Staff Picks 10/5/16


Midnighter and Apollo #1: Have you heard about this book? I know I've been shy in talking about it. The World's Finest couple is back! People love to say "this is everything," but understand that when I say this book IS EVERYTHING, I'm not being hyperbolic. It's funny. It's witty. It's a love story for grownups who have to be adult about things. It has the fight scenes and stuff like subway pirates. It's got a female character who would've ended up in the fridge in a lesser book. It's why I love comics. It's everything.

Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #1: If ever a character were ripe for a book that's an homage to my favorite trashy gothic love stories, it's Boston Brand. Just in time for the spooky time of the year, we get a really stunningly-bound, double-size issue to set the tone.

Voltron - Legendary Defender #3: This continues the story set in the universe of the new Netflix show, keeping the tone and quality set by the same creative team who made Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. That is to say, it's freaking awesome, and it makes the heart of this child of the 80s just sing. A power ballad. With a keytar. FORM BLAZING SWORD!

Archie meets the Ramones: The title really says it all. This is the classic Riverdale gang, not the reimagined modern group, which actually just makes it perfect. This is yet another thing that makes my inner child jump for joy. Jumping on the bed. While listening to Sheena is a Punk for the thousandth time. On cassette.


Midnighter and Apollo #1: This shouldn't be a shock to anyone. Especially given how much we've told anyone who could spare a moment to sign up for this book. In case you haven't heard, Steve Orlando, who wrote the much loved Midnighter run that just wrapped up, is back and writing this amazing comic about not just Midnighter, but also his partner in all things, Apollo. This 6-part miniseries is going to be a ball, and we hope one that leads to more Midnighter awesomeness.

Romulus #1: Born into life as an assassin, Ashlar has trained and fought to serve the Ancient Order of Romulus. Along side her mother, she has killed to further the Masters agenda, until the Order decides that their assassin's are a loose thread. Ashlar is headed for the top of the Order to avenge her mother and stop whatever the Masters plan to do.
I had the opportunity to read this first issue already, and it is a well drawn, beautifully fleshed out world. I look forward to seeing where the world takes Ashlar.

Batman #8/Nightwing #6: Night of the Monster Men continues, with only one more issue left after this. What has happened to Gotham Girl and Nightwing? How has this happened? What is Hugo Strange's end game? We'll just have to find out. I am having a blast with this event.

The Wicked + The Divine TP 4: The fourth volume of this amazing series is here! How is Laura/Persephone alive? What is Ananke planning? What will the stunning end of the arc climax in? Seriously, this last arc was amazing to read in singles. I was just blown away.

More awesome stuff: All New Wolverine #13, Green Lanterns #8, Cage #1, Shipwreck #1, Joyride TP 1.


All New Wolverine #13: Enemy of the State II starts here! This book is absolutely fantastic and if you aren't reading now is the perfect time to check it out.

Archie Meets Ramones One Shot: Archie and the Ramones in one comic?!? I don't know if the world is prepared for this much AWESOME! I for one con't wait to get my hands on this one!

Autumnlands: Tooth and Claw #13: Last issue we got our first clue as to what is going wrong with magic in the world. Unfortunately the cataclysmic events at the end of #12 may have garnered the attention of GODS!!!!

Midnighter and Apollo #1: I have seen some preview pages of this issue and I am ecstatic that this book is finally here!!!

Spider-Man 2099 #16: Miguel is finally back in 2099, but not the one that he left. All out war is being waged against individuals with powers and the only hope for the future is for Spider-Man to find a way back to the past. I hope the way back is a Delorean.

Voltron Legendary Defender #3: A part of the Netfix series universe, this book scratches my 80's nostalgia itch in a BIG WAY! If you binged the show and were left wanting more this book can help tide you over until we get more episodes!

Other tasty treats: Amazing Spider-Man #18 & 19, Aquaman #8, Batman #8, Bounty #4, Clean Room #12, Future Quest #5, Green Arrow #8, Green Lanterns #8, Justice League #6, Nightwing #6, Spidey #11 and Star Wars Poe Dameron #6