Staff Picks 11/30/16


Ghost Rider #1: Robbi Reyes is back!! Break out star of this season Agents of Shield.

Romulus #2: This comic is just BAD. ASS. Honestly, one of the nest books I've had the pleasure of reading previews of.

No Angel #1: Hannah Gregory's life is shaken by tragedy. She returns home to put pieces together, including her paternal family heritage. BONUS One of the writers on this book, Eric Palicki, will be here this Friday, December 2nd!

Extras, Extras read all about them: Batman Annual #1, 3rd Doctor Who #3, Ms. Marvel #13, The Skeptics #2, Young Avengers Complete Collection TP, and Mass Effect Omnibus TP Vol 1.


Batman Annual #1: This will be a collection of stories for a very Gotham holiday season. The thing that I am most excited about is the Steve Orlando story. I can't wait to see what he can do with the Bat!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #9: To get Billy back and regain control of their Zords, the Rangers are going to have to access the morphin grid through Tommy's coin. So it looks like we might get to see a team of Green Rangers before we see the Power Rangers again! Needless to say, I'm all a flutter!

Ms Marvel #13: Kamala is back home and back to being Ms Marvel in this issue, but she is doing it without her support team. Why is she alone? How will this change our beloved heroine? I guess I'm just going to have to read this issue and find out!

Serenity: No Power in the Verse #2: Nothing is ever easy for the crew of Serenity and that holds true in this new series. Rescuing a friend will make the crew recruit unexpected allies and require that they beat the Alliance to the Rim. I'm guessing that they won't quite make it. Then the real fun can begin when Mal has to outwit his most hated adversary, but that is all pure speculation on my part!

Star Wars Annual #2: This is going to be a Leia story in all her rabble rousing glory! I have really high expectations for this issue. The first annual was unexpected and it set up a particularly excellent arc. This time we have Kelly Thompson(A-Force) writting and it is time for a new story arc! I guess what I am trying to say is, "Go out and buy yourself a Star War!"

The Skeptics #2: This book is set at the height of the Cold War and features con men as protagonists! Need more reasons to get this book? How about some of the crazy MK Ultra programs and psychic warfare experiments? Seriously, this book touches on some of the more ridiculous and funny aspects of the '80's!

Under Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree: Archie meets Ramones T-Shirt (PAF!), Batgirl of Burnside Deluxe Action Figure, No Angel #1, Old Man Logan #14 and Voltron Legendary Defender


GHOST RIDER #1: I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with the new Ghost Rider. Marvel's been doing a pretty good job with their new lines, so I have high hopes for this one.

MIGHTY THOR VOL 02 LORDS OF MIDGARD: I think Thor just keeps getting better. If you've missed out on the series so far, here's a good chance to catch up!

MONSTRESS #8: This comic is dark, gorgeous, and pulls no punches. Don't miss out on this one.

MOON KNIGHT VOL 01 LUNATIC: The story in Moon Knight is great, but it also has some of the smartest, most intelligently-done artwork in the business. If you want to discover how to tell a story with empty space, read Moon Knight.

MS MARVEL #13: The trials of being a teenager with superpowers and homework can't keep Kamala Khan from being an absolute delight. G. Willow Wilson's writing is warm and lovely.


Batman Annual #1: Winter has come to Gotham. That's not going to stop crime or Batman from going out.

Superman Annual #1: Superman is being hunted by Swamp Thing. Nature's monster may have an upper hand against the Man of Steel

Mighty Morphing Power Rangers #9: Issue 8 had a surprising cliff hanger that gets revealed in issue 9. The rangers are looking very green.