Staff Picks 11/23/16

Happy Turkey Day Eve!

We at Magic Mirror Comics wish all a happy and safe Thanksgiving. We're closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving, but we'll be open at 6am on Black Friday. Details on our sales will be posted tonight.

But for now, back to our regularly scheduled Staff Picks:


Rom #5: The Revolution is ended. Rom is more alone than ever in his fight against the Dire Wraiths? Or is he? Introducing two armored faces very familiar to Rom... but whose side are they on?

Star Wars #25: Rebel crew vs. SCAR Troopers for the fate of the Harbinger! PLUS: An all-new Artoo-Deetoo adventure!

Nights Dominion #3: Emerane and her companions narrowly escape the Cult of Uhlume and the relentless Furie, exhausted but no richer for their efforts. Going their separate ways into in the pitiless streets of Umber, they each find a dead end waiting. Now penniless, Emerane's quest to free her younger brother from debtor's prison seems more hopeless than ever. Until a possible solution comes from the most unlikely ally imaginable-the Furie himself. But his help comes with a dangerous price.


Wonder Woman #11: "The Lies" concludes. What has been changed in Diana's past? Can she keep the conflicting memories from driving her mad?

Nights Dominion #3: This books has been highly enjoyable. The heist hasn't even started and this batman-type is causing all the trouble.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #13: Lunella is official the smartest person in the Marvel Universe and this couldn't possibly lead to her getting in more trouble, could it?

Lake of Fire #4: Our knights are readying to storm the crashed vessel. Who knows what may dwell within, but it's probably aliens waiting to eat their faces.

Osito Plush: I am a bit of a Bane fangirl, so when I saw I could own his teddy bear, I knew I needed it for convoluted reasons. I've been waiting FOREVER and it's finally here.

Han Solo #5: There's a killer aboard the Millennium Falcon, out to wipe Rebel informants off the map. Will Han and Chewie survive the race for their lives? (Probably.)

For after the turkey is carved: Assassin's Creed #13, AC Locus #3, Civil War #7 (please maker let it end!,) Detective Comics #945, Marvel Tsum Tsum #4, Spider-Gwen #14, and Hellblazer #4 which I only want for the hilarious variant cover.


Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1: In keeping with the Worldwide brand, this issue features stories of Spider-Man around the world. I am especially interested in the story featuring Cloak and Dagger (two of my all time favorite C-list heroes). Also, Wayne Brady is writing a story for this issue?!?! How can you take a pass on that?

Batman Beyond #2: Terry McGinnis is back as Batman! However, he is not quiet up to scratch after a long imprisonment. After a pretty stunning defeat at the hands of the Jokerz, Terry decides to infiltrate the gang in the hopes of finding a way to bring them down. Is he taking the first steps toward claiming the cowl without Bruce's guidance or is he just getting in way over his head?

Elfquest Final Quest #17: The human invasion is coming and they must not be allowed to reach the Father Tree. The Palace of the High Ones can't be used in this war, not even in self defense. Just as he is needed most, Cutter starts a new quest for the only being on the world of Two Moons who can right an ancient wrong.

Future Quest #7: This book is like watching Saturday morning cartoons as a child. If there is a better reason to pick up a comic, I can't think of what it would be.

Rom #5: Revolution has ended and Rom seems to be more alone than ever in his endless war against the Dire Wraiths. Help may be on the way in the form of a couple of new Space Knights! I can't wait to see how this works out.

Spider Gwen #14: It is Thanksgiving and guess who is coming to dinner. Matt Murdock the (NOT) Kingpin! I hope Gwen planned enough turkey!

Other tasty treats: Batgirl #5, Civil War II #7, Dept H #8, Flash #11, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #9, Lake of Fire #4, Mighty Thor #13, Prowler #2, Star Wars #25, Star Wars: Han Solo #5, Teen Titans #2 and Wonder Woman #11


CAPTAIN MARVEL #10: I'm in love with Captain Marvel's whole thing: her sass, her courage, and her loyalty. She's witty and smart and kind and an absolute badass.

CIVIL WAR II #7: To my surprise, I've been enjoying the Civil War II run. Just be careful--Marvel did spoil another line already, so if there's a related title you're reading, might want to wait to read the CWII arc.

MIGHTY THOR #13: She's flawed and struggling with her new power, but holding her own in a role that has always been held by an Asgardian god, even though she's just a mortal woman with a terminal illness. It's really refreshing to see a character who is struggling with something so awful, but who is still allowed to be a hero.

MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #13: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur are the best thing Marvel has ever done and you will never convince me otherwise. This may be equal parts the recognition of a girl struggling with a school system that's not meant for her, which yeah, been there, and equal part "Oh my god I want to snuggle Devil Dinosaur and then go chase bad guys with him".

NIGHTS DOMINION #3: I've been a fan of Naifeh's art for a long while, and the Night's Dominion series is great. Superheroes in a fantasy setting, written with wit, warmth, and plenty of actiony-snark.


Detective Comics #945: Tensions are rising between Batman and Spoiler.

Spider-Gwen 14: Happy Thanksgiving from Spider-Gwen and Matt Murdock. If you've been following the series you'll know why it's not the same Matt Murdock you may know

Flash 11: Heatwave is back! This can go good...or bad. Mostly bad