15118 Main St. #500
Mill Creek, WA 98012

Store Hours:

Monday: 10a – 9p
Tuesday: 10a – 9p
Wednesday: 10a-10p
Thursday: 10a – 9p
Friday: 10a – 9p
Saturday: 10a-9p
Sunday: 10a – 8p


Telephone: 425.948.7166
Email: store@magicmirrorcomics.com
Twitter: @MagicMirrorWA


General F.A.Q.

Who did the logo design? All artwork incorporated into our logos and branding was done by local artist and filmmaker Wailam Kwan.

Will you still take Comic Stop gift certificates? Yes! As long as the certificate was purchased at the Everett location (and only the Everett location), we will honor it. You will not be able to redeem gift certificates purchased in Everett at the Redmond Comic Stop.

Why Magic Mirror? In the Neverending Story, the Magic Mirror Gate is one of the trials Atreyu must pass in order to reach the Southern Oracle. The Magic Mirror shows a would-be hero his/her/their true self. Our shop is a safe space, where you can be your true self and find the heroes who resonate with you.

Can I use the gaming tables? Yes! Provided that there is not an event happening that requires use of our gaming table, you are welcome to either bring a tabletop/card/board game, use one of our demo games, or purchase a game in-store, and enjoy a game with friends at a handy table in a safe space. If you're not sure about event scheduling, check the events page on this site, or ask an associate.

What is Ladies' Night? On the first Friday of every month, we set aside three hours specifically for the purpose of welcoming women, nonbinary, and gender-fluid individuals to comics and geek culture. While we always strive to be a safe space for everyone who walks through our doors, we recognize that historically, some groups of people have not been made to feel welcome, and we aim to help fix that. This is not a "no boys allowed" event, as we remain open for business, and the point is to welcome, and not to exclude. That said, the safety and comfort of the group is paramount, and anyone who engages in cruelty or aggressive behavior will be asked to leave. These first Fridays are part book club and part social club. Every month, a book is chosen for discussion, and that book is available at a discount. Usually, we try out a craft project or board game. There are always plenty of laughs, and there is often cake.

What's the book club all about? Every month, we pick a featured title to discuss. This is in addition to the one chosen for Ladies Night. The current month's book will be offered at a discount, and on the last Friday of the month, we gather to discuss it. We do our best to rotate genres and publishers, so everyone has a chance at a book they'll enjoy. For example, one month, we might do a Marvel superhero book, so the next month we'd choose an indie sci-fi title, and then perhaps a DC title. The book will always be either a standalone graphic novel or a volume 1 of a series, so you don't have to worry about doing homework in order to enjoy the book.

Does the store buy used comics/cards/toys? No, we only deal in new items.

Subscription F.A.Q.

Will my subscription box be affected by the move? If your subscription is in good standing and you haven't asked us to stop your pull, your subscription will be carried over to the new location.

Why have I stopped getting Previews Magazine? If at any time your pull box contains two copies of Previews for longer than one month, we will cancel your subscription to Previews. The reason for this is that Previews is really only useful for the month it comes out, and they take up a lot of room. If you have two months worth of old catalogs piling up, it's not good for either of us.

How much is a subscription box? There is no upfront cost to open a subscription box. You must simply sign up for at least one monthly, ongoing title, and commit to purchasing each issue. This differs from our previous format, and subscribers who have previously been accustomed to the fee-based format should see an associate for details about how their specific account is affected.

What discount do I get if I open a subscription box? Instead of a flat discount, the amount you save is tiered based on the number of monthly or weekly titles you subscribe to.

  • 6-20 monthly or weekly titles: 10% discount on all book and magazine purchases. 5% bonus discount on titles you are subscribed to IF and ONLY IF you pick up your entire pull at once.
  • 20+ monthly or weekly titles: 15% discount on all book and magazine purchases. 5% bonus discount on titles you are subscribed to IF and ONLY IF you pick up your entire pull at once.
  • 1-5 titles: No discount. Our subscription service is still free, and you may add or remove titles from your subscriptions at any time, or order items á la carte.

What does it mean if my box is frozen? "Frozen" means that all of your active subscriptions have been suspended. You may have elected to have us pause your subscriptions, or we may have done so if you have items in your pull that have been there for over a month, and we have been unable to reach you to make arrangements.

Why did my box get closed? Can I open a new one?
Your box will be canceled by staff usually for one of two reasons: 1. you are no longer subscribed to any ongoing titles and have not spoken to an associate about subscribing to any in the near future, or 2. you never purchased the items in your pull, and we were unable to reach you or come to any arrangement about it. In most cases, if your box was closed for reason #1, you will be able to open a new box if you want to start subscribing again. If your box was closed for reason #2, opening a new box must be approved by either the owner or a manager, and you may be asked to pay a deposit. If neither of those reasons sound like they apply to you, please ask an associate about your specific account.