Staff Picks 12/21/16


Nightwing #12: "BLUDHAVEN" part three! The body count in Blüdhaven continues to rise! Nightwing will have to team up with the Run-Offs to discover who the murderer is and clear the name of the Defacer. But before they can even begin they cross paths with the killer, Orca, and her Whaler Gang.

Joyride #8: Someone hijacks the ship and takes the team to an unknown section of space, where they come face-to-face with the powerful aliens that humanity encountered when they first left Earth...and the reason the SafeSky was built.

Mycroft #4: In search of the purloined Apocalypse Handbook, Mycroft Holmes and Lark Adler criss-cross the United States, facing danger and intrigue at every turn. But what does the latest heist of Jesse James and his band of outlaws have to do with their quest? What secrets is Lark hiding in her past? And what traumas and triumphs have shaped Mycroft into the man he is today?


Star-Lord #1: I love Kris Anka's art. Chip Zdarsky's writing always has me dying of laughter. I look forward to both swooning and choking on laughter when reading this new book from this killer duo.

Doctor Aphra #2: Morally grey Indiana Jones, in space, with murder bots instead of Sallah and Brody. The first issue was killer. Best part, you can dive in even if you hadn't been reading, or aren't caught up on the Darth Vader comic with out spoiling it too much.

Joyride #8: How does one follow up the best party ever? Also, where's Dewydd?

Slam #2: Women being Badass and kicking ass but also awesome friendships! If that sounds like what you want out of a comic, pick up a copy of the first two issues of Slam!

Lake of Fire #5: This book has just been awesome to read. It's such a fascinating combination of genres. Alien parasites crash landed and the knights are trying to escape with their lives.

Mycroft #4: This comic continues to be stupidly good. I hope that after this series, we get to see more from this universe.

Power Man and Iron Fist - Sweet Christmas Annual #1: Nothing to make the holidays merrier than a dose of Danny and Luke.

Klaus - The Witch of Winter One-Shot: I LOVED this Santa origin story and I'm excited to take a trip back to that world. [The hardcover for Klaus would make an outstanding gift!]

Some More Stocking Stuffers: 4 Kids Walk into a Bank #3 (finally, I know), Assassin's Creed - Awakening #6 and Last Descendants: Locus #4, World of Wakanda #2, Gamora #1, Invincible Iron Man #2, Mighty Captain Marvel #0, Night's Dominion #4, Spider-Gwen #15, and Ultimates 2 #2.


Aquaman #13: This issue should be a lot of fun. Atlantis and America are at war. Black Manta's plan is going off without a hitch. Meanwhile, Arthur has his hands full trying to get proof that Atlantis is being framed while also keeping an already volatile situation from exploding. Add to that, the appearance of the Justice League in Atlantis and the sudden departure of Mera and you have all the makings of a terrific comic!

Black Hammer #6: I love this title a little more every issue.This book is a love letter to golden age comics! I also think that it is attempting to point out that the Golden Age ideals still have a place in the Heroic Age and beyond. This issue we have Madame Dragonfly and her Cabin of Horrors! I am looking forward to an old school Tales from the Crypt type story!

Dept H #9: The tension in this book is building to a breaking point. The station is filling with water and a trip to the surface may be the only hope for a rescue of any kind. Meanwhile, Mia is no closer to the identity of her father's murderer. I absolutely love the way the art compliments the narrative in this book! This is one of the BEST titles I am reading right now!

Lake of Fire #5: This is the end! Our heroes must contend with the zealot in their midst as well as the aliens at their back! I think it is going to turn into an all out brawl, but the real question is Will there be any winners when the dust settles?

Nightwing #12: Dick is back in Blüdhaven! That's right, we are getting back to the stories that fans have missed since the New 52. I love that Dick is in a place where he feels the need to do a little self discovery. Nightwing continues to deliver!

Spider-Gwen #15: Gwen is seriously going to be mentored by the Kingpin? Really? I guess we see how this goes!

Presents under the tree: 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #3, Backstagers #5, Batman #13, Demonic #5, Green Arrow #13, Green Lanterns #13, He Man/ Thundercats #3, Joyride #8, Justice League #11, Mycroft #4 and Silver Surfer #8.


World of Wakanda #2: I love this new run, and the art is gorgeous!

Captain America Sam Wilson #16: Poor Sam can't seem to get a break, but he's a fantastic Captain America and I look forward to his future adventures.

Gamora #1: I'm...hopeful. I haven't seen enough to know, just yet.

Invincible Iron Man #2: RiRi is the best and I am so happy for this series.

Mighty Captain Marvel #0: I love just about anything Captain Marvel, so I have high hopes for this!

Nights Dominion #4: This series is great. Naifeh blends a diverse cast with a great storyline of hi-jinks and hero team-ups in a fantasy world.


Aquaman #13: The Justice League is now involved with the war between the US and Atlantis. Arthur has tried his best to settle things and make peace. Between the US and Atlantis, I'm wagering on Atlantis.

Justice League #11: The Justice League has been outnumbered, outgunned, and surrounded by every foe they've faced and survived. But this continuation comes with Amazo. I really want to know how this Justice League can take out Amazo who could have every power within where they are.

Spider-Gwen #15: The interactions between Gwen and Matt Murdock continue to get me hooked. I love it. Matt Murdock of Earth-65 continues to show how dark he is compared to his Earth-616 counterpart.