Staff Picks 11/16/16


Joyride #7: That magic space whale that Uma released back forever ago? Well they're back to grant one wish. In no way could this go badly... Or set the stage for very. bad. things.

Backstagers #4: Sasha broke a thing and has run deep into the backstage to find a replacement. We're all worried about him.

Slam #1: Two words: Roller. Derby.
Go read this book!

Sam Wilson Captain America #15: D-Man gets his day in the sun. But I'm not forgetting about what Steve is so obviously evil.

Other Stuff in Stack: Old Man Logan #13, Black Panther #8, Batman #11 (Wyn is reading a literal Batman book? What?), AC Locus #3,  AC Templars #7, Jessica Jones #1 (2nd print),  Spider-Man #9, and All New Wolverine #14.


Aquaman #11: After the heartbreaking final panel of the last issue I am kind of worried about what is going to happen next. I know that you've heard this from me a million times, but Aquaman is SO GOOD right now! Do yourself a favor and pick this one up!

Black Hammer #5: This book is everything that I have come to love in a Lemire title! A very human and relatablecast of characters facing an impossible situation. It is more about family and all the difficulties that come with it, than it is about super heroes. In this issue we find out more about Col. Weird and the "Para Zone".

Green Lanterns #11: Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are my favorite Lanterns right now. I love that this book reads like a buddy cop movie and that the creative team spends a goodly amount of time building the working and interpersonal relationship between Jessica and Simon. The Phantom Ring has its wielder, but is he friend or foe? Tune in and find out!

Peter Panzerfaust #24: The second to last issue of the series is finally here! For those of you who have been patiently waiting, REJOICE! We will get to see how it all ends, together.

Silk #14: Cindy gets sucked in to the clone conspiracy in this issue. Former Jameson house mate (and Spider-Woman) Mattie Franklin is back. How will Cindy deal with a rival for JJJ's affection?

Spider-Man #9: Miles is on the run after Ulysses' vision about the murder of Captain America. The only question is, who will find him first?

Ryan's toy box: All New Wolverine #14, Amazing Spider-Man #21, Batman #11, Demonic #4, Green Arrow #11, He-Man/Thundercats #2, Joyride #7, Justice League #9, Kill or be Killed #4, Nightwing #9, Old Man Logan #13, Saga: Alana & Marko action figure 2-Pack, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #14 and Women of Dynamite: Dejah Thoris Statue.