Staff Picks for 10/19/16


Midnighter vol 2: I'm past the point of playing coy. This a damn awesome book. I think everyone should read it. Plus! It's the October Book Club pick, so scoop up this and its previous volume for 20% off cover price. And while we're buying all these books, snag a copy of Midnighter and Apollo #1. Keep the awesome rolling.

Mockingbird vol 1: Another awesome series coming to trade this week. Bobbi is dealing with a lot, but she really can explain the corgi... And the outfit... And possibly even what is happening wit her emerging powers. Also: Mockingbird #8!

A-Force #10: I'm sad to see this series go, but it's time. Hope to see them back in the near future, especially Singularity.

Mighty Thor #12: Hammer did what now?

Night's Domain #2: Now that the party is on board, how does this heist get rolling? Really love the aesthetic and the somewhat Leverage-y feel to the team dynamics.

Joyride #6: Hopefully Dewydd can get over his Manic Pixie Dream Girl crush on Uma, so we can get back to amazing space adventures. I mean that wouldn't prevent amazing space adventures and there's more going on, but coming off the previous issue, I need him to get over himself.

Backstagers #3: This book has just made me the happiest.

Did I mention Midnighter vol 2 yet?

Other awesome books: Assassin's Creed Locus #2, Assassin's Creed Templars #6, Black Panther #7, Captain America Sam Wilson #14, 3rd Doctor #2, Green Lanterns #9, and A Year of Marvels: Unbeatable.


A-Force #10: Please don't let this be the end! I love this book! Also don't make Nico a murderer! Thanks Marvel...

Aquaman #9: So Black Manta has still got a mad on at poor Arthur and Amnesty Bay might pay the price! Abnett is killing it! KILLING. IT.

Black Hammer #4: Guess who's coming to dinner? Abe and his girlfriend! I'm picturing asuper powered Jerry Springer episode! And we find out about Abraham Slam too. This should be a good one!

Dept H #7: It is a race against time as the crew try to keep the water out of the crippled base. Who knew that solving a murder at the bottom of the ocean would be so hard?

Nightwing #7: Raptor vs Nightwing! FIGHT!!!

Spider-Gwen #13: The Mary Janes vs Mysterio!!!! Gotta love Halloween!

Ticks and Treats: Amazing Spider-Man #20, Backstagers #3, Batman #9, Demonic #3, Faith #4, Green Arrow #9, Green Lanterns #9, Joyride #6, Justice League #7, Midnighter TP Vol 2, Mighty Thor #12, Mockingbird #8, Power Rangers Pink #4, Silk #13, Spider-Woman #12, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #13 and Venom Space Knight #12


Joyride #6: I've been following this creative team for a while, and they rock. Smart, funny, and great allies, I'll pick up anything they make.

Moonshot: I backed this on Kickstarter and own the beautiful hardcover edition. The work in it is amazing, unique, and gorgeous. It's also a great way to highlight a population that's starting to make comics waves but is horribly underrepresented in actual characters.

Captain Marvel TP Vol 2: 'cause it's Captain Marvel, and how can you not like Captain Marvel?

Black Panther #7: This is one of my favorite series right now, hands down. Coates can write a damn good comic, but the art makes it shine.