arcanic protagonist, will she find what she seeks before this game of cat and mouse is over?

Red Sonja #3: A blast from Sonja’s past was certainly dropped in the last few pages of issue #2. Seeking the help from the Hyrkanian ruler Sonja has some serious reservations and is somewhat shocked to find someone she trusted sitting at the throne. Once revered as a hero, she is now a notorious outlaw. I look forward to seeing if our She Devil can clear her name while saving her people and other nations.  Oh, and Marguerite Bennett is writing this and all of her work is gold, so that’s a thing.

Honorable Mentions: 13th Artifact (One Shot), Archie TP Vol 1, Injection #8, Princeless: Raven, Pirate Princess #6. Rat Queens, Scarlet Witch #4, Silk #6, Superman: American Alien #5 and Vampirella Vol 3 Rare Anacleto Virgin Connect Ed
(So much good stuff this week!!)


Dragon Age: Magekiller #4, because I'm super invested in Marius and Tess and holy what's gonna happen with Calpernia and I love Rucka's writing always.

13th Artifact (one-shot): It looks super interesting and honestly, just beautiful cover art has me sold. I'm a sucker for stranded astronauts.

Power Man and Iron Fist #2: The first issue was fun and a quick hook into being invested in where Danny and Luke's relationship is going. Plus I love the off beat art!

Honorable mentions for Assassin's Creed #6 (new story arc starting for this awesome video game spin off!) and Kanan #12 (Sad to see this book ending.)


Clean Room #6: This book just keeps getting creepier! Make sure all your lights are on for this one!!!

Silk#6: She's over that Goblin Serum AND she is in Black Cat's gang. Cindy Moon what are you going to do now? I bet she isn't going to Disneyland.

Spider-Woman#5: How do you top giving birth in the midst of a Skrull invasion, inside a black hole? Hopefully with some quality mommy time. That doesn't seem likely though...

Honorable mentions: Welcome Back #6, Low #12, ODYC #10, Rat Queens #15 and Web Warriors #5