Spotlight Series: New This Week and Upcoming!

New This Week!


Image Comics/Top Cow
Written by Bryan Hill
Art by Nelson Blake II

Our world isn't free. All of us, for generations, have lived under the secret control of The Ancient Order of Romulus. One young woman, raised by them, trained by them, betrayed by them, must push through her fear to take a stand against the silent evil that masters our world. Her name is Ashlar, and her war begins here.

Cover Price: $3.99


Shipwreck #1
Aftershock Comics
Written by Warren Ellis
Art by Phil Hester

"Dr Jonathan Shipwright, sole survivor of a very unusual and very secret shipwreck, doesn't know where he is. Seemingly trapped on an endless road, in pursuit of a saboteur who holds the key to his salvation -- or doom."

Cover Price: $3.99



Motor Crush
Story by Brendan Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr
Art by Babs Tarr and Cameron Stewart
Cover A (Shown): Babs Tarr
Cover B: Cameron Stewart

The all-star creative team from Batgirl brings you to an exciting sci-fi adventure!

"By day, Domingo Swift competes for fame and fortune in a worldwide motorcycle racing league. By night, she cracks heads of rival gangs in brutal bike wars to gain possession of a rare, valuable contraband: an 'engine-boosting narcotic' know as Crush."

This comic looks like The Uglies Trilogy and Speed Racer had a beautifully crafted love-child, with a dash of Mad Max to make things extra interesting.

Release Date: December 7th
Final Day to Order #1: November 4th
Cover Price: $3.99

Kim & Kim Vol 1
Black Mask Studios
Written by Magdalene Visaggio
Art by Eva Cabrera

"Kim & Kim are 20something besties making a name for themselves in the wild world of interdimensional cowboy law enforcement. A day-glo action adventure that's bursting with energy and enthusiasm, Kim & Kim puts queer women and trans women front and center in an adventure that's bright, happy, punk rock, sci fi & queer as all get-out."

This book is just plain fun! Two wonderful bounty hunters trekking the universe in a Space-Van!

Release Date: December 28th
Final Day to Order: December 5th
Cover Price: $12.99